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CFDAdvanced Review

CFDAdvanced logoCFDAdvanced is one of the world’s leading forex brokers. Online trading is a lucrative possibility for many individuals, and it is now more accessible than ever. Initially, numerous restrictions prohibited many people from entering these markets unless they were prepared to make a full-time profession out of it. Even those with routine 9-to-5 jobs and no prior trading experience or expertise may now enter the market and trade from anywhere. In this CFDAdvanced review, you will learn all about its features.

This is all due to the fact that technology has altered the game, and internet trading is now one of the most popular trends. Because of the rising demand for brokers to handle clients’ needs, online trading has seen an inflow of new users. As a result, if you start looking for one, you’ll see that there are a variety of firms that are now providing their expertise in this field. You wouldn’t have any trouble discovering alternatives but picking among them is another issue. Because of the type of their services, a number of them look to be identical, which might be misleading.

It’s worth mentioning that CFDAdvanced is owned by Old Mutual, one of the world’s largest financial and asset management organizations. It’s important to remember that CFDAdvanced provides a diverse set of instruments for investing in the financial markets. Cryptocurrency, equities, commodities, ETFs, and other assets are used to build a portfolio. Surprisingly, CFDAdvanced is still at the forefront of the worldwide financial movement.

When it comes to choosing a broker, what should you look for? What are your motivations for joining them? When you come across CFDAdvanced, you’ll be inquiring yourself these questions. CFD Advanced Ltd is a Cyprus-based company that offers trading platforms in more than fifty countries across the world. Its credentials are excellent, and it appears to be gaining traction rapidly, but what sets it apart from the competition?

CFDAdvanced website

Regulated Platform

It’s difficult to resist mentioning the platform. This platform is simple to use. Furthermore, CFDAdvanced provides a number of tutorials that will walk you through all of the platform’s capabilities.

If you only have one reason to join this broker, it should be because they are regulated. Is the broker licensed and regulated? This is significant because only a reputable business goes through the procedure of becoming regulated, whereas a shady business would not dare. After all, it would reveal them instantly. A simple check reveals that CFDAdvanced is regulated and by three different regulators. This alone may be enough to convince you to use their trading services. Because of their regulatory position, CFDAdvanced provides transparency to their customers.

You won’t have to fear any hidden charges or policies later on, and they won’t take advantage of you in any manner. In the event of a disagreement, the regulatory authority will intervene. CFDAdvanced is regulated in Cyprus by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), Australia’s Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), and the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). You won’t be scammed because it’s a regulated broker.

It’s crucial not to overlook risk factors. Traders should secure their open trade positions from economic risks when they are open. Stop Loss and Take Profit procedures should be used by traders. Stop Loss orders make it feasible to limit prospective losses. Furthermore, customers may utilize Take Profit orders to seal their earnings.

Large Asset Index

The goal of contemplating financial market trading is to generate a profit. Everyone wants to earn money, but doing so requires trading the appropriate instruments. Where will you be able to obtain these instruments? It is the responsibility of the brokerage firm you pick to provide you with access, and the assets accessible differ by broker. CFDAdvanced has put together a large asset index that includes some of the top instruments from a variety of financial marketplaces. This allows you to diversify your investment portfolio, reducing trading risks while also increasing earnings.

CFDAdvanced offers more than 250 instruments, allowing you to trade in some of the world’s most important marketplaces. The following are the most notable:

CFDAdvanced asset index

  • Stock

If there’s one market that’s always been linked with trading, it’s the stock market, where you can buy and sell equities in multinational corporations. Shares of major corporations such as Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, Amazon, Alibaba, VISA, Coca-Cola, and others can be traded.

The FX market is recognized as the world’s leading financial market, with daily trading volume topping $5 trillion. There are a lot of currency pairings to trade, and CFDAdvanced has included some of the more volatile ones to help you make a lot of money.

  • Indices

Unlike the stock market, which deals with single equities, the indices market concentrates on groups of stocks from various industries. The S&P 500, the DOW JONES, the FTSE 100, and the DAX 30 are just a couple of the options available.

  • Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies rely on encryption to both control and generate new units. Let’s also take a look at cryptocurrencies. It is no mystery that cryptocurrencies have become more popular throughout the world. Cryptocurrencies, in particular, are a novel and interesting asset class. People should be aware that cryptocurrencies are decentralized types of digital money that live solely in computer mode.

If you’re searching for greater volatility, go no further than the cryptocurrency market. There are potentially substantial profits to be had here, and CFDAdvanced allows you to trade top choices, including BTC, ETH, and LTC. Users may trade on the price fluctuations of numerous cryptocurrencies due to CFDAdvanced. Furthermore, by employing margin, a trader may manage a larger trade amount on their preferred cryptocurrency with less cash expenditure. Furthermore, owing to the CFDAdvanced Mobile App, traders may trade from anywhere at any time.

  • Commodities

Another area worth investigating is the commodity market, which is the oldest financial sector in existence. Hard commodities are precious metals such as gold, silver, and palladium. Wheat, cocoa, maize, and soybeans are examples of soft agricultural goods. There’s also oil and natural gas oil in the mix.

It’s important to keep in mind that the commodities trade has played an important role throughout human history. Commodities are mostly exchanged in two ways in the modern world: working capital settlement and forward settlement. As a reminder, the clearing date for a cash settlement is very soon, but the clearance date for a forward settlement is much further out in the future. Therefore prices often have greater spreads.

The most common way to exchange commodities is via futures contracts, which involve an agreement to purchase or sell a certain amount of the underlying commodity at a specific price at a future date. Futures exchanges, as a reminder, define the minimum quality and amount of a commodity that may be exchanged.

CFDAdvanced and Education

Hopefully, CFDAdvanced will provide you with useful knowledge. It is recommended that you read the entire handbook. Furthermore, this book will provide readers with a lot of expertise for their education. CFDAdvanced’s mission is to educate traders and make transparent investing accessible to everyone, not just the expert traders.

You’ll be able to view videos, enroll in courses, participate in webinars, and learn from professionals. CFDAdvanced’s objective is to give you a pleasant trading experience, so they’ve included all of the features you’ll need. Users will acquire many useful insights from the course, which is accessible on CFDAdvanced. Furthermore, students will discover five alternative techniques to secure precious metals and other possessions. It is recommended that you review the data supplied by CFDAdvanced.

Trading Solutions

The trading solutions of CFDAdvanced can have a significant impact on your overall trading journey. This relates to the trading platform that they offer because that’s what you use to execute your trades and where you will find all of the necessary tools. There are no defined standards to follow in this respect, and it is up to the broker to select what sort of solutions they want to provide. When you look into CFDAdvanced trading solutions, you’ll see that they’ve created their platform, which is web-based.

This means they’ve done away with the need for downloads and installations that come with desktop platforms, which might make your experience easier. The best thing is this broker has not created technological or feature limitations and is still able to offer their clients a simple trading option. To guarantee that there are no issues, they have employed cutting-edge technology and paired it with a highly responsive user experience. The platform delivers rapid trade execution thanks to technology, allows users to make their trading easy.

You’ll also get access to a feature-rich environment, which means CFDAdvanced has included the most comprehensive trading tools. Financial market analysis tools, live graphs and charts, risk management tools such as stop losses and increase the revenue, trading indicators, price notifications, a market calendar, and even customized indicators can all be useful. The employment of a mix of such instruments may be highly beneficial to traders, allowing them to increase their profits.

CFDAdvanced has recently introduced a smartphone trading option to go along with its web trading platform. Traders will be able to buy and sell on the move as a result of this. You may be anywhere and yet have complete control over your account and trades.

Simple And Quick Registration Process

Traders are frequently intimidated by the idea of signing up with a broker since there might be a strict criterion. Furthermore, you have no idea how long it will take, which might add to your irritation. Fortunately, CFDAdvanced has made its registration process simple and straightforward, making it a compelling reason to join this platform. To begin the registration procedure, visit their website and look for the New Account button in the upper right corner. You’ll be brought to a form to fill out after you click on it.

What is the purpose of the form? You must provide your first and last names, as well as an email address, passwords, contact number, and country. You will also accept CFDAdvanced’s Terms & Conditions, which are easily accessible on their website. Once you’ve done that, click submit, and your signup process will be completed. It will only take you 5 minutes to join the firm, after which you will be able to proceed to the account selection procedure.

Multiple Accounts

To utilize their services, every broker asks traders to establish an account, which is used to store their personal details, trading history, money, and other pertinent information. Most firms provide their clients with a variety of account alternatives, recognizing that each trader has a unique risk appetite, capital, and trading style. However, most of them only provide three possibilities. That’s where CFDAdvanced shines apart. They’ve created five executive accounts for their traders, each with far more flexibility than you’d get otherwise.

For beginners to the markets, they offer the Silver account, which starts with a minimal deposit of €10,000. This account has a leverage of 1:20, charges 10 percent fees on earnings, and delivers a 20% bonus. There is a senior broker on board, four trading sessions each month, and trading signals are available. The Gold account is for newcomers with some expertise, and it requires a deposit of €25,000. The trading sessions have been increased to 5 to 6, monthly cashback has been added, a money management plan has been added, a welcome bonus of 40% has been added, daily stock market reviews and mentoring and coaching courses have been added, and one weekly managed session has been added.

CFDAdvanced has launched a Platinum account option to cater to intermediate traders, which requires a minimum of €100,000 to open. There are eight to ten trading sessions, an experienced broker, charges on profits of 9%, a 60% bonus, and two to three weekly managed sessions available. The Diamond account is for experienced and professional traders, and it allows them to deposit up to €250,000. They will receive 12 to 15 training sessions, 1:100 leverage, a top brokerage, 7% charges on earnings, an 80% welcome bonus, and four weekly managed sessions.

The final account choice at CFDAdvanced is called VIP, and it is for VIP traders alone. As a result, the €500,000 deposit is substantial. Daily weekly managed sessions, a 120 percent rewarding bonus, a specialist team of brokers, 5% charges on earnings, and limitless trading sessions are among the highlights. They will join the Royal Club that is accessible for dealers with net deposits of moreover €1,000,000, which comes with additional benefits.

These five reasons should be enough to persuade anyone to join CFDAdvanced. If you’re searching for something more, you’ll be glad to learn that the firm has improved its customer service as well. Their website gives comprehensive and up-front information about all of their offerings, but if you have any questions, you can reach out to their customer care team via a variety of methods. If you have a technical issue, they will swiftly address it and are accessible 24/7.

One of the most annoying parts of investing is, despite the fact that customers are spending their money, they do not have total control over it. The financial advisor is free to trade and invest as he or she thinks fit. At CFDAdvanced, they don’t face this problem.

CFDAdvanced, on the other hand, thinks that clients should be in charge of their own money. They have a self-trading account available. People may take charge of their fate instead of relying on a manager to make their decisions, thanks to this account.

Hopefully, there are several choices available to the professional trader that should be considered. Users with such an account can invest in bonds, stocks, options, and other financial instruments. Furthermore, a self-trading account gives you immediate access to your funds.

There are several advantages to having a self-trading account. Customers, for example, might have full authority over the details. Furthermore, by using this account, you may save money.

Customer Service

Customer service is an important aspect of every trading platform. You should not overlook this while choosing a perfect broker for your online trading solutions. Every broker brags about its customer support service, but in reality, most of those brokers don’t provide a satisfactory service. CFDAdvanced cares about its customers and provides them hassle-free 24/7 service. Staff is well known for the problems of traders. You can approach them by email or on the given contact number. They will provide a prompt and satisfactory response to your needs. You can post any kind of query regarding online trading. CFDAdvanced customer support service will assist you without charging you any fee.


It makes perfect sense to collaborate with CFDAdvanced, as evidenced by the review. It has been in operation for almost a decade, which demonstrates its popularity. Furthermore, their website contains a lot of useful information, and you should have a look at it to determine if CFDAdvanced is a good fit for you. We hope that our CFDAdvanced review provides you the factual information about the broker, allowing you to make a knowledgeable choice about whether or not to trade with them.

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