Bitfarms Drive for Boosting Bitcoin’s Hashpower

Bitfarms, which is a registered Bitcoin mining company in Canada, has been on the move for acquiring huge bulk of Bitcoin mining rigs for the purposes of expanding not only its capacity but also for boosting Bitcoin hash power. Believes that the acquisition of extra mechanical power would bring extra exhaust.

On Tuesday the 2nd of March, 2021, Bitfarms made an announcement in which it has decided to acquire more mechanical power.

The company has announced that it is in the process of acquiring at least 48,000 machines relating to Bitcoin mining. The purpose of this acquisition is to boost its Bitcoin mining capacity as well as to earn extra hash power. The machines have been told to be bought from a Chinese manufacturer of mining machines known as Microbt.

It was reported and confirmed that Microbt has been sending its top-of-the-line mining machines called “Whatsminer”. In the mining industry, there is no comparison of the machines being produced and manufactured by Microbt, especially Whatsminer. The reputation of Microbt can be weighed through its product namely Whatsminer M30S++. This mining machine is by far the best available today in the global digital market.

Bitfarm claims that with the acquisition of the Whatsminer machine, it will be able to increase the capacity of hashpower by at least 5 additional exahash.

Meanwhile, Microbt has awarded a certificate of appreciation called “Supplier of the Choice” to its supplier i.e. Bitfarms.

It has been further pointed out by Bitfarms that within the past 8 months, it has acquired 12 thousand mining machiners from Microbt.

It is expected that the series of supplies of machinery will take place at the end of 2020 or in the initial month of 2022. Bitfarms told that the new machines have been acquired for installing at the company’s new establishments as well as already existing premises. However, Bitfarms’ new sites are still under construction and, till the time of first supply, they are expected to be completed.

In this context, the Sales Director of Chinese manufacturer, Vincent Zhang, also shared his comments. He stated in a statement that Bitfarms is not only their biggest business partner but a part of their family now. He said that it is an honor for him and his entire team to produce state-of-the-art machinery for their best business ally.

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