“I Feel Regretful For Not Grabbing a Few Bitcoins” Says Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers, an influential and globally acclaimed investor says he is regretful because when the opportunity was knocking on his door he failed to open the door. Says that he missed out on the golden opportunity of acquiring a few Bitcoins for himself when the moment was right and the price was very low. But still feels that sooner or later Governments will be pushing back Bitcoin by attempting to regulate it properly.

When there is discussion regarding top investors of the world, the instant personalities that come into mind are Elon Musk, Cameron Tyler, Michael Novogratz, and Jim Rogers. But out of these four, only three have decided to think outside the box and became investors in cryptocurrencies. While Jim Rogers is one of those who thought had a fair bit of opportunities, but never made up his mind to become a crypto investor. In fact, he never showed his disliking of the digitalized form of currencies but also never insisted upon anyone to try it.

Yet recently, Jim Rogers was recording an interview at the request of Real Vision and during his talk, he unfolded few secrets.

During his interview, Rogers said that nowadays at all times he talks to himself and ask one particular question. The question he asks to himself he told was why on earth he did not acquire a few Bitcoins for himself. He stated clearly that he is regretful for not putting in any money into Bitcoin from his wealth.

He stated that he has stayed back because he had always believed that gold and silver are two main assets whose prices will soar beyond expectations. He agreed that his understanding was not only wrong but also misguided. It was in fact Bitcoin which elevated above both these assets and its value continued to soar to an unthinkable level with a rapid pace.  He said only if he had the power to undo the past, then he would go back in time and buy a few Bitcoins.

He revealed during the interview that he cannot say that he was unaware of what was going on. Furthermore, while many of his friends were investing in Bitcoin, he never stumbled upon the idea of doing the same. In his own words, he stated that there were many on several occasions who insisted upon him to invest some money. However, at all times he refused to do so and today he is regretting his decision.

Even if he is regretful but still Rogers feels that still there is an apparent threat to Bitcoin. He stated that the threat is from the Government who will, at some point in time, will go harsh against Bitcoin. He said that the purpose of the Government would be one-point agenda i.e. regulation of Bitcoin. He believes in case Bitcoin transforms into a viable currency then it would be in conflict with global reserve currency i.e. US Dollar. This wouldn’t be acceptable neither to the US nor the rest of the world.

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