Investors have Started to Show an Increasing Interest in Acquiring Two Important NASDAQ Stocks

After facing a series of lows throughout last week, NASDAQ has managed to gain back some of its strength recently. Last Tuesday, NASDAQ trading went up by more than 2% during the noon peak.

The stock investors are in a state of frenzy, looking for relatively less volatile and more stable investment options. The good news is that there are two stocks on NASDAQ that are currently attracting the attention of many stockholders.

The first contender is Paramount Global which is flicking greater green light under the PARA ticker. At present, Paramount Global stocks are generating an additional output of 15.35%.

Meanwhile, there is Advance Micro Devices ticker AMD that printed an 8.73% profit margin last Tuesday. Both these stocks played an important role in lifting the NASDAQ Composite by as much as 2%, as mentioned earlier.

Stocks: Paramount Global and Advance Micro Devices

What worked on Paramount Global was a visible endorsement by Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffet. Media reported that Berkshire Hathaway added Paramount Global shares to their portfolio during the first quarter of the ongoing year. The official stock acquisition documents suggest that a Paramount stock was one of the major stock options by Berkshire Hathaway for the period.

A copy of the filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission further reveals that about 69 million Paramount stocks were purchased by Berkshire, accounting for 11% of outstanding shares of the media and entertainment outlet.

In addition to the endorsement by Berkshire, Paramount stock also received positive valuation feedback. However, keeping in view the current market conditions, the profits in 2022 are going to remain conservative in comparison to last year.

AMD is a semiconductor manufacturing organization that reportedly generated an 8.5% return for its stockholders on Tuesday. The metallurgy company received its stock confidence vote via favourable market comments. Stock market analysts like Piper Sandler claimed that AMD stocks have managed to gain some mass in the near term.

The market value per unit stock for AMD went from $98 to $148 per share in a short amount of time. Sandler also added in his evaluation that since the COVID attack, PC sales were expected to keep plummeting in the open markets.

However, he claimed that despite all odds, the long-term projections for AMD are looking stable and inflating in returns. AMD recently closed the acquisition of Xilinx cloud computing company which will significantly add to its equity weight in the upcoming weeks.

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