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Indian Tech Stocks Rise as Beijing Eases Covid Restrictions

Indian tech companies are leading the stock market currently in terms of creating a healthy output for their stakeholders. During the last 24 hours, the…

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Terra Unveils Its Interest Lending Arm; Its Reserve Now Hits $209 Million

The Wait is Over The long-expected floating interest service from Terra has now been officially launched, and it is publicly available on Terra through the…

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Coinbase Unveils Its Crypto Compliance Intelligence Services

In a recent announcement, Coinbase revealed that it was going public with its Coinbase Intelligence project, which is designed to provide compliance services on crypto-related…

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Bank for International Settlements asked G20 Leaders to make Cross-Border Payments Cheaper

With the rise of crypto payments across the borders, the central banks of the world are initiating a plan to provide a better alternative, using…

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