Here Are 5 Most Viable Crypto Assets of Today

There is no shortage of cryptocurrencies presently, however, the first-ever was launched in 2009 and is called “Bitcoin”. Against each cryptocurrency, there is a value that is different from others. The bigger the value, the popular the crypto asset is.

So far there is only one cryptocurrency owning that requires five-digit spending by an intended person. This very cryptocurrency is Bitcoin and according to the present market value, Bitcoin is trading hands at US$ 31,500. But Bitcoin lost over half of its value because of the continuing downward in the global digital asset market. For more than 3 months, Bitcoin is struggling at a threshold of US$ 30,000. It goes up and comes down. However, three months ago, Bitcoin’s value was around US$ 64,000. Some are even suggesting that there will be a further reduction in Bitcoin. If this happens then, all the good work done by Bitcoin for putting the crypto industry into the mainstream will be lost forever.

After Bitcoin, there is this crypto asset called Ethereum (ETH). As per Coindesk’s today’s exchange rates, Etherum is swapping hands at a price of US$ 1,825. By circulation, value, and market capita, Ethereum is the second-largest digital asset of the world after Bitcoin. If one were to consider the usability of Ethereum with Bitcoin, then certainly, Ethereum is ahead of Bitcoin. According to some experts, Bitcoin’s actual rival is Ethereum. However, the value of Ethereum is in 3 digits while Bitcoin’s value comprises of 4 digits.

Since the pandemic had come, both these top digital assets of the world had shown exceptional growth and potential. Bitcoin elevated from a couple of dollars at the highest value of US$ 64,000 plus during this time. On the other hand, Ethereum managed to cross the three figures and now comprises four digits.

There are also approximately 11 digital currencies having values comprising over three digits. All these eleven cryptocurrencies are popular amongst crypto investors. In fact, the entire crypto-economy relies on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the 3-digit valued cryptocurrencies. Some of the prominent digital currencies amongst these 11 currencies are Bitcoin Cash, BNB, and CMP.

Then comes the list of top 23 digital assets having the value into two digits up to US$ 100. Within this group of currencies, Bitclout is that currency holding the value of US$ 100. While the rest of the 22 currencies can be bought for under US$ 100. Amongst these 22 currencies, the standout digital asset is zcash, also known as ZEC. The list of “honorable mentions” includes the names such as Filecoin, Kucoin, and Horizen. Their values, at present, are under US$ 50.

Some of the popular stablecoins having values between US$ 1 to 10 are USDC, TUSD, DAI, and USDT. However, the best stablecoin amongst them is Klaytn, also known as KLAY.

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