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Ethereum Layer 2 Protocol Metis Launches Beta Testnet

Ethereum-based Layer 2 Protocol, Metis has launched the second phase of its Beta testnet. As the second Beta Testnet goes live, the community has yet…

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Cryptocurrencies Crashing Due To The “Sunday Effect” May Mean That Crypto Trading Cannot Become Mainstream

If you have been monitoring the cryptocurrency markets, you will notice that the crypto market plummets every weekend. This is a serious trend that may…

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Big Institutional Investors Start Investing In Algorand Project

After a stretched period of consolidation, there is always a possibility of strong rallies, but it also presents a great opportunity to survey the market…

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ECB’s President Clarifies Bank’s Policy against Bitcoin Though Bitcoin Received Legalization in Salvador

While commenting on the legalization of Bitcoin in El Salvador by the country’s head, Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank (ECB) said that…

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Investors in Namibia Warned Against Crypto Scams & Non-Availability of Legal Remedy

Crypto investors in Namibia have been warned by the country’s central bank to be cautious while trading digital assets. Bank of Namibia has told individuals…

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