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ERG Group Head Claims that Upcoming Inflation Wave will Pump Global Commodity Prices

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, ERG or Eurasian Resources Group aired dire concerns about the prospects of the commodities market. ERG…

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There is a Factor that Makes Bitcoin Trump Gold – Ricardo Salinas, Mexican Billionaire

Manipulation from London A Bitcoin bull and billionaire in Mexico, Ricardo Salinas, is revealing a major reason, in his opinion, why the world’s leading crypto…

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Monetary Policies and Meddling of the Federal Reserve to Push Gold and Crypto Prices Higher

The United States Federal Reserve is releasing its economic arms to help it fight the stubborn inflation that has been a major cause of the…

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What’s Happening to the AUD/USD in 2022? Australian Doves Fly Home to Nest

For most of 2021, the Australian dollar behaved more like a bear than a bull, before it hit a year-to-date low point in August. After…

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Forex: The Past Week in Review

The Yield Curve The week started on the last day of a very turbulent January for the financial market. The US dollar was able to…

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