NXPI Stock Surges Following Samsung Acquisition Rumors

The Stocks of NXP are creating their best returns for the first time in the ongoing year. The main reason for the increase in the market value of the stock is news that Samsung is planning to acquire the company published by Asian Tech. It is worth noting that NXP stocks are set for an ex-dividend trade in the next four days. The ex-dividend trade will likely be held on the working day of next week.

On the ex-dividend day, the stockholders of a company can collect information about the stock purchases and other major capital changes made in the company. The company originating from Europe has benefited from the speculations around Samsung taking an interest in investing capital into the enterprise.

Samsung Wants to Acquire NXP 

The latest article, published by Asian Tech Press, recently claimed that Lee Jae Yong is the de facto head of the Samsung group. Yong will conduct a meeting with the management of a Netherland-based company for acquisition purposes. It is worth noting that Samsung has also worked towards acquiring the rights of a Taiwan-based chip maker named TSM.

The addition of NXP after the introduction of TSM will be a complement for the electronics manufacturing company. Samsung has been trying to create backup support with TSM in response to the increasing competition from NXP. At present, Samsung is putting its bets on the chip manufacturers that will support its automotive initiative.

Following the news that Samsung can add NXPI under its chip manufacturing wing, the stocks of the chipmaker are performing with great rigour in the market. To this end, the stocks have risen to the 14th rank in terms of hefty returns among 34 fabless semiconductor producers. At one end, the NXP stocks have added 6.5% and trading with 188.50 points.

On the other hand, the stocks of the TSM have declined by 1.1%, retracing back to 92.49 points. The stock results have been checked and verified by IBD Stock Checkup. The composite rating ranking of IBD has also placed NXP at 73 out of the 99 companies that it is tracking. IBD Composite system is a good way to gauge the stock performance and strength. Top stocks usually take place among the 90 rankings or higher.

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