Venezuelan Authorities Identified & Raided Illegal Bitcoin Mining Farms Operating In Residential Areas

At the complaints of the residents, Venezuelan Sunacrip first identified and raided illegal Bitcoin mining farms which were operating in the residential areas without obtaining any prior permissions. During the raid, Sunacrip was able to seize at least 100 mining rigs that were being in operation at their fullest capacity at the time of raid. For seizing the mining equipment, Suncrip also took along its regional officials accompanied by the local police.

Suncrip, which is the Venezuelan authority for crypto, has identified a full-fledge Bitcoin mining farm which was operating illegally. The authority first of the noticed that the illegal mining farm was busy in minting coins while it was located in a residential area. Even the complaints came before Sunacrip from the local residents of the area from where the illegal farm was functioning.

On the basis of the complaint, Sunacrip authorized a raid operation which was led by the regional officials of Sunacrip. The officials of Sunacrip were also accompanied by local police for dealing with any kind of situation.

It was identified that the farm was operating in a residential area which was located in the state of Miranda. The authority came to know of the farm because there was huge electricity consumption in the area. First the area with high electricity consumption was earmarked by Sunacrip and then operation was authorized to search the area. During the raid and search, authority’s officials were able to locate illegal Bitcoin mining farm which was running on its full capacity. When the staff and other people in the farm saw the authorities with the police, they resorted to escape. During the escape many of them were apprehended while a few absconded from the scene.

Upon taking control of the farm, the officials from Sunacrip immediately dismantled the farm. After dismantling, the equipment was taken into custody by the authority’s officials. As per the local police statement, there were at least 100 mining rigs that were in operation mode when raid was initiated. The facility was then locked with an official seal with a warning that no one is authorized to enter the premises.

Sunacrip has stated that the miners were operating illegal on two accounts. Firstly, the miners had no permission to install a mining farm and start activities of Bitcoin mining. Secondly, mining is banned in residential areas because in the residential areas, the grid cannot bear the load of mining activity.

Mining is not a banned activity in Venezuela. In fact it is a legal activity but requires certain approvals and licenses which are usually granted by Sunacrip. In the absence of such approvals and licenses, no one is authorized to install a mining farm. However, there have been a number of cases in the past where miners have established underground mining facilities for avoiding Sunacrip’s supervision.

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