Microstrategy’s Bitcoin Investment Doubles In Few Months


Microstrateg’sBitcoin investment gets doubled as Bitcoin’s value surges for more. In the year 2020, Microstrategy acquired approximately 38,250 BTC in its first purchase at the cost of US$ 425 Million only. As of today, the value of Microstrategy’sinitial haul of Bitcoin has gone past US$ 1.3 Billion.

 Value of Microstrategy’sBitcoin holding had broken yet another record as Bitcoin’s value surges for more with the start of 2021. The top coin had currently been trading on for more than US$31,000 and had even hit the value of US$33,770 on 3rd January 2021. It was the record-breaking highest value in Bitcoin’s history which was recorded at the time when the Bitcoin community was celebrating Bitcoin’s 12th Anniversary.

It was only some six months back when Microstrategy started to put funds into Bitcoin for the purposes of investment. The first tranche of investment was of US$ 425 Million which Microstrategytook out from its reserves and injected into Bitcoin.

In 2020, Microstrategy bought Bitcoins on different occasions. For instance, in August 2020, Microstrategybought 21,454 BTCs, and in September it bought another chunk of BTCs comprising 16,796. However, in the past six months, the value of Bitcoin had surged by more than 187%. Resultantly, the initial haul of Bitcoinavailable with Microstrategy had increased from US$ 425 Million to US$ 1.2 Billion approximately.

Currently, there had been a total of 70,470 BTCs available with Microstrategy. If the value of these 70,470 BTCs had been drawn as of today, then the value becomes more than US$ 2.4 Billion. It was also pointed out by Microstrategy that the value of its stocks had soared considerably. As of August, the value of Microstrategy’s stocks was nearing US$135 Million however as of 31st December, the value surpassed US$ 389 Million. This also increased the market capitalization of Microstrategy’s about 187% from US$ 1.3 to 3.6 Billion from August till December 2020.

Earlier in December, a news agency had revealed that in order to buy 70,470 BTCs, Microstrategy had to spend US$ 1.125 Billion. However, it is evident that the value of Microstrategy’s investment had almost doubled from what it had injected initially.

The second NASDAQ enlisted company, which followed Microstrategy’s footsteps, was Square Inc. the company also happened to be one of the biggest Bitcoin’s investors in 2020. It was reported that Square Inc. had spent only US$ 50 Million to buy 4,709 Bitcoins in October 2020. As of today, the value of 4,709 Bitcoins had increased rewardingly from US$ 50 Million to US$ 160 Million.

Meanwhile, Square Inc. also witnessed a significant increase in the value of its stocks. The company recorded that the value of its stocks had arisen 18.5% since October. Square Inc. told that in October the value of its stocks was under US$ 183. However, at the time of year close, the stocks were valued to be US$ 217 Million.

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