Bit-Finance Review – A Platform Every Trader Trusts Review

Do you need a solid trading platform for your trading activities? It is crucial you choose the right platform for your needs. My suggestion in this regard will be Bit-Finance. Bit-Finance is a trading platform that every trader trusts owing to its reputation and many great features. So what are these cool features? Keep reading this Bit-Finance review to learn more about them.

Client Support

Customer support is an integral aspect of a solid online trading platform. You require this support at every phase of your online trading journey to thrive as an online trader. What you should know about the Bit-Finance trading platform is that it offers excellent client support to all investors and traders around the world. Their support agents can be reached out round the clock and five days a week for any kind of queries or help. Whether you are a newbie and want assistance is signing up on the platform or would like to learn more about the different services offered by Bit-Finance, the Bit-Finance team will always be there for you.

So how do you contact them? You can either call them or email them your query or concern and one of the Bit-Finance support representatives will then get back to you shortly afterward. What is for sure is that when you have the Bit-Finance client support team at your side, you do not have to be concerned about anything regardless of which stage you are in in your trading journey.

Types of Trading Accounts

There are 4 different types of trading accounts on the Bit-Finance platform and you have the luxury to sign up for anyone you want when you are signing up on the platform. If you have low investment, the Silver account will do the job really well for you. You can get started with only 5000 dollars and invest in multiple assets to control your risks. On the other hand, the Gold or Platinum trading account is your best bet if you have more investment available and would like to expand your trading portfolio in the quickest time possible. Although you will require more deposit upfront, you can enjoy special features like priority client support, tighter spreads and 1-1 sessions with trading experts on the platform who can guide you at every step of your online trading journey on the Bit-Finance platform.

Keep in mind that you will receive the full support of the Bit-Finance team no matter which type of trading account you choose to sign up with.

Low Fee

When you trade on any platform, you have to pay a significant fee to the broker fee. This is in terms of spreads and commissions. Every trader has to pay these commissions which can take a big chunk out of your own profits. That said, you do not have to pay a big amount when you trade on the Bit-Finance platform. On the contrary, the spreads are very tight and the broker commissions are very low. The result of this is that you can keep major profits in your own pocket.

Apart from cherishing this low fee on the Bit-Finance platform, there are no hidden fees of any kind- you can be fully assured of that! The broker will not spring any extra fee on you at any time and you can peruse all broker fees and commissions in the terms and conditions prior to signing up on the trading platform.


To conclude, the Bit-Finance platform is a great one and suitable for all traders of all skill sets and previous experience. Whether you are an experienced trader or a pro trader, you will have a great online trading experience when you choose to trade on Bit-Finance. So what do you do now? Simply go their official website, sign up for a trading account, deliver your funds in this account and you are all ready to go!

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