Globe Exchange Review – Become a Seasoned Professional Trader

Globe Exchange Review

Have you ever dreamt of becoming an international trader from the comfort of your home? With the advancement in eCommerce and cloud computing, this has become entirely possible through online trading. There is now no need to physically visit any trading house or hold personal meetings with the experts. All the data required to conduct online trading can be collected at the touch of a button. You first need to join a reliable online trading platform. Out of numerous trading platforms available in the financial market, you will find Globe Exchange to be an efficient partner. In the below Globe Exchange review, I will explain the top three features of this trading platform for your benefit.

Compliance to AML and KYC Policies (Legal) 

Globe Exchange, in compliance to global watchdogs, has zero tolerance policy towards money laundering and terror financing. Globe Exchange has developed well-documented policies to comply with all laws and regulations of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and procedures issued by Financial Action Task Force (FATF). It devises and implements international standards to prevent money laundering. Similarly, Globe Exchange adheres to all provisions of Know Your Customer (KYC) and Financing of Terrorism (FT) regulations under The Money Laundering Regulations 2017 by UK and European Joint Money Laundering Steering Group.

As part of KYC policy, each client needs to submit personal, banking and transactional details at the time of sign-up with Globe Exchange. There is no exception to this rule and is done to protect the financial interests of the traders and to prevent identity theft, embezzlement, misappropriation of funds and financial frauds.

The deposit and withdrawal methods to be used by clients using Globe Exchange platform are regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), UK under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 and Europe’s second Electronic Money Directive (2EMD).

Algo Feature 

Globe Exchange is proud to offer its advanced Algo feature to its selected clientele. Globe Exchange has developed cutting-edge Algorithmic software based on artificial intelligence and is beneficial to clients who are interested to trade large volumes in multiple assets in various financial markets simultaneously.

You need to provide pre-defined instructions that best suits your trading goals and objectives to the Algorithmic software for variables such as price, quantities, and time or any other mathematical model that fits your requirements. The Algorithmic software will then place orders at the best possible prices accurately at correct timings. Since it is a computer-generated result, it is free from any manual mistake or human emotions which otherwise could negatively affect the outcome of trading results.

Moreover, the Algo feature has the capability to handle large quantities of trades at the same time at a speed that no human broker can match. There is no need for you to manually monitor the price fluctuations and market dynamics or manually place the orders as Algo feature will perform the same for you even when you are busy elsewhere.

Trading Accounts 

Globe Exchange offers five different trading accounts to choose from depending upon the initial deposit you are willing to make, perks and incentives offered. You can choose from Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond or Corporate Accounts with the initial deposit varying from US$10,000 to US$ 1,000,000. Globe Exchange offers leverage of 1:100 to 1:400 for forex trading and 1:1 to 1:5 for stocks trading depending upon which account you have chosen. You will receive daily news and alerts, market reviews, portfolio progress report, access to special trading events and webinars. You will be entitled to a dedicated Accounts Manager.

Wrapping it Up

In a nutshell, numerous satisfied clients all over the planet speak highly of premium services offered by Globe Exchange. It has earned the respect of seasoned traders and financial experts alike over a period of time.  If you have made a decision to go for online trading, sign-in today with Globe Exchange and amplify your profits.

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