MetaMask Tops 10 Million Monthly Active Users Amid DeFi Boom

Despite the Decentralized Finance and Non-Fungible Tokens surges, interest for noncustodial accounts remains high. MetaMask has benefited the most, with regular monthly visitors increasing 19 times within just a year.

MetaMask, an Ether browser plugin wallet, reached a new landmark this August of 2021 when the firm’s active monthly number of users surpassed more than 10m for the very first time in the wallet’s history, showing the rising interest for Decentralized Finance resources.

MetaMask attributed its fast development to a number of causes, such as the growing acceptance of Ether-based digital contract innovation, the ongoing development of Decentralized Finance standards, and the popular introduction of their token exchange service. The NFT growth, as per the firm, has also attracted additional customers to its already expanding system.

According to Cointelegraph reports, MetaMask reached 1m monthly users last year in October, increasing from 545k in July of 2020. Most of that increase was due to the fact that it deemed “Decentralized Finance Summer,” which raced over the digital currencies in the middle of 2020. Despite signs of slowing down in the latter half of the previous year of 2020, Decentralized Finance maintains being among the trendiest segments of the digital currencies industry today.

Just at the moment of publication, the Decentralized Finance network had sealed in far greater worth than expected, coming close to $155b in total worth. TVL alludes to the commodities that are presently held on a certain Decentralized Finance system. Even though Cointelegraph reported previously, Benqi’s TVL surpassed $1b just after a week of its debut in the market.

Decentralized Finance groups seem to be growing on different chains in addition to Ether, Polygon, and (BSC) have seen substantial growth in subsequent months as a result of decreased costs and increased effectiveness of the Decentralized Finance system.

Simultaneously, criminals and other bad actors constantly attacked decentralized financial systems. A Decentralized Finance lending system, Cream Finance, was the victim of the most recent hack, with attackers stealing over $19m from the network just at the start of the current week. xToken, one such Decentralized Finance project, just had its second most significant breach in the previous four months, indicating a threat of hackers that looms over the Decentralized Finance industry.

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