Huobi Partners With Visa And Their Mission Is Launch Of A New Card

Huobi, a major international cryptocurrency exchange, has huge plans for its customers in the year 2023 and beyond. The exchange wants to increase the utility of its platform for users.

The goal is to offer as much convenience to the users as possible when they are interacting with cryptocurrencies. The exchange wanted the users to have direct access to the crypto stored on their platform.

It wanted them to have a utility where they did not have to log into their Huobi account and then make a transaction.

Instead, it wanted them to have direct access to making a direction using the crypto stored in Huobi.

Huobi Visa Card

To fulfill their mission, Huobi has announced the launch of a new Visa card. The company has announced that its users will have the ability to apply for and receive the new Huobi Visa Card.

The firm has clarified that there is no restriction over any user based on their geolocation. If they are part of the Huobi exchange, they can apply for and receive a new card.

The exchange officials have confirmed that they have partnered with Visa to make it happen. Visa already has the knowledge and understanding of how coordination works with crypto firms.

Therefore, it did not take time for them to understand what the Huobi exchange wanted to achieve with their new offering.

They have already prepared many Huobi Visa cards and the next part is to distribute them among the users who have already applied for them.

Purpose of the New Cards

The new cards are going to offer a “ready-to-use” experience to the users where they do not have to go through the hassle of paying with crypto.

Instead, they will be able to make payments directly using the Huobi Visa Card. It is going to offer users the ability to perform fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat transactions.

They are eager to work on the growth of the virtual asset industry and this utility is going to help them achieve their true goal.

The exchange recently unveiled the new Visa card where they shared the rest of the agendas on their business plan.

Huobi is among the multinational cryptocurrency exchanges that have a spot in the list of top 5 crypto exchanges.

Being one of the largest exchanges, it has a great sense of responsibility toward the crypto industry and its users.

The exchange is hopeful that they have taken the right step to proceed with the expansion of their business.

Statement by Justin Sun

One of the members of the Global Advisory Board of the Huobi exchange talked about their latest partnership with Visa.

Sun stated that partnering with Visa and launching the new cards is a significant milestone that they have managed to achieve in the year 2022.

It is a year when most of the crypto exchanges and other crypto firms have faced terrible situations. The entire crypto industry is down from the overall crypto market downtrend they suffered in 2022.

Therefore, they felt that launching a product at a time when the crypto market is down would bring back the courage of the crypto industry.

This would boost the morale of the crypto industry and bring back some of the confidence they have lost due to the year 2022.

Sun also praised the contribution of Visa to the cryptocurrency industry. He stated that Visa is a leading entity in the world of payments and it is constantly expanding its mark throughout the crypto industry.

So far, many exchanges and different crypto firms have partnered with Visa to launch their own cards and all of them have been received well by their users.

They are hoping that the same success and growth will come to their exchange. Their users will adopt the new Huobi Visa cards and make the product a huge success.

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