Retail Stores In France Are Open To Accepting Shiba Inu As A Mode Of Payment

The top cryptocurrency exchange in the entire world, Binance has just made an announcement regarding a partnership with an entity based in France.

The exchange has announced that they have formed a partnership with Ingenico. With a partnership formed between Ingenico and Binance, the locals in France will have access to making payments using cryptocurrencies.

Shiba Inu to be Accepted

The reports confirm that the retail stores in France can accept Shiba Inu (SHIB) as a mode of payment. According to the officials, the users will be able to use Binance Pay to make payments in cryptocurrencies.

The users will be able to make payments for the services and products they acquire from the retail stores using Shiba Inu.

The companies that have made it possible are Binance and Ingenico. It is a major provider of payment acceptance solutions.

Twitter Announcement

It was on Twitter when the Binance exchange confirmed that they had shaken hands with Ingenico to offer payments in crypto to the French locals.

Now the people in France have been granted access to make payments for services and products in cryptocurrencies.

The users will be able to use Binance Pay to make payments, taking the crypto adoption to the next level. Binance is among the entities in the cryptocurrency industry that have always wanted to bring worldwide adoption to cryptocurrencies.

This is a major milestone that Binance has achieved in the French jurisdiction and it couldn’t do it alone without the support of Ingenico.

The benefit of Binance Pay

One of the most prominent and highly secure applications introduced by Binance is Binance Pay. It has been introduced as a payment system for cryptocurrencies.

Using the application, the users are able to do the shopping and acquire other services while paying with cryptocurrencies. The users can even send these cryptocurrencies to the ones they love and their friends.

If the users are at a place where the merchants accept cryptocurrencies, the users can pay using Binance Pay as well.

Binance Pay Added Shiba Inu

It was back in November 2022 when Binance Pay announced the addition of SHIB to the list of cryptocurrencies they are supporting.

As of now, Binance Pay is home to over 70 cryptocurrencies, which includes some of the major names. These names include Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Cardano (ADA), and many more.

The destination is the World

Both Binance and Ingenico have shared very interesting and promising details about their latest partnership.

They have confirmed that their partnership and collaboration are not to be considered a short-term venture. They have big plans and the service provisioning in France is just the tip of the iceberg.

They are aiming for a higher level of expansion and France is just the beginning. For now, they have deployed the utility for the French users as an initial pilot.

They will take it as a test phase testing out all the features and services through the French locals. From there, they want to carry on expanding their services across the globe.

The users based in France will be able to carry out in-store purchases using the Binance Pay options. They will be able to use the recently added cryptocurrency, Shiba Inu, to make payments.

The partnership will ensure that the physical adoption of cryptocurrencies at retail stores and for retail uses is expanded.

The main goal is to introduce point-of-sale solutions that the users can use on their own to make payments using cryptocurrencies. When that happens, it will mark the largest achievement for cryptocurrencies in the mainstream industry.

If things go successfully and without any hassle, then Binance Pay’s usage may expand to the rest of the European region. This will be a wise step that Binance and Ingenico will take in order to bring more adoption to cryptocurrencies.

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