Elon Musk Decides Against Taking Up Twitter Board Seat, DOGE Enthusiasts Left in Limbo

Plot Twist

There has been a plot twist on Twitter as new developments keep popping up. Parag Agrawal, the CEO of the microblogging platform company, took to his Twitter page to announce that Elon Musk has made a U-turn and decided against being part of the company’s board of directors. The latest development comes after the announcement that Musk would join Twitter’s board was announced by Parag.

Parag Agrawal said on his Twitter page that he sent a mail to the team at Twitter to inform them of the latest development about Elon Musk’s board membership. He mentioned having been involved in a lot of discussions with board members and with Musk directly. Agrawal wrote further that Elon himself shared that he would no longer be joining the company’s board.

Twitter’s CEO subsequently said that he believes the decision was for the best and in the interest of all. He also emphasized that the company will keep valuing the contribution of every stakeholder, whether they sit on the board or not. Elon Musk holds the largest shares in the company, and the CEO has pledged that the company will continue to be open to his contributions.

Very early in April, the billionaire announced his 9.2% stake acquisition in Twitter to become the individual with the largest shareholding. Elon Musk made the announcement of his acquisition after he conducted a poll on the platform to ask his followers if there is an adherence to the tenets of free speech on the platform. 

The polling returned with 70% of the millions who responded being of the opinion that Twitter does not abide by the rules and guiding principles of free speech. There are indications that Musk must have thought that being a major stakeholder at Twitter would give him leverage to advise on major changes to the company’s board.

The Billionaire’s Fascinating Proposal

Musk had taken to his Twitter page on Saturday to suggest the idea of having Twitter introduce a monthly subscription for users of Twitter Blue, which will also be a verified service for those users respectively. He suggested that the minimum payable should be $3 every month.

One of the ideas behind the suggestion was to address the uncontrolled bots and impersonating accounts that have misled users for a long time. Aside from that, the crypto enthusiast billionaire also suggested that Twitter could adopt Dogecoin as a means of payment for its Twitter Blue services.

But as the latest news comes in, fans and users of Dogecoin would put their excitement on hold for now to see the turn of events. Although Agrawal has said, the company might consider what Musk has suggested.  

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