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Ally Invest Review

It can be worrying for people when they realize that the money they have been saving is not going to be enough after some years. You have to understand that the inflation is eating away the value of your money with time. The best way to keep the money safe is not to keep it but to invest it. When you want to invest your money, you have to find the right broker who can provide you the right services and the right markets in which you can invest your money. That’s where Ally comes in. Ally is one of the most renowned names when it comes to investing and diversifying your investment portfolio.


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Introduction to Ally

It is hard to define Ally because of the many services it provides to its customers. It is a bank where you can open many different types of accounts including interest checking, online savings, etc. It also provides you the services of opening your IRA and managing it the way you want. In addition to that, it is an institution that helps you with financing. You can find many different financing options with this online broker. Whether you are looking to buy a new car or get into your own house, you can find the right type of financing here. What’s more important is that even businesses can find financing options here.

Most importantly, it is an institution providing you the many investment opportunities. You can invest in a variety of financial markets and many different types of financial instruments once you have started your investment account with Ally. It is one of the oldest companies that you can find for your investment needs and it also promises to deliver the best returns for the investments you make with it. This Ally review will be focusing on the investment side of services of this amazing company.

Investing with Ally

There are many good reasons why you should be thinking about investing with Ally. Here are the most important reasons you should pick this option for investing your money.

You Can Choose the Type of Account

The best thing about the services provided by Ally is that you can decide the way you want to invest your money. If you think you understand investments and how the financial markets work, you have the option to pick self-directed trading account. In this account, you are the one who will be calling the shots. You will pick from the many tradable instruments available to you from Ally and you will be the one governing how much money you will invest in any of those options. One of the biggest issues you often face with online brokers is that it is very hard to open your account with them.

You will not face such an issue when you sign up with Ally. You can start your account with under $5. This means you can be an investor even if you are just a student today. The best thing is that you don’t have any limitations on your choices. You have all the different types of financial instruments still available for you to choose from. You can’t say that you are being limited in your investment diversification by choosing the self-directed trading account. The other account you can open is the managed account.

When you go for the managed account, you have the specialists of the industry taking care of your investments. If you are going into investment for the first time, it is best that you go with this account. You will have to pay some advisory fee in this account but in the long run, your benefits will completely outweigh the price you are paying today. Not to mention, whenever you think you need certain questions answered, you can approach the company. There are not many online brokers that will give you access to them 24/7 but you can call Ally at any time of the day or night.

You Can Choose the Trading Method

You can choose the way you will be investing your money based on the type of investment tool you pick. The best thing is that you have many options available here as well. First, you can trade stocks and ETFs. You already understand what stock trading is all about. If you don’t understand ETFs, you will not have much problem wrapping your head around it. ETF stands for exchange traded funds. In this type of trading, the ETF you pick is a combination of many stocks lumped into one. In addition to ETF trading, you also have options trading available with Ally.

Options trading is one of the most exciting way to invest your money and get a return more quickly than you would with any other type of trading. This is a very unique way of investing your money. It allows you to invest in many different types of securities. However, it is recommended that you learn the cons and pros of this type of trading before putting your money on the line. If you want to distribute the risk while investing your money, you can go for mutual funds where many other investors like you are combining their resources to buy the securities you are buying.

You Can Do Forex Trading

The most amazing form of trading that you can do with Ally is forex trading. Forex stands for Foreign Exchange. This is a decentralized market where you can exchange one currency for another currency. The idea is to benefit from the exchange rates. The values of the currencies are always going up and down based on the political conditions of the countries, their trading stance, and many other factors. When you buy a currency, you want it to rise in value so you can sell it back and make a profit. When you sell a currency first, you want it to go down in value so you can benefit from the exchange rates.

With Ally, you are able to invest in all the major and minor currencies that are available for you in the forex market. You can pick the currency pairs that you think are easy to predict and make money from there. It is important that you get all the important tools and news to predict the price movement in the forex market. With Ally, you will get access to all the necessary tools to help you with trading.

You Can Learn a Lot

It is important that you understand what you are doing before you start doing it. That’s why Ally brings you the most useful pieces of writing so you can understand the benefits of investing your money and also wrap your head around how to invest it. From tips on how to save money to the latest news from the financial markets, you get access to everything important that can help you with successful investments with Ally. The best thing is that you have access to all of this valuable information without paying a dime to the company.

You Can Trade from Anywhere

When you have chosen to invest your money with Ally, you will be given access to its HTML5 platform for trading. You have to wonder why the company picked an HTML5 platform for trading. The thing about this type of platform is that it can run on just about any device that you own.  You don’t have to worry about the type of computer or mobile you have. Moreover, you will not even have to worry about the operating system installed on your device. It is an HTML5 platform that can run on any device. The best thing is that it provides you smooth transitions from one platform to another. You don’t experience any drastic changes in your trading experience when you move from one platform to another.

You Have Professional Help 24/7

It does not matter whether you pick self-directed trading or go for the managed portfolio option, you will need to get in touch with the company every now and then. For that, you have a phone number available on the website. With many online brokers, all you can access is an email address. It does not matter how serious and urgent your issue is, you will still have to send an email. With Ally, you can call the company for whatever issue you have. The best thing is that the company’s lines are open 24/7 so you can call them at any time.

Bottom Line

It is important that you realize the importance of investing your money before it is too late. In many cases, you are under the impression that you have saved a lot of money but after a few decades when you retire, the money is not enough because of the lost value. Investment is the best option, but you should invest with only the most reliable partners. Ally has been around for several years and during this time it has provided the best investment services to millions of customers. If you want to invest in various financial markets and increase your money the right way, Ally is the best option for you.


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