Price Analysis Of Toncoin, Will Toncoin Continue To Surge?

The rest of the cryptocurrencies are bleeding heavily against the strong bear presence in the market, and Toncoin is flying higher.

On Thursday, Dec 15th, 2022, bears successfully managed to bring the prices of cryptocurrencies down. But this was not the case for Toncoin.

Over the past week, the price of the crypto token has seen a surge of 47%, reaching its all-time high at $2.90.

After the decline in its price on Monday, the token regained its expense, and at the press time, TON was trading at $2.45. Market analysts are hopeful that this crypto token will continues to grow stronger.

Will This Positive Momentum Continue to Grow?

Before understanding the price or performance of cryptocurrencies, investors must learn about the nature of these coins.

Those cryptocurrencies, known as layer 1 cryptocurrencies, tend to move to extremes. This means these coins will rise high and decline immensely.

Layer 1 coins possess wild price actions, which are highly bullish. TON is one of them; the layer 1 digital token is making all the headlines as its fantastic run prolongs.

As per the recent ranking announced by CoinMarketCap, TON is the world’s 22nd most valuable cryptocurrency. Currently, its price hike is 6% percent higher than Bitcoin.

The current market cap of TON is worth $2.9b; in the future, the cryptocurrency will be fighting to secure its position in the top 20 list.

Currently Till Now, Toncoin Is Not Listed on Coinbase and Binance

As of today, TON is not listed on Coinbase and Binance; so far, the crypto token is only listed on OKX, DigiFinex, and Huobi exchanges, all of which are centralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

Even though the coin is listed on smaller exchanges, it is highly bullish. Before executing the bullish breakout, the crypto token’s market movement was very systematic.

According to experts, the TON coin will soon reach the $3.38 mark due to another bullish hike. At the moment, $2.16 acts as a critical level of support. TON must maintain this level in order to prevent a negative trend to the downside.

The price of Toncoin can go further high if the token gets listed on Coinbase and Binance.

Investors’ Sentiment about TON is Positive and Strong

It is also important to note that cryptocurrency is oversold through the relative performance indicator on a daily and in smaller periods.

But it is also important that many investors will avoid investing in such exaggerated conditions. The reason being such excessive conditions can often lead to losses.

Despite this difference in opinion of investors’ investment philosophy, it can be seen that TON is standing on a very strong ecosystem.

Right now, is the best time for investors looking forward to diversifying their crypto assets portfolio.

Those who will purchase TON and hold it until the next Bull Run will be able to earn staggering profits on their investments.

TON is surely a must-have digital asset in the portfolio for long-term gains. But for those who are curious about earning short-term gains, other cryptocurrencies such as Dash 2 Trade or Calvaria are more suitable options.

Now is an interesting time for investors to invest in the upcoming cryptocurrencies and new crypto adoptions.

As experts are still determining when the current downtrend of the cryptocurrency will go away. It is important to invest in low-priced cryptocurrencies because price declines have always been low for those low-priced cryptocurrencies.

TON and upcoming launches are perfect options for those who want to avoid heavy losses and gain sustained profits.

Given the recent cryptocurrency economic downturn, many experts are worried about the market’s future. So, investors have been advised to look for newly launched tokens or upcoming launches.

Apart from TON, crypto tokens such as RIA and D2T are in their respective presale final rounds. So, investors need to rush for a timely investment.

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