Fowler Hires New Attorney To Defend Allegations of $850 M Crypto Fraud

Due to a dispute over the attorney’s fee which Fowler failed to settle, led his attorney to file a motion seeking withdrawal from the court as Fowler’s counsel. A new attorney has been engaged by Fowler to defend charges of crypto fraud against him.

The sun was shining upon a famous American Football investor, Reginald Fowler, but he lost his track and took a wrong turn.

Fowler was accused of involvement in crypto fraud and the judiciary struck him hard and currently, he is facing a trial. But because Fowler is broke now, he couldn’t afford to pay for his attorney. Resultantly, five months ago, his legal attorney filed a motion before the US Court. In this motion, the attorney sought approval of the Court for withdrawal of his services. The Court accepted the application on the ground that being Fowler’s attorney, the attorney was to be paid the agreed fees. But since Fowler could not pay the money he had no choice but to say goodbye to his counsel.

For five consecutive months, Fowler remained non-represented by an attorney until he found one on 6th of April, 2021.

Fowler informed the Court that he has managed to acquire the services of a new attorney called Edward Sapone. Sapone is a senior most attorney who is also heading the law firm by the name of Sapone & Petrillo.

During the course of the hearing, the Judge of the US District Court asked the new attorney whether he knows what happened to an earlier attorney. The Judge told Sapone that Mr. Fowler couldn’t pay the fee to his counsel which led to his withdrawal from the case. In response, Sapone stated before the Court that he is fully aware of what led to the earlier attorney’s withdrawal. Sapone also thanked the Judge by appreciating that the Judge told him about this fact.

But it seems currently there is no dispute over fee between Fowler and his newly appointed attorney. Sapone has ensured that he will represent his client till the matter is put to rest. He also stated that he knows that his client is innocent and therefore the charges will be quashed during the course of trial.

Fowler was charged for being involved in a crypto scam along with two other accused. The allegation against the three accused was that they were collectively rendering fake banking services for several crypto exchange platforms. The accused claimed that they lied to the investors that they were doing some real state business. For so-called business, the accused were found opening and maintaining several accounts under various names with different financial institutions. These accounts were used for storing the illegally acquired funds at the behest of crypto trading and exchange platforms.

Fowler alone has been accused of operating an account called Crypto Capital. But when the authorities noticed that Crypto Capital was a scam, the authorized seized Crypto Capital’s accounts with banks in 2018. In these accounts, there were at least US$ 850 Million stored by Fowler at the behest of Bitfinex. Upon the seizure of the accounts, Bitfinex lost this US$ 850 Million as well.

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