Moody’s is Reportedly Taking Interest in Adopting Cryptocurrencies

With the cryptocurrency sector constantly growing in valuation, it is successfully attracting several mainstream institutions towards itself. This is the reason why since the beginning of 2021, hundreds of major institutions from around the world have invested in cryptocurrencies.

Almost every day, a new mainstream institution makes it to the headlines for showing interest in cryptocurrencies. With the growing valuation and lucrative nature of cryptocurrencies, more mainstream institutions are either interested to know about cryptocurrencies or invest in them.

Despite the tremendous growth of the cryptocurrency industry, the majority of mainstream institutions are concerned about its volatility. Therefore, before making any move or venturing into the cryptocurrency industry, they want to study and explore it from the outside.

However, as the industry is very complex and hard to understand, someone from within the industry needs to advise the mainstream firms. Such experts can provide guidance and lay out a path or strategy for the mainstream institutions to follow.

So far, this is the most effective strategy that the mainstream institutions have adopted, and Moody’s Corporation is planning to do the same. Moody’s is one of the major credit rating agencies in the United States. At present, there are three major credit rating agencies in the United States and Moody’s is one of them.

Just recently, Moody’s has posted a job listing, which shows that the credit rating company is interested in onboard someone with a vast amount of knowledge in the crypto-sector.

According to information, the job listing posted by Moody’s Corporation is for an analyst from the cryptocurrency industry. The job posting requires a crypto-asset analyst who will be responsible for providing the firm with insights into cryptocurrencies and their market movements.

A further study of the job posting and its requirements reveals that Moody’s Corporation’s main focus of interest within the cryptocurrency industry is the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector.

In the job listing, Moody’s has added that the analyst would be required to gather and provide information around the impact of the DeFi sector in the crypto-sector. The listing also demands the candidate to be able to provide a detailed analysis of DeFi sector’s impact on the traditional financial sector.

The listing has reportedly been posted through the world’s largest job searching platform LinkedIn. The firm has revealed that the hired candidate would become part of the Blockchain C4E team, formed by the company.

The candidate will be required to share his knowledge and information of the cryptocurrency sector to develop an infrastructure for Moody’s Corporation. The candidate will also be required to work on different projects related to crypto-blockchains that might be integrated into Moody’s business infrastructure. The most attractive point in the job listing is that once hired, the person will have the freedom of working remotely.

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