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Smart Trade Group Review – Why Should You Choose This Broker?

Smart Trade Group Review Today, we would like to tell you about Smart Trade Group. Smart Trade Group is an online brokerage that we believe…

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Credit Rating Agency S&P Global Also Warns El Salvador Regarding Its Bitcoin Move’s Negative Implications

The official BTC adoption of El Salvador to utilize it as a legal tender during the early phase of September 2021 has been venerated as…

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New Findings Reveal 47% Of South Africans Are Holding Crypto

One of the most popular destinations for cryptocurrencies has to be that of Africa. This is due to a number of reasons, such as but…

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Steve Cohen Now Backs Florida-Based NFT Platform Recur

Recur (a non-fungible token platform based in Florida) has announced that it has been provided support by Steve Cohen, who owns “New York-Mets” of Major-League-Baseball….

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US Treasury Department Discusses Regulations For Stablecoins

During the market of stablecoins, the Treasury Department of the United States has reportedly debated over the required regulation regarding the stablecoins. Several meetings have…

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