AscendEX Lists iTrust

AscendEX, a renowned crypto financial platform, appears excited to declare its latest listing –iTrust token (ITG). Users could access the crypto-asset under the USDT/ITG pair as of 17 August. To celebrate the deal, the iTrust Finance and AscendEX team will have three promotional occasions. The limited-time events will allow participants to share 50K USDT in ITGs.

iTrust Finance offers capital solutions to DeFi insurance projects. As it joins the broader market, iTrust plans to upgrade the insurance protocol’s capacity for various DeFi projects. That way, they would help DAO users and clients from different insurance protocols to join the market under friendly conditions. Also, the platform provides its customers with multiple income ways depending on their risk tolerance.

iTrust Finance serves as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to solve the existing faults in the DeFi insurance space. The platform focuses on returns, simplicity, and efficiency factors to enhance the DeFi insurance protocols’ efficiency and growth.

As a Managed Yield Aggregator, iTrust Finance servers as a funds allocator, cooperating with insurance protocols to create necessary ‘cover capacity.’ The firm ensures a mutual benefit between insurance protocols and stakers. It does so through magnifying rewards and increasing cover capacity for DAO contestants in the DeFi industry.

iTrust differs from its competitors by growing cover supply for some protocols to offer premium packages. Users can buy premiums, and stakers earn platform rewards. iTrust ensures fluid issuance and efficiency of insurance covers to benefit the whole network.

Generally, iTrust aims to improve usability and efficiency in the DeFi insurance space. That allows insurance providers and individuals leverage when staking on ITG, the platform’s native token.

About AscendEX

AscendEX is a reputable crypto-financial site boasting comprehensive services, including futures trading, wallet services, spot, and margin. Moreover, it allows staking for more than 150 crypto projects like Ripple. Ether, and Bitcoin. AscendEX has served more than 1 million institutional and retail clients worldwide. The platform attracts users with its trading platform that is highly liquid and has secure custody resolutions.

How will iTrust respond to its AscendEX listing? Keep in mind that most projects appear to flourish after a deal with crypto platforms. Share your views below.

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