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OffersFX Review

OffersFX logoToday I have taken the time to talk to you and tell you exactly how I ended up writing my review about this perfect trading brokerage. So, if you are patient enough, then pay close attention because if you stop focusing even for a second, you may end up missing something that could help you in this long journey.

If you are reading this, then it is evident that you are looking for a permanent solution to your monetary shortage. Unfortunately, with the ongoing pandemic situation, almost every person who is an employee at any company seems to be in a state of discontent and in this desperation, they are eager to find a way to make their ends meet and put food on their table. More importantly, people are now becoming more and more concerned as the global economy as at the lowest than ever before in the past.

In this dire and alarming situation, internet has been a really useful and helpful platform for people where they have been able to find permanent sources of employment, have introduced their own businesses and are making big bucks as well as fortunes through online trading. Although, people are benefitting from all three platforms provided by the internet, online trading has been at the top ever since the Covid19 struck and is observing even more people who are attracted to this platform.

How Online Trading Went Dark

Seeing the amount of people and demand go so high of the online trading platforms, many individual brokers made full use of this opportunity and created brokerages of their own with the aim to provide the best and most efficient trading services. These brokerages were created not by just some low profile individuals but traders and analysts who were concerned as gurus and prodigies in the online trading world.

However, things didn’t remain the same because more people meant more money and with time, even the most prominent of brokerages became greedy and lost track of what they were created to do. As a result, brokerages started to focus on getting the investors to invest more and more with low turnovers and profits. Before you know it, the standards of the online brokerages had dropped to such a low level that they was no chance of return unless something mind-blowing or out of the box was devised.

What happened next was to be expected because the people who had already spent their money and faced failure without even doing anything wrong, had grown concerned and had lost their trust in online brokerages. This not online threatened the future of such online brokerages but threatened the existence of online trading platform as a whole. Most of the people had ended up withdrawing their money as they were convinced that they were only investing their money in a black-hole that would only suck the money with zero outcome.

This is something that had started to prove harmful even for brokerages who were contributing to the online trading platform in the right way. However, they were not seen doing anything about the situation at hand.

This is Where OffersFX Makes Its Entry

Amidst this alarming and concerning situation, there was one online brokerage in particular that stood up and took the flag of online trading, aiming to retain the respect, standards and values that the online trading brokerages used to hold. Yes, the team of trading gurus and expert analysts have created OffersFX just like other brokerages but this team was dedicated and determined in achieving their goal. At the end of the day, this is not something that they claimed to achieve but they actually did it so I will be discussing with you how they have achieved and retained what other brokerages were hesitant to.

Trading Accounts Like None Other

If my guess is right, then by now you are among many individuals who are facing the same situation as majority of the employed and laid off people are and, in need of a permanent monetary solution, you have gone through a number of online trading brokerages, claiming to provide the best services to their clients with the most profitable deals and bonuses. And, the most prominent aspect of their website’s content would be the variety of trading accounts they have to offer.

In this long list of accounts, the investors are offered a long list of services and benefits with the requirement of minimum deposits that may start from minimum $250 and have the tendency to go as high as millions. These brokerages also go onto claim that they are there to provide 24/7 support to their clients, assign a personal account manager as well as a personal account analyst. All of these are the perfect baits to lure innocent investors who are new to this platform and hope to get all the guidance and help they can get from their providers.

However, things never turn out as they are claimed to be and the investors end up losing their precious and hard-earned money.

For OffersFX, the goal is to ensure that every investor is treated in the same manner, provided with the same level of guidance/assistance and respect that they deserve. To ensure that this claim is fulfilled, OffersFX has arranged following accounts for their investors:

Demo Trading Account

To ensure that the investors are provided with enough basic knowledge, information and experience of online trading, OffersFX has developed a demo trading account with the sole purpose of providing investors a hands-on experience in a real-time yet sandbox environment. Here, the investors can choose the instrument of their liking and initiate trades as per their understanding. The investors also face challenges and trends that are the exact replica of the real-time trading environment. This real-time like trading environment helps traders gain much more learning experience than any other allowing them to take the pressure and find a way out of a critical situation.

Since the launch, this demo account has gathered so much positive feedback and results. This account has proven useful not only for novice but experienced investors as well as they have the freedom to use this account if they wish to switch to a different trading instrument.

Real-Time Trading Account

The worst thing that the online brokerages do to the new investors is that they limit the amount of tools, facilities and services they can bring in to their use in the online trading by offering number of accounts based on their experience and the deposit amounts they can afford. If it’s a novice trader, he/she would require more attention, guidance and training while trading than traders who already have gained experience. However, it is an entirely opposite thing when it comes to these brokerages. If you have more money, you get more trading options and more guidance.

However, OffersFX looks at things from a different angle. This is the reason why they provide the same services, trading instruments, tools and benefits to the investors whether they are new to trading or old. With OffersFX, investors get to trade with the most popular trading instruments, in the most user-friendly and intuitive trading environment with the most state of the art trading interface and tools. Most of all, OffersFX offers their investors with a trading channel that is on par with industry-level security system.

OffersFX trading platform

OffersFX Has the Best Trading Platform in the Market

Imagine, you are given the fastest car in the world to drive in the most secure and widest racetrack in world but the only thing missing are the tires on your car. This is exactly what would happen if you had all the benefits to avail in an online brokerage but the trading platform you had was the worst. Firstly, you will not be able to trade with your entire potential and secondly, your chances of making any money or fortunes will decrease to ashes.

This is exactly what OffersFX was worried about but they found the best solution by providing their clients with the most advanced and unique trading platform known as the Web Trader. Web Trader is considered the most user-friendly trading platform that comes equipped with the most advanced trading features such as variety of trading charts, historical trading reports, sell/buy start, sell/buy end, 50+ trading signals, algo trading, intuitive and single click execution mechanism, latest trading news bulletin and many more.

Mobile Trading App

To achieve the highest trading rank and be on top of other trading brokerages, OffersFX has gone the extra mile and managed to provide their clients with an online trading app that is equipped with all the features that come with the Web Trader. The reason why OffersFX developed this app was to ensure that they covered more market to bring in more investments as well as provide investors a more convenient and comfortable environment. This way, the investors would not be bound to just a single operating system by a platform that they can access from any place at any time.

Tablet Trading App

As compared to other trading brokerages, OffersFX has completely knocked it out of the park by developing an app that targets people who have switched from operating systems such as desktops or laptops to tablets. Once again, the tablet trading app is equipped with all the tools, features and facilities that the investors with the Web Trader and Mobile Trading app have.

OffersFX’s Unique List of Trading Instruments

While majority of the brokerages provide and focus on just one trading instrument, OffersFX makes sure that they provide their clients with trading instruments that are currently trending and are the most profitable that are as follows:

Forex Trading

Forex trading is the most prominent, promising, volatile and liquid trade at present that involves the buying and selling of foreign currencies in the form of pairs. Investors have the option of choosing a currency pair out of the 70+ pairs that are available for trade. Once chosen, the investors can then use all the provided information and guidance and make the right calls to make commissions.

Indices Trading

In indices trading, the investors are able to call short positions or long positions on the collective assets value of a group of companies in a particular index. Here, the investors do not have to buy the assets but do sort of betting whether the collective price of the assets would go up or down and earn profits if the deal ends in their favor.

Shares Trading

In shares trading, the investors get to buy the assets that are put on sale in the public market by corporate companies. The investors can then keep these assets under their possession and observe the stock market to monitor the volatility in the asset being traded. If the price of the asset grows higher, the investors can sell these assets to earn profits.


In commodities, the investors get to buy, sell or trade in products that are acquired through agriculture, drilling or mining. Commodities are divided into two categories where soft commodities comprise of wheat, rice, cotton etc. and hard commodities that comprise of products such as oil, gold, copper etc. In Commodity trading, the investors can buy one product and sell the product depending upon the assets’ value to earn profits.

How OffersFX is Better Than Other Brokerages

In the race of getting more and more investors, majority of the brokerages are not even able to provide their clients with even the most basic tools while OffersFX remains true to their claim and has provided their investors with education system that is on par with the information and knowledge provided at any institute. For OffersFX, the main goal is to provide their clients with enough knowledge and material that they are able to trade in some of the most difficult, complex and hostile trading environments with the most experienced and expert team of traders as well as analysts providing guidance along the way.

In OffersFX’s education system, you will be able to go through the following content that suits your need and requirement alongside your trading journey:

Online Video Courses

OffersFX is always determined to deliver the best to their clients and to keep themselves ahead of every other brokerage and provide their investors with all of their experience, and insights, they have managed to ready online video courses that the registered investors can view online. These videos are essential and effective especially for investors who are new to the online trading platform and are eager to learn the basics of trading, the tactics and maneuvers in order to start trading as fast as they can in the real-time trading environment and start earning profits.

These video courses are constructed in such as a way that they have proven to be useful for investors from all levels and cover all the trading instruments, starting from the basics to the pro levels.


For investors who prefer to read books than watch and listen to videos, OffersFX has created and shared EBooks that are available for utilization for their registered investors. These EBooks are also written by the expert traders and analysts who have gained tremendous amount of experience in trading and are always determined to share their experience and knowledge with the upcoming generation of investors. This has again proven to be extremely useful for investors from all levels of trades as well as instruments.


In online trading, you will find many words and terms that have an entirely different and unique meaning in the online trading business. If you do not know the meaning of these terms, you will definitely find yourself roaming without having any idea of where you are headed or what you are supposed to do. This is where you need guidance from someone and that someone is OffersFX’s glossary page where you will find all the information and definitions that you need to stay up-to-date, on track and remain directed in the right direction.

Trading Info

What would be trading without knowing what you are trading in? If you are to start trading, the first and foremost thing that you need to know is which trading instrument you will be trading in. This is where you can utilize two facilities that OffersFX has made available for you in the form of the demo account and trading info page that you can refer to and start doing your trades in the sandbox version of the online trading market. The trading info page on OffersFX’s website gives you information on each instrument that is offered by the brokerage and the markets they can be used at.

Using this information, you can establish which trading instrument you are better suited with and you can manage to trade in to make huge profits.

OffersFX’s Technical Analysis

This is also something that proves OffersFX’s dedication towards providing their investors with everything that can provide them with even the slightest of the details to help them enhance their trading skills:

Economic Calendar

This feature is rather more technical and sophisticated as compared to other features offered by OffersFX. In the Economic Calendar,  you will find events that are bound to impact the value and price of the instrument you are trading in. The investors can make full use of this calendar throughout their trading journey to make sure that they are able to call shots on one of the most profitable deals and make the most out of them.

Financial News

While the economic calendar provides you with events that are already known and designated, there are events that are unpredictable that can either cause a dip in the value of the traded instrument or a significant rise. Once again, the investors can make full use of these news, keep themselves up-to-date with the daily trends and upcoming events to make sure that they land the best and the most profitable deals.

Daily Analysis Videos

Apart from the online video courses, OffersFX also releases their daily analysis videos that are created with aims to provide investors with live and ongoing trading activities, trends and tricks that the investors can practice in their own trading activities to increase their chances of making profits.

Technical Analysis

Last in the list of technical analysis are technical analysis itself where the OffersFX’ expert analysts hold sessions with investors to share their insights and experience in the daily trading activities. Here, the experts share how they would react and take actions against the trends of the online trading market to increase their chances of making big bucks.

OffersFX’s 24/5 Customer Support

To ensure that OffersFX’s customers are provided with the most effective and prompt assistance, OffersFX has put together a team of highly proficient individuals who are experts and highly professional in the customer support sector. These individuals are more than capable of listening to your query and providing you a solution there and then.

On top of that, these individuals have undergone basic level trading coaching and sessions so they are knowledgeable in the trading sector as well and can provide you with basic level trading assistance.

On top of this, these individuals are also well versed in the company SOPs and if they find an issue or concern to be above their scope, they will waste no time in escalating your concern to the relevant team for immediate assistance.

I’m Sure You are Convinced Now

Now that you have heard what I had to say and share about OffersFX, I’m confident that you want to be a part of the OffersFX family as well. The reason why I chose OffersFX over other brokerages is because they are customer oriented and focus on empowering their customers with knowledge and tactics that they can to gain fast experience and confidence while making decisions in trades. All the features, tools and services they have provided are for the well-being of their investors and for their success.

Still, Choose Wisely

Although, the world of online trading is very tempting and profitable, the risk of losing all your investments and assets is always there because in online trading, time and actions are money and if you miss out on a single opportunity or make a single mistake or a bad decision, you will end up losing everything. So make sure that you choose your trade once you are confident that you are interested and dedicated enough.

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