Action Refund Review – Does it Live up to Its Claims?

Is Action Refund Scam or Legit? It’s a DIRTY SCAM!

The advent of the internet and technological progress in the 21st century has changed the entire world. The advancement over the years has resulted in a digital world and this has undoubtedly brought about a lot of conveniences for people. These days, the internet has become an essential part of everyday lives and people use it for a variety of purposes. But, it is vital to remember that there is no proper regulation of this space due to which it has become a breeding ground for cybercriminals. An endless number of fraudulent schemes and scam products have popped up over the years.

These have exploited a lot of people who didn’t know better and they haven’t been able to do anything about it. The problem is that with time, these scams and frauds have gotten better, which has made them harder to spot. As awareness about these frauds and scams was created, the cybercriminals raised the stakes and changed their tricks, which made it difficult for people to understand that they were becoming victims of a fake scheme. This has allowed cybercriminals to get away with millions and people don’t have anywhere to go because there are no proper authorities or organizations for assisting them.

Most people end up having to accept that nothing can be done and some don’t even bother telling anyone because they are embarrassed of falling for a scam. But, wouldn’t you want to recover the money you have lost if you were given the opportunity? When you have lost your hard-earned money, you would obviously jump at a chance to get any of it back. This is exactly what provides cybercriminals another opportunity to take advantage of people. You will come to know that numerous scam recovery services have popped up that make promises of helping people get their money back.

This sounds like a blessing to those who are desperate for help and they will just jump at this opportunity. However, this is a mistake because not all of these recovery services are legitimate either. One of the options you will find is known as Action Refund and when you go over their website, it is very easy to be convinced by what you find. Nevertheless, if you have been scammed before, you are probably aware that it is a good idea to do your homework before trusting anyone with your money or your information. Not doing so would be a major mistake on your part.

The same should apply to scam recovery services like Action Refund and when you do decide to do your homework, you will certainly be grateful of doing so because you will discover a lot of things about them that you didn’t see right away. The purpose of going through all this effort is to ensure that the company can actually live up to the tall claims they make; according to Action Refund, they can help you in getting your money back if you have become a victim of a scam or any fraud scheme. But, can they really do it?

Unfortunately, it appears that Action Refund is also just another one of the online scams that exist in the market, albeit a very sophisticated one. Their website seems to be well-designed and it ticks all the boxes on the surface, but when you get down to it and look into the various aspects, you see it falling apart. How? Let’s go over some of their claims and see how they fare:

  • Lying about free consultation

Even before you look at anything else, you will see on Action Refund’s website that they are offering a free consultation. When looking at a new business for buying a product or service, people are usually hesitant because they will have to spend their hard-earned money. It is natural for them to be concerned, but as soon as you see that you get a free try, you will automatically relax. After all, such offers are only provided by legitimate businesses because they are fully confident. Sadly, Action Refund has taken advantage of this assumption by people to lure them into their trap. Yes, they might claim to offer a free consultation, but they don’t really do so.

To begin with, you will only become eligible for a free consultation after you have shared information with them. This includes your personal information, along with details about how you have been scammed. Action Refund will go over your details and decide if they want to proceed with your case or not. Hence, there is a good chance that you might not get a free consultation and they will get away with your personal information. This is a very smart way to commit identity theft. Even if they decide to take on your case, you will still not get any consultation for free.

All you have to do is check the Privacy Policy on Action Refund’s website and you will come to know that they will charge you a commission for the consultation and a fee will also be applicable, depending on the complexity of your case. They definitely don’t live up to their claim and actually try to trick people, which throws their authenticity into doubt.

  • Being vague about verification

As mentioned above, Action Refund asks you to share your details, which include how you were scammed. They claim that they will verify everything you have shared with them before they will take you on. Sure, this sounds reasonable because it is just not possible to recover money in some scams or some of the cases may not be scams at all. However, the problem here is that Action Refund doesn’t provide any insight into how they go about this verification.

How will they confirm your information? In most cases, scammers are smart enough to eliminate all traces of themselves, so it can be difficult to find proof that the scam occurred. What will Action Refund do? Will they hack into your PC or your account? How else can this information be verified? You will not find any clues about their verification process and this is quite concerning. Moreover, they don’t even provide you any information about how they will go about helping you in case they do take you on as a client. How will they conduct the scam recovery process? Are there any organizations they use? Any special tools they have? No answers can be found.

  • No mention of their team

You will be informed at Action Refund’s website that once they have verified your case details and believe something can be done, they will assign a case manager to you who will handle your scam recovery process. This sounds reasonable, but the issue is that the business hasn’t given any knowledge of exactly who makes up their team? In any other service-oriented business, you will discover that the company usually sheds some light onto their employees. In order to convince people of their expertise and capabilities, they highlight the achievements, accomplishments and background of their team members.

Considering the kind of task Action Refund is taking on, they should definitely do this because it will reassure their clients that their case is in good hands and there is hope of getting their money recovered. Yet, you will come to know that the firm has done no such thing. There is no information about their employees, whether it is names, background, skills, achievements or anything else. The company is mum about their team and just expect you to trust them without providing any details. This has all the markings of a scam because only shady companies would be so tight-lipped, as they don’t want to reveal too much.

  • Absence of evidence and client data

When any business makes any claims, people obviously ask them for proof to back them up. Otherwise, anyone can go around claiming whatever they want. If people were to believe the claims without any proof, then every business in the world is the best at what they do. How do you determine the top companies and businesses in various industries? You do it by looking at the evidence. At Action Refund’s website, you will discover that the company has provided a great deal of numbers. What are they?

Put simply, these are amounts that the company claims to have recovered on behalf of its clients and the figures are such that anyone would be impressed with them. You would think that if they have been so successful in helping recover such big amounts, they can probably help you as well. But, where is the evidence that Action Refund has actually recovered this money? You will not find any on their website. There is no case history provided, no information about the clients for whom this was done or any other details that you could check up on.

All Action Refund wants you to do is believe what they are telling you, no questions asked. Does that sound like an authentic business? It sounds like a scam.

  • Vague testimonials from clients

It can be argued that even though Action Refund has not provided any case history or other evidence to support the numbers on their website, they do have client testimonials to show that they are good at what they do. It is a fact that reviews and testimonials from clients are a business’s biggest asset, especially an online business, as they give real insight into what a business is capable of. If there are no reviews of a business, it would automatically make people suspicious about it.

Does Action Refund have any testimonials?

Yes, you will discover that they do have customer testimonials and reviews to show others that they are a legitimate entity. But, the problem with the testimonials you find on Action Refund website is that they are quite vague. None of the reviews provides any real information about the business. Furthermore, if you take a closer look, you will realize that none of the reviewers have any pictures. The accounts they are posted from don’t have any pictures, which automatically makes them suspicious. It is possible that some people may not be comfortable in putting up their pictures, but having all reviews without them is downright shady.

  • Error-ridden FAQ section

If you have done any research into learning how to spot a scam, you will be aware that spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and vague content are considered signs of a scam. After all, scammers are not interested in putting in a lot of effort on their website because they just want to make a quick buck. Hence, they are not going to make a big investment. When you go over Action Refund’s website, you will notice that their homepage looks acceptable and doesn’t have any glaring errors that could send up a red flag.

However, it is altogether a different story when you visit their FAQ section. The purpose of an FAQ section is to assist and help potential clients by providing them with answers to any questions they have. But, when you go over their FAQ section, you will encounter a horde of errors and mistakes in grammar and spelling that it becomes obvious it is not a professional or legal business. Any business that wants to attract and retain clients would never be this shoddy because they would want to answer their questions in the best way possible. But, Action Refund has done so such thing and this is because they are a fraud.

Apart from these problems, you will also discover that Action Refund has multiple domain names, they are certainly not experienced, even though they give off this impression and they don’t have any support available either. Live chat support is not offered at all and the channels that are available don’t work when you give them a try. At the end of the day, Action Refund are scammers who are interested in stealing your identity and may even hack your accounts and data in order to make a quick buck.

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