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One of the biggest challenges that a trader has to encounter when they are venturing into online trading is finding a broker. Why is this the case? It doesn’t seem plausible because there is certainly not a lack of brokerages to be found. As a matter of fact, if you do a quick search, you will be presented with hundreds of options, so why should it be difficult? It is actually the sheer number of options that can be overwhelming for traders because it makes it quite complex and time consuming to have to sift through the choices in order to find the one that can be a good fit for them.

Most people become frustrated halfway and decide to just pick one from the mix without doing any homework. However, this can result in disastrous consequences, especially if it turns out that you have opted for a scam broker or that the one you have chosen doesn’t really offer you what you are looking for. You will suffer from losses and it will be a waste of time as well, not to mention that you will have to begin from square one. If you want to avoid this fiasco, it is best to do your homework in the first go, as this will save you a lot of hassle in the future.

When you do so, it will help you cull out the good choices from the unreliable ones, ensuring that you can find a company that can meet your requirements. This will help you have a smooth and profitable trading experience and this is exactly what every trader wants. You need to bear in mind that every brokerage will make some tall claims and it is your job to know what you are getting into by digging in deep and finding out if they are true or not.

One of the companies that you will find in the market is Electrum24, a European brokerage that offers access to some of the biggest financial markets in the world. They have established their operations in 28 countries around the globe, which indicates that they are doing a good job of providing trading services to traders. They have a team of 800 people that help the company in delivering optimal trading solutions to people all over the world. Nonetheless, you need to check out their services in this Electrum24 Review thoroughly in order to know exactly what you will get into when you sign up with them. Check the details below:

Trading AccountsFour Account Options; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Black Account
Minimum Deposit€500
Assets CoverageForex, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and CFDs
Trading ToolsTrading Indicators, Signals, Live Charts, Technical Analysis Tools, Price Alerts and Risk Management Tools
Education and TrainingYes; , Glossary, e-books, online video courses, webinars, tutorials and market analysis
Customer Support24/7 through email, phone number, online contact form
Security PolicyKYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering)
Parent CompanyElectrum24


Trading Instruments at Electrum24

The whole purpose of stepping into the financial markets is to trade different instruments. You obviously wish to make a profit and this can happen when you are trading the right kind of instruments. It is essential to bear in mind that not every asset will give you the same level of returns and you have to choose one that suits your risk appetite and promises the kind of profits you expect. Not every broker will offer you the same combination of trading instruments, so you need to check out what is available before you make your final decision.

At Electrum24, you will come to know that there are a whopping 1500 trading instruments available and these belong to some of the world’s largest financial markets. This variety of trading products ensures that every trader, regardless of their risk tolerance and budget, will be able to find something that fits their requirements. Furthermore, traders will also have lots of room for diversification, a strategy that can minimize the risks a great deal and maximize profits. You can start with the commodities market, which is the safest option and can provide small, yet consistent profits.

Traders with low risk tolerance will enjoy commodities like gold, silver and other precious metals. Oil and natural gas are some energies that can also be appealing, as are agricultural items like coffee, wheat, sugar, rice and corn. Electrum24 also gives its clients the opportunity of trading in the largest financial market across the globe i.e. the foreign exchange market. There is no shortage of currency pairs that can be bought and sold, including EUR/USD, USD/CHF, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, EUR/GBP, CAD/USD and USD/JPY.

Another option to be explored is the stock market, where traders will find shares of different companies at their disposal. Nike, Amazon, Apple, PayPal, Pfizer, Tesla, Netflix, VISA, Yahoo and Microsoft are just few of the names you can invest in through this market. If you prefer trading on a bigger scale, indices provide you the perfect opportunity, not to mention how lucrative they are. Electrum24 has added some of the leading indices, like FTSE, DAX, CAC, NASDAQ, Dow Jones and S&P. They have also kept up with market trends and added the highly popular cryptocurrencies to their offerings. Bitcoin, Ethereum Litecoin, Monero, Ripple and NEO are some of the options that you can check out.

With these options at your disposal, you will be able to find the trading instruments that appeal to you and spread your capital as per your preference.

Trading Solutions at Electrum24

There is no denying that the assets you will be able to trade can help you eliminate a lot of brokerages that may be on your list, but this is not the only feature that deserves your attention. The trading solutions provided by a company are just as important because your overall experience will greatly depend on them. These basically refer to the trading platform or software that will connect you to the financial markets you want to trade in and enable you to open and close positions in real time.

If you have spoken to experienced traders, they will share stories of malfunctioning and slow trading platforms that created a lot of issues. They will also discuss complex ones that were not easy to navigate and had a big learning curve that inconvenienced them a great deal. Every trader would definitely want to avoid these consequences and this can only happen if you dig deep and find out what trading solutions will be provided to you. Electrum24 has chosen to offer its clients a proprietary web trading platform for their trading needs.

This kind of platform is accessed through the web browser, which makes it a flexible option because it can be used on whatever device you have at your disposal. There is no downloading or installation required, which again appeals to traders, especially those who are not very tech savvy. Electrum24 has used cutting edge technology for powering this trading platform in order to deliver a seamless trading experience to its clients, but they have also incorporated a highly intuitive user-interface in order to ensure that people don’t have any complaints about difficulties in navigation.

You can benefit from ultra-fast execution that allows you to take advantage of quick market movements. The trading tools that Electrum24 has integrated can also prove to be handy and allow traders in enhancing their trading performance. You will find advanced charts and graphs, trading indicators, price alerts, market analysis and technical analysis tools, an economic calendar and advanced order types for risk management. One-click trading is also available for traders.

Those who prefer to have the desktop trading experience have also been accommodated by Electrum24, as they have provided the AnyDesk desktop trading platform as well. It can be downloaded with ease and offers the aforementioned tools and features. Apart from that, the brokerage has also added mobile trading apps that are available for Android and iOS devices. These can be downloaded quickly and allow you to enjoy trading on the go from anywhere. You can make trades, no matter where you are and monitor your account 24/7.

Account Options at Electrum24

Opening a trading account is a requirement if you wish to use a broker’s services. If you take a look at most of the companies in the market, you will come to know that they offer several account options to choose from. This is especially true for those who are catering to traders of all levels, so they formulate different options. After all, the trading needs of a beginner trader will be far different from a seasoned one, which means they have to be provided accounts unique to their needs. Electrum24 has also adopted this route because it wants its clients to be as comfortable as possible during their trading journey.

If you take a look at their options, you will find that a total of four have been made available and these include:

The Bronze Account: Having a minimum deposit requirement of €500, the Bronze account is the first choice you will find at Electrum24 and this targets newcomers and beginners in the trading space. It offers static spreads and also offers an introduction to the trading platform developed by the company. As far as other trading conditions are concerned, the minimal lot size is 0.1 and leverage is 200. Traders can also use a financial calendar and access the news feed.

The Silver Account: This account option caters to intermediate traders with slightly more experience and knowledge, due to which the minimum deposit for this account is €5,000. The leverage remains the same as the previous account, but it does offer partial access to the education center. Traders also receive a welcome bonus of 25% and the minimal lot size goes up to 0.5.

The Gold Account: To facilitate advanced and skilled traders, Electrum24 has come up with the Gold account and it needs a minimum deposit of €25,000. As traders are more experienced here, they can use the services of a personal manager and also enjoy a higher welcome bonus of 50%. The minimal lot size is now adjusted to 1 and leverage also goes up to 400. Traders are given analytical updates that can come in handy and get full access to the education center, which is another plus.

The Black Account: The fourth and last account option that you will come across is referred to as the Black account, but this one is different from the rest. Its target are the professional and VIP traders, but it is not possible to simply sign up for this account. Instead, it is only available upon invitation, which means traders have to meet some conditions to qualify for it. This account gives leverage of 500, minimal lot size is 1.5 and the welcome bonus is variable.

Education at Electrum24

Trading in the financial markets is not just about buying low and selling high. There are a lot of strategies that can be used and a lot of factors that have to be taken into consideration before decisions can be made. You cannot just jump in without any knowledge and skill and expect to achieve success in the financial markets in the long term. If you do want that, you have to educate yourself and increase your knowledge of how it works. Electrum24 has put together the right kind of learning material and resources that its clients can use for this purpose.

When you check out their website, you will come to know that they provide in-depth material to their clients that can help in enhancing your knowledge and polishing your skills. You can also learn some new strategies that can prove to be quite handy during your trading activities. The resources provided by Electrum24 can be found in the form of e-books, tutorials and training courses, videos and expert analysis. They also give their clients the ability to attend webinars by experts that can improve your knowledge.

Put all of these offerings together and Electrum24 will prove to be a solid choice for investing in the financial markets.

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