Is AInvesting the Broker That Looks after Its Traders’ Every Need?

AInvesting Review

As a trader who wants to make the most of trading, you want to sign up with a broker that looks after all your trading needs. And yes, you can definitely find a broker that does that, but you will have to spend some time researching. The world of online trading has become quite popular in the past few years. For that reason, you will find many online brokers that provide almost similar services. They are doing great in bringing financial assets and markets to their traders in their bedrooms, but they don’t have anything unique to offer. When there is a broker with something unique to offer, the traders instantly recognize its existence.

And that’s the reason you have so many traders admiring the efforts of AInvesting. This broker has done a lot in very little time of its experience in the online world of trading. It provides online trading services to clients from many different countries of the world. That’s just what other brokers do as well, but this broker knows how to take care of every single need of its traders. You will have to read this complete review if you want to sign up with this broker. So, here is this complete AInvesting review that will bring forth every piece of detail that you want about this broker before the signup.

AInvesting review

What Kind of Broker Is AInvesting?

Before you look into anything else, you first have to find out the type of broker you are about to sign up with. You know there are many different types of brokers providing you with many different instruments that you can trade on their trading platforms. Here, you have to understand the concept of instruments. So, you have financial markets where you trade assets. The assets are the contracts or real goods that you sell or purchase when you trade inside the financial market. Now, when it comes to instruments, you are talking about the method of trading. You can trade assets in the form of ETFs, CFDs, options, etc.

This broker is unique in that it offers you many different types of instruments in addition to offering you a variety of types of assets and financial markets. You will have more freedom with this broker than you will have with any other online broker. So, when you sign up with AInvesting, you will be trading all the assets in the form of CFDs, which means that you will not own the asset that you trade. In addition to that, you will receive leverages on your trades. You also have to know that the team you are trading with has years and years of experience trading in many financial markets. Everything about this broker is unique and that’s why you are going to love trading on its trading platform.

What Trading Platform Will You Be Trading On?

The second important piece of information you need from the broker is the type of trading platform that you will be given for trading. You have to keep in mind that your entire trading experience depends on the type of trading platform you get access to. No matter how good of a trader you are and how many years you have spent in trading, you will not be able to enjoy trading anymore if you end up on the wrong trading platform. Now, there are very few online brokers that provide you with their own trading platform. Most of them usually rely on a trading platform provided to them by a third party.

AInvesting platform

You won’t see such a case with this broker. You will sign up with AInvesting and you will be using its own trading software for trading. The trading platform you use will conform to your lifestyle and habits. If you like to trade on your desktop computer, you will have the trading platform on your desktop computer ready for you to trade. If you are a traveler who likes to trade on his/her mobile device, you can download the mobile version of the application of this trading platform on your mobile device. There is much more to it than just that. You will be able to use the trading platform on iPhones and Android phones without any problem.

That’s not it! The broker has taken yet another step to make things easy for you. It has provided you with a tablet version of the trading platform as well. Just because a trading platform looks great on your mobile device does not mean it will perform the same way on your tablet as well. However, you will not feel any difference in trading when you sign up with AInvesting because its trading platform has been designed specifically for your smartphones and tablets. That’s something you are going to love about this trading platform. But you can still complain about consistency and uniformity when you use the trading platform.

It is true that the trading platform might look and feel different on different devices, and that might affect your experience with it. If that’s the case, the broker has got a solution to that problem as well. It has given you access to webtrader. This trading platform runs in the web and you can access it using a major browser on your device. It does not matter which device you own or which operating system you have on your device because this trading platform will run regardless. You can use the same trading platform from anywhere in the world, giving you a uniform experience of trading no matter where you are and which device you are using.  

What about Customer Support?

There are many reasons you will fall in love with the customer support from this broker. When you see online brokers, you will notice some patterns. For example, there are many online brokers that don’t pay attention to providing great customer support. You will notice them from the options they have given you for contacting them. For example, you will find many brokers offering you an FAQs section on the website. When you land on this web page of the website, you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions by the traders. Yes, this section can be a lot of help, but not always.

It will never answer all the questions you have and finding the answer to your question can be a bit frustrating when you are in a hurry. Not to mention, sometimes, you just want to talk to a human who will listen to you and empathize with you. When you sign up with AInvesting, you will notice that there is a detailed FAQs section on the website. The best thing about this section is that the broker has put all the questions and answers in logical categories. You can click on the category that is most relevant to your question and find the answer there. However, if that’s not something you like to do, you can use the other method as well.

Yes, AInvesting is a broker that believes in providing you with all the options you need to get in touch with the company. So, if you are not interested in getting help from the FAQs section, you can go with the email addresses given on the website. If you want things to be done even quickly, you can go with the phone numbers on the website. This way, you can talk to a human who listens to you and does all to make things easy for you. Last but not least, you have the online chat feature on the website as well. This is a unique and instant way for you to get in touch with your broker and get help with your concerns.

The live chat feature is right there on the website. You can type your question and someone will answer you right in the chat window. You can get instant answers to your questions through live chat. You don’t even have to call anyone and wait in queues before you get answered. Do keep in mind that the customer support from this broker is available to you 24 hours a day from Sunday to Friday. Moreover, you have the website available in many languages so you can always set the language that makes the most sense to you. This shows you that the broker cares about its traders no matter where they are from and what language they speak.

What Can You Trade?

That’s one of the most important questions that you have to have answered before you sign up with an online broker. Usually, you will find the answer to this question from the website of the broker because every broker provides you with a detailed list of all the assets that you can trade with it. So, when you land on the website of this broker, you can find all the assets that you can trade with it. You will be glad to know here that AInvesting is one of the online brokers that give you access to some great number of financial markets and assets. You will not feel bound or limited with your trades when you sign up with this broker.

There are many assets that you can trade with this broker, some of them are not even available to you from other brokers. You can trade currency pairs in the forex market. You can trade the currencies of many countries in the world against each other. What makes trading currencies with AInvesting different is that you are not limited to any major currency pairs. When you sign up with other brokers, you usually get access to only the major currency pairs, i.e. the pairs that have USD in them. However, if you are interested in trading currencies from around the world, you will love this broker.

You can trade major currency pairs, exotic and minor currency pairs with all their volatilities. You can always use leverages from the broker to increase your profits. At the same time, you can use stop loss strategies to minimize your losses if you are trading with leverages.

In addition to forex currency pairs, you can trade stocks and indices as well. When you trade stocks, you are only trading the stock that belongs to a particular company of the world. On the other hand, when you trade indices, you are trading the stocks of many different companies from around the world. If you are looking for a different way of trading, you can also go with the ETFs and bonds option with this broker. That’s an option you usually get with only the best brokers of the world, and you are getting them with this broker. You are not limited to trading CFDs with this broker.

Last but not least, you have to talk about cryptocurrencies, because they make up the fastest emerging financial market of the world. Despite their popularity, cryptocurrencies are still a scary thought for many online brokers. They don’t want to take the risk of allowing their traders to trade cryptocurrencies. That’s why, you will see many online brokers that don’t have cryptocurrencies in their asset index at all. And the brokers that have these crypto assets on their asset index, they are limiting you with your options. They either have very small leverages on your trades or demand that you pick only a particular position when you trade cryptocurrencies.

When you are with AInvesting, you will be able to trade the cryptocurrencies of your choice. You can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar, and many other cryptocurrencies with this broker. You will get some huge leverages on your trades and you can trade many new and upcoming cryptocurrencies as the trading platform from this broker continues to improve with time.

What’s the Trading Education Like?

You can’t ignore the importance of getting the right education from the broker before you agree to put your money on the line. Will you get proper education on trading from your broker before you put your money in danger? Of course, trading is not a dangerous thing, but it can be when you don’t know what you are doing. You can end up losing all the money you have when you don’t understand even the basic concepts of trading. However, the good news is that you can now sign up with online brokers and get all the education you need for trading.

You can learn about just about any type of trading that you are interested in. Some brokers are specific to cryptocurrency trading, so they will provide you with cryptocurrency trading information. They will give you all the education you need to trade crypto assets safely no matter trading conditions are prevailing in the market. However, you have to look into more things before you can agree that the broker you have signed up with is providing you with some good education on trading. The first thing you want to find out is what type of trading material the broker has available for you.

You don’t want to learn through some old, outdated, and obsolete training material. You will be shocked to know that many online brokers are still serving you with some old content that does not even apply fully to the modern trading methods. So, when you get access to the trading education from the broker, you have to find out the quality of the education. With AInvesting, you will learn everything the way you deserve to learn. First of all, you have the training material available in different formats to accommodate students of different types.

Are you someone who learns things better when they are written in a book? If that’s the case, you should learn through ebooks from the broker. If you are someone who likes visual information through videos to learn, you can even choose to learn through videos. The best thing is that this broker has got a lot of training material that you can use for learning in many different ways. This training material has only be compiled by the best traders in the industry so they know what they are teaching you is something you can find value in. On the other hand, some online brokers provide you with very basic and generic trading education. You learn only a few things and are not able to apply your education to real trading.

With this broker, you can learn through webinars if you want to listen to an expert talking about trading live and answering your questions in real time. At the same time, you can go with learning through videos if you prefer to learn fast and visual information is your thing. Lastly, you have the ebook option as well. You can learn through ebooks and find out how trading works. You will also find a completely glossary of terms on the website of the broker. This glossary will familiarize you with the most common terms used in the trading world. Once you know these terms, you will learn everything faster than before and everything will start making sense to you.

Can You Find a Trading Account Just for Yourself?

You will be happy to know that this broker cares about not only its experienced but new traders as well. That’s actually a huge blessing when you look at the online trading world. You have many brokers who don’t care about their traders. They create trading accounts with such difficult qualifying requirements that most new traders just turn away. How can you sign up with a broker for the first time when it requires thousands of dollars from you upfront? That’s not something that sounds sensible to many traders, especially when it is their first time trading ever.

In that scenario, you need a broker that worries about you and cares about the budget you have. If you are someone with a basic budget, you should pick the most basic type of account with this broker. This account will give you access to the trading world if you could only deposit $250 in your account. Yes, with that small amount, you will have access to the best cryptocurrencies of the world, some great stocks from big companies, commodities from around the world, and currencies from all the major and minor economies of the world. You will enjoy trading like never before once you sign up with this broker.

You will be happy to know that regardless of which account you sign up with, there are no variable spreads for you to deal with. You can sign up with the basic account or the most advanced account you will still be dealing with only fixed spreads. This will give you confidence when you trade because you will always know how much money you are putting into the trade and how much of it is going to your broker. You will also be happy to know that you can deposit your money in the account without incurring any unnecessary service charges, hidden fees, or commission from the broker.

Will You Become a Professional Trader?

This is an option that you will not see with most online brokers. However, when you are a trader with AInvesting, you will notice that many of the options you are getting are pretty exclusive to this broker. So, you can earn the professional client status with this broker if you want. The requirements for you to become a professional client are given on the website of the broker. You just have to trade frequently and in large amounts if you want to become a professional client. Once you are a professional client, you will enjoy many perks that traders with ordinary accounts don’t enjoy.

Final Thoughts

AInvesting is a great broker when you look at all that it has to offer to its traders. From its features, it is very clear that this broker cares a lot about its traders. Of course, when you have experts who have spent years in trading behind the brokerage, you get something that you can call a heaven for traders. So, whether you have been trading all your life or have just started trading today, you should definitely consider signing up with this broker.

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