Jobs in crypto field see a massive increase in India

When the cryptocurrency market blew up back in 2017, many considered it to be a fluke. They believed that the millionaires that were made and the massive rise in prices would near happen again. And they were certainly right about how there would never be the same overnight millionaires again. But they were wrong about the rise in price, as it continued to rise over and over again.

The prices of cryptocurrencies have become such a major factor in its relevance, that it has convinced investors, institutions, companies, and even countries to consider it as a viable financial market. And even though countries like El Salvador have moved on and accepted cryptocurrencies despite not many people within the country wanting that, there stands India. India currently has the opposite problem that El Salvador has, as there is a large and vocal population within the country that wants to be using cryptocurrencies, but the government doesn’t seem to be taking much of an interest.

But with the current stats in, it looks like the government will have to try much harder to decide, as India is now officially the second largest country in terms of crypto users. That number is insane and shows just how many people like cryptocurrencies there.

This rise in consumers has led to a market shortage for crypto products that local companies were the first to race to. But with all of these new businesses come job opening for people that have experience working with cryptocurrencies.

Demand online fors crypto developers or other positions within the crypto market. More specifically, according to new research from various publications, the need for crypto employees has risen significantly by 37% in August this year compared to August of the previous year 020. In fact, by comparing the yearly difference for job openings in the crypto market, shows how it has grown over the past few years. The results showed a startling rise of 138% since 2018. And while one of the reasons is because of an increase in demand, it is also possible that the current climate is generally more welcoming

The head of sales at Indeed, the company that compiled the findings, commented on what they have found. He said that the company recorded a steady rise in job postings for cryptocurrencies in the next 18 months.

The most common job openings are for developers in the crypto space, with these developers being top priority. However, they still remain severely underpaid. The tech industry in India has a rise in paychecks which does the question as to why these companies are not paying their developers enough.

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