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Over 80 Countries Are Reportedly Exploring Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

Governments all over the globe are investing further in CBDC technology and experimental application. China looks to be leading among the other major countries, with…

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“Services Were Never So Convenient until Crypto Came”, Claims Zimbabwean Music Company’s Executive

Mutscon Music Company of Zimbabwe introduces a crypto payment mechanism against services rendered to its customers. The reason behind the initiative was told to be…

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Bitcoin’s Good Old Days Will Be Back Soon

Michael Lee Strategy’s founder is convinced that the good old days of Bitcoin will be back soon. He thinks Bitcoin is ready than ever before…

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Lawmaker Insists Upon State Treasury Secretary for Immediate Introduction of Crypto Policy for Circumventing Risks

Janet Yellen, the Secretary of the US Treasury, has been asked by Senator Elizabeth Warren for the immediate introduction of crypto policy and rules in…

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Australian BNPL Company Zip Intends To Offer Cryptocurrency Trading Services In AUS And The US

Zip, a firm utilizing the method of (BNPL) ‘buy now pay later, is seeking an entrance into the market of cryptocurrency through providing its services…

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