Now Supports Cryptocurrency Payments

Although the cryptocurrency industry has been around for more than a decade, yet it received its well-deserved debut in the year 2020. While the pandemic emerged as one of the most catastrophic things that could ever happen to humanity, it has worked wonders for the cryptocurrency industry.

Since the mid of 2020, the cryptocurrency industry has been flying high in the sky and has been climbing higher with every passing day. The only obstacle that the cryptocurrency industry had was to gain mainstream recognition.

Therefore, PayPal in October 2020, opened that door for the cryptocurrency industry, and from that point onwards, the industry continued sailing through the mainstream industry.

So far, major mainstream institutions have picked up cryptocurrencies such as PayPal, Tesla, several restaurants, nightclubs, and even online betting sites.

These companies have gone ahead and have started accepting payments for their services and utilities in cryptocurrencies. However, not many major companies have followed the trend and are still not interested enough in cryptocurrencies to adopt them.

Some of the major firms include Walmart, Spotify, Netflix, Microsoft, Skype, Adidas, eBay, Amazon, Apple, Google Play, and many more. Neither of these platforms offers to provide their services or products in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

However, a new platform wants to give hope to the cryptocurrency users and lets them know that they have a platform from where they can purchase products supported by major companies.

The name of this new platform is and it aims to provide you with vouchers/gift cards you can purchase through cryptocurrencies, and then use them at either of your desired platforms.

The company aims to provide several kinds of products and services to the users so they never run out of options. This is the perfect platform for the users if they want to utilize any service by using their cryptocurrencies.

Some of the major services provided by include VOIP, EBooks, gift cards, prepaid vouchers, software, downloading services, file hosting, and mobile communications.

The process of making a transaction at is swift and efficient, making it extremely convenient and viable for the users. With the help of the platform, the users can have their cryptocurrencies converted into gift cards or other services instantly.

The platform aims to provide transaction processing at a very fast rate so even the volatility is no issue. As soon as a person hits the process transaction, the cryptocurrency amount showed is locked so it cannot change due to high volatility on the platform.

One of the top features that distinguish from the rest of the online platforms is that it does not charge any transaction fee. On this platform, the users only pay for the products they acquire and there are no extra charges on top.

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