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NCapital Group Review

NCapital Group logoToday, I am going to provide you a detailed review of a well-reputed broker in the cryptocurrency industry called NCapital Group. It is one of those brokers that are known because of their reliability and dedication. In order to know whether it is just a claim or is this broker really a committed and reliable one, I analyzed this broker completely. After analyzing it in detail, I was able to know that it is really a trusted broker. I have compiled my analysis and research related to this broker in my review presented below in detail. Read this review thoroughly and you will know the truth behind this broker.

Here are the key points of my extensive review:

  • Is NCapital Group Capital a Scam?
  • Overview of NCapital Group
  • Prominent Features of NCapital Group
  • Easy Sign Up and Registration Process
  • Multiple Trading Account Types
  • User-Friendly Trading Platform
  • Extensive Asset Index
  • No Compromise on Security
  • Customer Support Service
  • Conclusion

Let’s start our discussion.

Is NCapital Group a Scam?

Is NCapital Group Scam or Legit? You might be asking yourself “is NCapital Group scam or legit?”. Well rest assured that NCapital Group is a legitimate and safe broker for your trading needs. It is a registered broker / trading platform that works with complete transparency along with clients from all over the globe.

Overview of NCapital Group

NCapital Group is a trustworthy cryptocurrency brokerage firm that was established by Expand Solutions Ltd a company licensed in the Republic of Seychelles. This brokerage firm has been developed in a bid to fulfill the needs of all kinds of cryptocurrency investors from across the entire world that look for a reliable cryptocurrency trading platform for investing in top digital assets. Working online, this brokerage is committed to offering investors amazing services for trading cryptocurrencies in any of the trading markets.

When the company thought of developing this brokerage firm, it had kept only one thing in mind that was to bring a broker that can come upon the requirements of all kinds of traders or investors either professional or beginner. The reason is that if a broker fulfills the needs of professional investors and neglects the needs of the newbie investors, then it will not be a fair act. Such kind of act would really impact the reputation of that very broker in a negative way. And that is what a good broker always avoids in order to maintain its reputation.

However, the NCapital Group broker has been designed in a way that it can look after the needs of both experienced as well as the fresh traders. It accommodates professional and novice traders to its level best. That is why it is considered one of the most reputable brokers in the industry.

The trend for trading with cryptocurrencies has increased significantly over recent times and this trend is still ongoing overwhelmingly. Therefore, the broker has put its focus exclusively on cryptocurrencies. The beauty of this brokerage firm lies in the fact that it provides investors an opportunity to get their hands on Contract for Differences (CFDs) trading. Traders can trade CFDs on their favorite cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Traders usually find CFDs trading less hassling and more profitable. Therefore, they prefer to trade with a broker that enables CFDs trading on its marketplace.

NCapital Group website

The team behind this brokerage firm is very experienced and professional. They have earned a great deal of experience in cryptocurrency as well as other financial trading markets. This professional team has utilized their experience for developing the infrastructure of the broker’s trading platform. The broker’s team thinks that it is not possible for traders to execute their cryptocurrency trading profitably until they have a proper trading environment and effective trading conditions. Based on this assumption, they provide traders with a fair and transparent trading environment where they can trade comfortably. Moreover, traders are provided with ideal trading conditions so that they could yield as much profit as they can.

This was just an overview of the NCapital Group broker. There are a lot of other features that make it distinguished from other brokers. Let’s unveil the other amazing aspects of this broker to make it more clear for you to take a decision regarding this broker.

Prominent Features of NCapital Group

The prominent features of this brokerage firm are discussed below one by one.

1)    Easy Sign Up and Registration Process

When you are selecting the right broker for trading, the first thing you are required to note is the broker’s registration or sign up process. It takes too much time to get signed up on some brokers due to the complex nature of their sign up process. This makes traders feel tired which may lead them to think over their decision again. Some brokers ask users to provide unnecessary information and ask them to do a lot of paperwork for completing their registration. This is only a waste of time. Users will reject such kinds of brokers at the first attempt.

Traders want to be accommodated by the broker they choose to trade with. And to get a simplified process for registration is one of the key facilitations that a user usually would love to have. You, however, do not need to worry about anything if you are going to trade with NCapital Group.  When you will sign up with NCapital Group, you would not find any kind of issue in the broker’s sign-up process. The process of signing up and registration is so straightforward and simple that it would only take a few minutes to complete it. This will save the precious time of yours. Let me elaborate on the sign-up process further for you.

In order to get yourself signed up with NCapital Group, you need to visit the official website of this broker. A sign-up form will be present on its website. You are required to fill this form by providing the information it asks you. For filling this form, you will be needed only to provide your personal information such as your full name, your email, your password, your contact number, and your country of residence. After this, you will be required to mark your agreement with the terms and conditions of the broker and that is it. Nothing irrelevant has been added to this form in order to keep you away from any kind of fuss. As soon as you are done filling in this form, you have completed your registration. Now you are ready to trade with this broker.

2)    Multiple Trading Account Types

NCapital Group Trading Account TypesAs I have mentioned above that this broker is dedicated to taking care of the needs of its clients, it has shown its dedication in every case. It knows that there are traders of every kind and all of them have differing needs. When it comes to choosing a trading account, every trader would love to have an account type that can fit into his/her suite of requirements. A single trading account cannot come upon the expectations of each trader. Keeping this in mind, NCapital Group has built out multiple trading accounts so that traders can choose the one they need. There are six trading accounts in total and each account type is different from the other one. You can look at the features of each trading account type and can pick the one that suits your needs the best. Let me explore these account types along with their features one by one so that you could make your decision easier.

        i.            Basic Account

The first trading plan or account type offered by NCapital Group is called the Basic Account. This is the most basic account type and has been designed for beginner or novice traders. It will easily fulfill their trading needs as they are at the beginning level of their trading career. This account type comes with basic features. Traders can get access to the educational center of the broker. They can enjoy access to daily market reviews and can attend the broker’s professional webinars. Moreover, the customer support service is available for them 24/6. They are required to have a minimum deposit of €1,000 for opening this account plan. If a user has a balance less than this specified amount then he will not be able to get access to it.

     ii.            Bronze Account

The Bronze Account is the second trading account present on the platform of this broker. This trading plan is for those users who have increased at least one level up from the basic one in trading. The Bronze Account requires users to deposit a minimum amount of €10,000 for getting access to it. All of the features of the Basic Account are included in this account type. Alongside these features, the new ones that traders can have in this account include the facility of an account manager for up to one month and junior price alerts. The holders of this account type can seek guidance from the account manager during the period of his service.

   iii.            Silver Account

NCapital Group then offers traders the Silver Account which is the third trading plan. In order for traders to get this account type opened for them, they are required to have a minimum deposit amount of €25,000. This account type usually matches the needs of those traders who have gained some exposure to the trading process and the cryptocurrency market. All of the features of the first two account types are embedded in this trading plan. However, the facility of the account manager increases from one month to three months. Other key feature includes access to PIA trading signals for traders for five times a day.

   iv.            Gold Account

After that, there is another unique trading account type offered by the broker known as Gold Account. Mostly, experienced traders or investors use this trading account type as they can easily find what they need in this account. They deposit an amount of €50,000 to own this account type. The owner of this account can enjoy the service of the account manager for up to six months. Moreover, traders are also provided with access to PIA trading signals 10 times per day.

      v.            Platinum Account

NCapital Group has developed this account type in order to keep up with the advanced needs of its expert or highly-skilled traders. Unlimited advanced features are available to the users of this account type. The extra feature added to this trading account is the offering of PIA SMS trading signals provided by the broker. These signals can assist users in executing smart and wise decisions. Traders also get an opportunity to build a personalized trading strategy for them which might be helpful in doubling profits. In addition to this, the account manager provides its service to these traders for up to one year. Traders also enjoy access to unlimited PIA trading signals. The minimum deposit requirement for this account type is €250,000.

   vi.            Black Account

Lastly, there is the sixth account type for clients. Called Black Account, this trading plan is meant for those investors or traders who are commonly referred to as professional or VIP investors. Such kinds of traders usually have larger trading volumes and they play big in the cryptocurrency market. They need special kinds of trading conditions that can keep up to their level of trading. Therefore, the broker has developed the Black Account in order to meet the requirements of these traders. This account type consists of all of the necessary features. Extra features included in this account are access to exclusive positions and one-to-one trading sessions.

3)     User-Friendly Trading Platform

User-Friendly Trading PlatformOne of the most important things that you need to consider while choosing a broker is the kind of trading platform that it offers. In my opinion, it is the most crucial aspect of a broker to look at as all of your trading is executed over it. It is the place where you open your positions and from where you can monitor the entire market’s behavior. Therefore, it is one of the primary features of a broker. A trading platform should be advanced and integrated with modern technology. If you are provided with a trading platform that is old-fashioned it won’t help you to execute your trading in a better way. Usually, outdated trading platforms work slowly and are difficult to navigate. Such kinds of trading platforms can cause certain issues in trading and users do not earn a good trading experience.

You must check out the qualities of the broker’s trading platform. It should have an easy-to-use interface so that users do not face any problems while operating it.  Also, a good trading platform should be web-based so that it can be easily accessed using a web browser. The importance of having a web-based trading platform is that users do not have to undergo the process of installation or downloading. When you choose to trade with the NCapital Group broker, you will find all of these traits in the trading platform of this broker. NCapital Group has developed its trading platform keeping in view the advanced needs of today’s traders. The trading platform offered by the broker is user-friendly, highly compatible, customized, integrated with modern technology, interactive, and has an easy-to-use interface.

In addition to this, you will also find this trading platform highly intuitive. When you will use it, you will find it a smooth and complexities-free trading platform. The broker has integrated advanced trading tools into it as well such as price indicators, drawings, economic calendar, and some charting tools. When you trade on such a highly-advanced trading platform, you will be able to get good results in real-time. Moreover, NCapital Group has made sure that its trading platform remains safe and secured.

4)    Extensive Asset Index

NCapital Group Asset IndexThe asset index is another crucial aspect of a brokerage firm. The kind of asset index offered by the broker decides whether it is worth to trade with it or not. It is an obvious thing that you want to trade with a broker that can provide you with an exclusive range of digital currencies. I have heard from some experienced traders who have spent a lot of time dealing with different brokerages that there are some brokers that only limit their clients to a few cryptocurrencies. The disadvantage of having a limited range of cryptocurrencies at your disposal is that you cannot trade with your favorite digital currency. You will obviously feel disappointed with a broker that does not let you trade with your choice of cryptocurrency. Therefore, you should think about your decision again and again while choosing the right broker for you. And to check out this aspect is also crucial.

If you want to trade with your likable digital currency then the NCapital Group broker is the right place for you as it provides a trading marketplace where every kind of cryptocurrency is supported. NCapital Group offers you an extensive asset index which means it includes a vast range of digital currencies. It does not only limit you to top cryptocurrencies such as the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market cap Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Chainlink (LINK), and Litecoin (LTC) but the other digital currencies are also available there for you. Some little known crypto assets have also been added by the broker to expand its asset index further.

5)    No Compromise on Security

SecurityWhen you decide to sign up with an online broker, the one thing that is more important for you is the surety of the protection of your personal information and funds. And when you are trading in the cryptocurrency market, the protection of your credential becomes more critical as the cryptocurrency industry is filled with cybersecurity incidents and scams which are increasing overwhelmingly over the course of time. Therefore, you need to look for a broker that can guarantee the safety of your assets. You must need to avoid those brokers with whom you feel insecure to trade your digital assets.

As you are trading in the cryptocurrency market, NCapital Group is the right broker for you as it specializes in cryptocurrency trading and knows very well how to keep your financial data secured from cryptocurrency hackers or scammers. It does not compromise the security of your assets. All of NCapital Group clients trade in a transparent and secure trading environment. It implements various security measures for ensuring the protection of your data. First of all, the broker uses the technique of encryption. This technique helps in securing all of the collected personal information of the clients in a better way. The highest standard of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technique is implemented by the broker for the encryption of users’ data. These encryption techniques prevent attackers from getting their malicious hands onto your personal data.

In addition to this, privacy policies including Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) are also implemented in order to increase the level of security on the trading platform. These policies are implied by the broker in a bid to show compliance to the international regulatory standards. These privacy policies require traders to provide their personal information such as their proof of address, proof of payment, and proof of ID for verification purposes. In this way, the NCapital Group broker shows its dedication to the security and protection of its clients.

6)    Customer Support Service

It is the duty of a broker to accommodate its clients as much as it can particularly in the case of the customer support service. It should be responsible for coping up with the issues faced by its clients when they are using its trading platform. Sometimes traders either beginners or professionals face problems that they may not be able to solve on their own and they require help. That’s where the role of the broker’s customer support team comes in. The broker’s team should assist them in every matter while providing them with solutions that can help them in sorting out their problems.

Keeping this in view, NCapital Group has hired a responsible team for taking care of its customers in such cases. This team is highly professional and knows very well how to cooperate with clients in a friendly manner. It does not let clients feel hesitant. The team is available 24/6 for the assistance of customers and they can contact them whenever they want. For contacting the customer support team of the broker, there are various communication channels that you may use such as email, phone, or there is a chat option that can also be used for reaching out to them.


In short, NCapital Group does everything in its hands to ensure that its customers are satisfied one hundred percent. It tries to its level best to fulfill each and every key requirement of its both experienced as well as novice traders. Because of these efforts that this broker makes for accommodating its customers, it has been given the title of a highly reputable broker in the cryptocurrency industry.

Our job was to provide you with all of the key information related to this broker and that is what we have done. Now it is up to you what you want to do. It is your decision to take whether you want to trade with this broker or not.

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