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Commonwealth Bank of Australia Halts Trial of Crypto Trading Due to Hesitation from Regulators

A Waiting Game? The Commonwealth Bank of Australia planned second phase pilot program to test crypto trading has been halted indefinitely. The bank has also…

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Terra Network Has Been Stopped again for the Second Time Within 12 Hours. What Follows?

Activities were stopped on the Terra network again for a second time within an interval of 12 hours early on Friday. This was as developers…

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South Korea is Coming Up With a New Legislature for Licensing Crypto

Legislative Intervention The government of South Korea commissioned a report that came back with a recommendation recently. The recommendation includes that the crypto sector in…

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Bitcoin Retailers Buy the Dip as 40,000 Tokens Enter Exchanges

Like a Silver Lining Small-scale investors in Bitcoin are seizing the opportunity of the asset’s crisis as it falls in the range of $30,000 to…

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DEI, a Stablecoin Based on Algorithms, Loses Its Peg

A Different Kind of Token An algorithmic stablecoin that was issued by Deus Finance, DEI, has fallen to about 54 cents. The development which took…

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