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Wize Caps logoIn the past two decades, online trading has emerged as the source of quick income and business establishment. Whether it is an individual entity (common person) or a corporation, internet has provided a platform where anyone can find a job of their interest, start a business based on their own idea or start trading through an online brokerage. While all three sources have seen significant growth in the past two decades, online trading has been the dark horse in the race for succession over the other two.

What Went Wrong with Online Brokerages

For being the most attractive and profitable source of income, online trading has seen a huge amount of potential investors seeking to find a brokerage that could help fulfill their desires of making fortunes with small investments. Many online brokers saw this as an opportunity to make millions and came together to make online brokerages to cater the needs of these investors. Not before long, hundreds and thousands of online brokerages could be seen advertising how they were the best and could help investors achieve what they had come looking for.

What started as a productive and effective struggle soon became a pit of deceit for innocent investors. Even the most popular brokerages became greedy and started focusing on having their clients invest all of their savings and assets only to be ripped off of their money, and lose their trust and confidence in the online trading platform once and for all. As a result, the services provided by online trading brokerages got below average and people started reconsidering investing their money through online brokerages.

How Wize Caps Became a Retainer for Online Brokerage Standards

How Wize Caps Became a Retainer for Online Brokerage Standards

As the standards of online brokerages were on the verge of becoming the worst, there was need of a brokerage that could show people exactly what kind of standards the initial trading brokerages used to practice. That is when Wize Caps made its appearance as the retainer of the respect, trust and high standards that online trading brokerages had lost in the past decade. Instead of finding new ways of getting money from the investors, Wize Caps focused on providing investors a secure, user-friendly and an environment where they could polish their trading skills and enjoy making profits.

Account Types that Wize Caps has Introduced

In order to justify their goal of providing investors with the best trading experience, Wize Caps invested its resources in observing and analyzing the demands of the customers in the online trades business and categorized trading accounts based on the experience levels of investors:

Beginner Account

Unlike the typical brokerages that require even the beginner level investors to deposit thousands of dollars, euros or pounds to start their trading journey, Wize Caps requires investors to make a minimum deposit of 250€ only to gain access to their Beginner account. This is because the experts at Wize Caps are fully aware that new investors are rather skeptical in their first trading experience and may be running low on their finances.

Once the investors sign up for a beginner’s account at Wize Caps, they are granted full access to the products/assets (Forex, CFD’s, Commodities & Indices) that Wize Caps has to offer. Investors also get the chance to participate in the online live webinars that are held for investors to interact with each other and learn from each other’s trading experiences. Furthermore, investors are provided with free daily market research reports. These reports carry the latest trading news and the highlights as well as lowlights in the trading world.

Advanced Account

Second in line is the Advanced account that is created for investors who have gained some experience in the online trade. Investors can gain access to Wize Caps’ Advanced account by making a minimum deposit of 5,000€. Doing so, gives investors full access to the assets (Commodities, Indices, Forex & CFD’s) that are currently being offered at Wize Caps. On top of this, investors also gain access to the academic program offered by Wize Caps.

At Wize Caps, investors with advanced account get to participate in the live webinars that are held for investors to interact with each other. On top of this, the investors are given one-on-one live training sessions on the trading tactics and maneuvers. Investors are assigned with a dedicated account manager who is always available to provide you their expert opinion and trading advice. At Wize Caps, the traders gain access to the free daily market research reports and are also eligible for 3 month access to an expert advisor.

Experts Accounts

Wize Caps has introduced their Experts account for investors who have been a part of online trading for a while and have gained significant amount of experience in the trading market, its maneuvers and tactics. The investors can gain access to the Experts account by making a minimum deposit of 20000€, which grants them access to the top trading assets (CFD’s, Forex, Indices & Commodities), currently being offered by the online trading market.

Owning the Experts account provides investors the opportunity of becoming a part of the online live webinars held by Wize Caps in order for the investors to interact with each other and share their trading experiences, in order to learn from each other’s mistakes as well as good experiences. Investors also get free daily market research reports from the most reliable trading sources, keeping investors up-to-date with sensitive information.

Furthermore, investors get to have the service of a dedicated account manager for guidance and expert opinion along their trading journey. Investors can schedule to have one-on-one live training sessions whenever they want or feel the need to have one, have full access to Wize Caps’ online academic programs. At Wize Caps, investors can also get expert advice from the experts at any time. Finally yet importantly, investors also have full access to the live trading room that they can use to observe/monitor how the professional/expert traders do trading through the Wize Caps’ trading platform.

Most Popular Trading Assets Offered by Wize Caps

Most Popular Trading Assets Offered by Wize Caps

To ensure that the investors are able to make the most out of their savings and have number of trading options to choose from, Wize Caps has arranged for them the most popular trading assets that are listed below:

Forex Trading

Foreign Exchange trading which is commonly known as Forex refers to a trade where investors buy, sell or exchange foreign currencies in pairs to benefitting from the price value difference from the point of purchase to the point of sale. At present, Forex trading holds the flag for being the top trading asset as the daily transaction volume flowing through the forex platform is more than $5 Trillion per day. This value and reputation even towers over the stocks trading market.

The reason behind such a high transaction volume per day is due to its high volatility and liquidity that tempts many potential investors towards this trade.

Commodities Trading

Before the internet came into being, commodity trading was considered a trade mainly for companies and industries. However, this concept was changed entirely when even a common person can benefit from this trade through the online platform. Commodity trading refers to the buying, selling and exchanging of natural resources that are either manufactured on earth’s surface or mined/extracted from inside earth’s surface such as wheat, cotton, corn, gold, copper, iron, crude oil etc.

In online trading, a person can choose one of the commodities of their interest and set up contracts with a second person where one can act as a buyer and the other one as a seller. They can then set up a contract with terms and conditions and mainly, agree upon the price value of the particular commodity for a pre-decided date/time. Once the date/time is reached, if the price of the commodity rises higher than the pre-decided price, it is the buyer who makes the profit based on the price difference and if lower, then it is the seller.

The best thing about the above process is that neither of the parties have to have the possession of the commodity or the money required to buy the quantity of that commodity. Once the agreement has expired, both parties can either dissolve the current contract, and make a new one or can continue with it until the next expiry date is reached.

Indices Trading

Indices trading can be considered an advanced and a convenient version of stocks where the investors are not required to buy any stocks or shares before they can make any profits. In this trade, the investors are expected to keep an eye on the combined asset value of a group of industries/companies that represent a certain sector, country or a region. This group of industries is known as Index. In online indices trading, investors get to set up contracts for difference where they can earn profits either by the buying price of or selling price of an index.

From the above, if an investor predicts that the value of the index would rise, they can choose long (buy) position and if the value is to fall, they can choose short (sell) position. At present, few of the most popular indices are NASDAQ-100, FTSE 100 Index, Nasdaq Composite etc.

Which Trading Platform does Wize Caps Provide?

Which Trading Platform does Wize Caps Provide?

Living up to their reputation of providing investors with the most advanced and user-friendly services, Wize Caps has again knocked it out of the park by providing their clients with the most advanced, intuitive and user-friendly trading platform known as Web Trader. This is again something that other brokerages had stopped bothering, as their main goal was to benefit more from their clients rather than them giving them more benefits.

Web Trader currently ranks as one of the top trading platforms that can be utilized through its own trading platform or it can be integrated into an internet browser or an application. All of this is done keeping in mind the convenience of traders. Furthermore, Web Trader is equipped with an interface that is easy to understand, top notch trading tools, single click execution functionality, algo trading feature, sell start/stop feature, buy start/stop feature, latest trading news bulletin, advanced reporting tools, dynamic trading charts and many more features that make it extremely convenient for investors to trade from.

24/7 Support Offered by Wize Caps

To ensure that the investors’ problems and queries are addressed promptly, Wize Caps has set up a team of skilled individuals who are well experienced and versed in the customer satisfaction field. Using their skills, these experts can find a solution to their clients’ problem in the most time effective manner.

They can also provide basic trading level assistance to the investors and escalate to higher management if they identify an issue to be out of their scope.

So What do You Think about Wize Caps?

By now you may have been able to figure out exactly what is it that Wize Caps is after. It is not popularity or money, it is the reputation that the trading brokerages have lost in the past decade. This goal is achievable only by maintaining a certain degree of trust, respect and loyalty among investors and Wize Caps’ representatives. For Wize Caps, what matters the most is that when investors choose to part ways from it, they leave with good memories and experience, and not dissatisfaction and discontent. From the looks of it, Wize Caps is and without a doubt, would always be at the top in providing investors with the best trading options, competitive learning and support that is on par with any corporate entity’s services.

Think Twice Before You Invest

Although, it is true that the number of people who made huge profits through online trading is high but the number of people of people who lost all their money to this trade is even higher. It may be perceived that trading is only a matter of having a good luck or a bad luck. However, the main factor in trading is patience and positive thinking. There is majority of people who invested once and bailed out just because they suffered a single loss, not knowing that this is the rule of trading where profit and loss run parallel. So if you think that you are not patient enough to survive through a single loss then it is better you look for an alternative source of income.

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