Major US Business Houses Form One-Point Agenda Partnership i.e. Bitcoin Investment

Multi-bilateral partnership arrangements have arrived between major US business houses and an influential entrepreneur with one purpose agenda – Bitcoin investment. The investment is proposed to be invested into a company called New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) which is engaged and part of Bitcoin investment and technology fields. The partnership arrangements will be focusing entirely upon Bitcoin eccentric initiatives.

A new partnership arrangements have been entered into comprising of some of the major business houses of the US. The partnership has been formed for one purpose agenda which is to invest in Bitcoin. It was proposed that in order to fulfill the dream of investing in Bitcoin, the partnership will inject funds into NYDIG collectively.

As per the official announcement which was made public on 8th March, 2021, the formation of the partnership was confirmed. The partnership is comprised of globally acclaimed business entrepreneur and investor, Mr. Morgan Stanley. While corporations included some of the biggest names like Stone Ridge Holdings, Soros, Fund Management, Bessemer Venture Partners, and New York Life. The other less big organizations part of the arrangement are FS Investments and MassMutual.

A fundraising campaign in pursuit of the partnership’s agenda was also carried out by major members of the partnership. Stone Ridge Holdings Group along with MassMutual, New York Life, FS Investments, and Soros Fund Management lead the recent fundraising campaign. On record, the campaign was able to collect US$ 200 Million which will be utilized as capital. The two companies namely Fintech Collective as well as Bessemer Venture Partners were part of the fundraising campaign.

Fintech Collective was taken on board because it was part of the earliest campaign which generated huge sums for investing into NYDIG. But at that time the funds collection was for some other project.

Soros Fund Management has been led by and under the auspices of veteran financer, George Soros himself.

NYDIG’s Chief Executive Officer, Robert Gutmann said that the companies who are part of the fundraising campaign are more than just “companies”. He stated that these are names that everyone in the US as well as in many countries of the world are widely known. They are role models and the best in their fields who have all come together and formed a dynamic partnership, said Gutmann.

He made a commitment to the partnership that NYDIG and its team would be at the partnership’s disposal at all times. Gutmann argued that the partnership is an eye-opener for those who had thought that the days of Bitcoin’s institutional adoption are over.

Gutmann further expressed his appreciation by stating that in the coming months NYDIG will be capable of offering more Bitcoin-related products. But these products will not be ordinary but extraordinary, claimed Gutmann.

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