XRP And MATIC Demonstrate Significant Rebounds In Latest Trading Sessions

Ripple (XRP)

XRP, which was formerly known as Ripple, has demonstrated a strong performance in the latest session. The latest (Tuesday) session has shown that XRP has turned out to be one of the top gainers.

A few days back, the trading price of XRP had fallen to a lower level. However, the bulls kick-started a rally, which has managed to push the asset’s price higher.

The trading value of XRP has continued surging in recent sessions. This has successfully pushed the asset’s price much higher than the support level.

As of now, XRP price is moving in the bullish territory, which is a positive factor for investors. More investors may continue joining the trend and that may help push the asset’s price higher.

Prior to the surge, the trading price of XRP was exhibiting a lower level, which was realized at $0.3648. The bears were attempting to increase their selling pressure but the bulls were having none of that.

They exerted enough buying power that managed to form a strong rally in favor of the asset. This eventually helped push XRP’s trading price to a high of $0.3751.

The recent progress that the asset has made has helped it move over the floor price. XRP had been stuck at the floor price of $0.3650 for a very long time.

No matter the efforts, the investors were not able to push XRP’s price over the floor price. The investors were able to build up enough buying force that helped push its price higher than the particular level.

Due to the strong push, a strong trend has been set for the asset, which has elevated its RSI to a higher level. The data shows that the RSI has moved over the 43.00 mark, which is the ceiling level for the asset.

The recent movement of the asset has moved the RSI to 43.97. It may continue elevating and attempt to hit the resistance market at 45.00.

If the RSI of XRP manages to move past the resistance level, then XRP may continue experiencing a higher rally. This may result in pushing the asset’s price to a high of $0.3800.

Polygon (MATIC)

The trading price of Polygon (MATIC) has experienced a significant surge in the same period as XRP. The session has pushed the asset’s price higher, which has pushed it over the key price level.

The price chart shows that before the rally began, the trading price of the asset was at a bottom level, which was realized at $1.12 per MATIC.

However, the bulls kicked in with their strong buying power and they kept acquiring more, and more to set a new trend.

This eventually resulted in pushing the asset’s price to a high of $1.17. It was the intraday peak that the asset hit on that particular day.

Before the rally had been attempted by the bulls, the value of MATIC was hovering near the floor price of $1.10. At that time, the investors had no idea that a strong rally could be formed to push the asset’s price higher.

However, the rally did form and the value of the asset was pushed higher. Ever since the rally was injected, the trading price of MATIC kept on moving higher.

Due to the strong rallies, the asset moved away from the floor price and started to gain momentum. It continued moving higher and managed to hit a stronger trading level.

At the moment, MATIC’s RSI is hovering near the 41.17 zone and it has recently crossed the floor level at 39.00. If the momentum remains high, then the RSI may hit the resistance level of 45.00.

This may eventually work as a booster that may push the asset’s trading price higher. As the buying sentiments of the investors remain high, then MATIC’s trading price may surge to $1.20.

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