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Spain’s Inflation Rate Reaches Four-Decade High of 10.8%

The crypto market has been a dwindling flame for the past few weeks, and the situation only got worse as the days followed. It was…

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According to People’s Party of Canada, “Monetary Reset” is Coming

Maxime Berner, who is the founder of the People’s party of Canada, has suggested that the present monetary system that is based on fiat is…

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Ripple Report: 76% of Financial Institutions will be Using Crypto by 2025

Ripple, despite being in the trenches with SEC, is still carrying out its day-to-day operation, which involves analysis of the market and conducting surveys to…

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Abu Dhabi and Dubai to Face Diminishing Returns on their Petroleum Ventures

The index panels in Abu Dhabi closed over the weekend at lower levels. It seems that the latest statistics for the oil prices of the…

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Elon Musk Claims the US has Passed its Inflation Peak After Tesla Sells 90% of its Crypto Holdings

This comes out as a shocking piece of news, the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk put out a tweet stating that at the moment, the…

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