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Chinese Authorities Arrest More Than 1000 Cryptocurrency Trader Over Charges Of Money-Laundering

The Chinese Police force is fully committed to cracking down on unlawful crypto traders indulging in fraudulent activities and money laundering, with arrests crossing the…

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US Ex-Congressman Wants to Legalize Cryptocurrency

Ron Paul, the former congressman of the United States, wants to legalize the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) in order to check out…

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Binance’s CEO Denies Allegations of Creating US Exchange Arm with Plans to Distract Regulators
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SEC Vs. Ripple Lawsuit Agitates Cryptocurrency Community As Majority Starts Pointing Fingers At Former SEC Chair

The lawsuit between SEC and XRP has left numerous in the local crypto area disturbed. A larger part of them pointed fingers at the past…

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Fearing Rising Tide in Scams Vietnam Government Seeks Solution through Crypto Regulations

Vietnam Government is surveying the crypto industry for imploring the possibility of introducing state-backed crypto regulation. Finance Minister has been given the task to conclude…

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