Ukrainian Pharmacists Choose Binance Pay for Cryptocurrency Payments

Despite the ongoing crisis with Russia, Bitcoin payments are still being processed in Ukraine using the Binance cryptocurrency platform.

Even though the conflict is still ongoing, several pharmacies in Ukraine have begun implementing electronic payment systems. One of the top Ukraine-based pharmacy companies now accepts Bitcoin.

ANC Drugstore is the name one of the most lucrative and well-established firms in the pharmaceutical industry in Ukraine. They began collaborating with the Binance Ukraine team after establishing a working relationship with them.

ANC Pharmacy is able to accomplish this by utilizing Binance Pay, a frictionless cryptocurrency payment system that incorporates various cryptocurrency payment methods.

ANC to Accept Crypto Payments Starting January 3

On Tuesday, ANC Pharmacy, a national network of pharmacies, said it would enable its customers to make expedited payments.

ANC Pharmacy is part of the ANC Group, which also works as a national network of pharmacies.

The ANC Group has confirmed that customers will be able to shop from their stores physically/remotely and pay using crypto starting January 3.

The ANC Pharmacy network owns and manages a sizeable portion of the pharmaceutical establishments found in Ukraine. To be precise, it has over 1,000 distinct stores in Ukraine and it even runs its online pharmacy business.

Initially, ANC Group will only take payments processed through their in-house Binance Pay system.

In the future, ANC pharmacies will make it possible for clients to use alternative payment methods.

Other ANC-Owned Pharmacies to Offer the Same Utility

ANC Pharmacy also owns and operates other pharmacies. According to the official statement, the pharmacies ANC, Kopiyka, and Shara are among Europe’s first enterprises to accept cryptocurrency payments.

The above-mentioned pharmacies inside Kyiv have been identified as participating in the event.

How does the Utility Work?

Users will first be required to download the Binance software, and then they will need to go to the website. Then the users are permitted to proceed with a cryptocurrency payment at an ANC pharmacy. is the only website that accepts cryptocurrency payments. They can choose an item to order online and then pay for it using the Binance Pay service.

This will be a unique capability that will be made available for users in Ukraine for the first time.

When making their choice, they will be able to receive their item from any pharmacy of their choosing after they have completed the process.

The request for a comment made by a crypto news reporting firm for Binance Ukraine has yet to receive a response from the exchange.

Throughout the past few years, Binance has made a concerted effort to broaden its sphere of influence in Ukraine. Specifically, this effort was focused on Ukraine and it is proving to be a success.

In September 2022, Binance began working with the Ukrainian retail chain Varus to establish a business partnership.

They did this by enabling the Binance Pay Wallet feature, which lets users pay for their groceries using bitcoins.

Launch of Binance Card

Kirill Khomyakov, currently serving as the general manager of Binance Ukraine, had made a statement pertaining to the Binance Cards.

He revealed in an interview at the beginning of February 2022 that the launch of a Binance Card would take place in Ukraine.

Provided this information at that time. In 2022, achieving this objective was one of the most critical goals Binance had set for itself. This took place a few weeks before Russian troops invaded Ukraine and took control of the country.

Khomyakov recommends using payment options such as the Binance Card to conduct monetary transactions with cryptocurrency.

Currently, there is no regulation in Ukraine prohibiting the use of cryptocurrencies in financial transactions. Therefore, engaging in such an activity does not constitute a breach of any laws.

Along the same lines, the rules of the region do not authorize the use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to make direct payments. This is why they do not allow for the benefit of cryptocurrencies to make direct payments.

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