Singapore’s Bityard To Host Contest Comprising Crypto Prize Money of 60K Tether


The two most valuable crypto assets of the world i.e. Bitcoin and Ethereum are making a great deal out of the ongoing crypto rally. The value of both assets have recently increased to their all-time high wherein Bitcoin value went above US$ 64,000 almost touching 65 K. Similarly, the value of Ethereum is currently nearing US$ 2,000 and it is expected to exponentially in the near future. What is more important is that there isn’t any indication that the crypto rally will end sooner. In fact, Bitcoin enthusiasts are expecting Bitcoin’s value to go above US$ 400 K in the present year.

Another important aspect of the continuing bull run is that not only top crypto assets are enjoying all the surges. In fact, each and every cryptocurrency, as well as crypto product, is gaining momentum and acquiring increased values.

Now a contest is set to take place in Singapore but the contest does not involve any stereotype sporting or physical activities. Though it is going to be an online contest it does not involve any computer game either. In fact, the winners will be paid prizes in the form of crypto and the contest involves the activity of crypto trading.

It has been reported that Bityard, which is a crypto trading platform registered and operating in Singapore, is hosting a trading contest. The date of holding of the trading contest has been fixed in the month of May this year. Crypto prize money comprising over 60,000 Tether has been set as the grand prize earning.

The contest is going to be a team-based competition wherein each team will be headed by a captain. Those who wish to participate in the contest can apply for registration while visiting the official webpage of Bityard. The registration for teams’ captains is currently open until the end of the deadline date.

It was further told by Bityard that the contest has been co-hosted by several crypto trading platforms of Singapore. Bityard told that the objective of the contest is to increase users’ interest in the acquisition of crypto at co-hosting trade platforms. In addition, the contest will further boost the users’ trade experience which will also provide them an opportunity to earn extra crypto funds.

This isn’t the first of its kind crypto trade contest taking place in Singapore. In fact, a somewhat similar contest was successfully held last year which was hosted by a crypto trading platform known as Bybit. It was the biggest crypto contest of its time which was played under the banner of the World Series of Trading. World Series of Trading contest was an instant hit and was successfully held wherein more than 12 thousand global participants played the contest.

However, the recent contest has been mainly hosted by Bityard along with several other crypto trading platforms as co-hosts. The contest is seeking to attract especially the newbie crypto traders for ensuring their continuous journey in the field of crypto trading.

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