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If you are searching for a reliable trading site to invest your money, then we have the best trading platform for you. Everything about the broker (Universal Markets) is given below, and you try it on your own after reading the comprehensive review based on the personal experience. The trading of world-top products is only possible with Universal Markets.

Contents of Review

* Trading Platform: Sirix Trader
* Trading Products Offers by Universal Markets
* Account Types: Beginner, Advanced, Pro, and Expert
* Fees and Commissions
* Transparency and privacy
* Easy to Use Interface both for New Babies and Professionals
* Is it a Legit CFD Broker?
* Outstanding 24/7 Customer Support
* Conclusion

Introduction to Universal Markets

Universal Markets is a top-class CFDs trading site having a broad range of tradable products such as forex, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. Exposure to such a wide list of products is only possible with Universal Markets as the name of the site shows universality.

With universal Markets, traders can enjoy unlimited trading facilities, thus making a lot of profit. It has made its name in the market due to its reliable and trustable nature, and it takes the responsibility of the users’ assets. The main priority of Universal Markets is to serve its clients.

Universal Markets has not just gained popularity due to its exceptional trading opportunities, but its user interface and 24/7 customers support also added so much fame in site favor. The trading experts give financial advice to the customers whenever they need it. There are four various accounts from beginner to expert one. These accounts are proposed to meets the needs of investors having different investment capacities.

Trading Platform: Sirix Trader

 A very famous web trader called Sirix Trader is compatible with the Universal Markets. The Sirix has a fame as a social trader as it also updates you about the latest market news and analysis by the renowned analysts. Along with social stream, they equip traders and investors with a wonderful experience of trading.

The Sirix is packed up with 60 different indicators, including MACD, Bollinger Bands, Ichimoku Clouds, and other leading ones. Sirix is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices, and has a support for 18 different languages.

Trading Products Offers by Universal Markets

You will not have to go to different brokers to find suitable deals for you, and it’s also a very difficult task to trades from different sites at one time. Universal Market has merged things as you can find every leading tradable product on the website. Its limit is not fixed to a few things, as hundreds of stocks, shares, and commodities are present on the site. These also include popular, trending, and premium trading deals.

Currencies (Forex Pairs)

On the platform of Universal Markets, you will find the top-rated forex pairs that will let you earn thousands of dollars by trading world currencies. People who are interested in forex pairs can find it most attractive site out there. Most of the currency pairs are listed against the US dollar, and you have a wide list of pairs against the US dollar.


Stocks are basically the shares of any firm or company. Stocks’ prices directly influence the firm performance or existence. Universal Markets comes with stocks of big names in the industry and offers a wide list of stocks for its customers.


An index is the aggregate measurement of the bunch of stocks or shares from any specific exchange. It tells about the overall market condition at the time of exchange closing. The broker is providing a variety of indices known for outshining performance. These include FTSE 100, Dow Jones Industrial Age, Dax 30, CAC 40, and many others.


On the platform, the traders will confront a lot of profitable commodities. The commodities are used for exchanging things from hundreds of years, but now, you can trade them easily online. Commodities mostly perform well in uncertain conditions such as gold. Besides gold, the brokerage services provider also gives an opportunity for traders to invest in crude oil, ore, iron, silver, beans, rice, wheat, and many others.


Cryptocurrencies are now gradually becoming mainstream currencies to be used over the internet. The trading of these cryptocurrencies has now become a popular industry and various renowned investors diverted to cryptocurrency in the recent past years. On the broker’s platform, you will find Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin for trading.

Account Types: Beginner, Advanced, Pro, and Expert

To deal with different types of users, the broker has categorized different accounts for them. These accounts are devised according to the amount of investment. Therefore, you will come across the accounts from the basic one to the premium one. These accounts are the following:

Beginner Account

As the title of the account shows that it is more for new babies than the older traders. For one who is at initial steps to start his career as a trader, this account is the best one. Moreover, one who wants to checks the reliability of the site then the beginner account can give you a test drive. Along with 24/7 support, they are also giving many comforts to beginners including, courses related to finance, and trading for metal, energy, indices, and FX (Major and minor).

Advanced account

The advanced account is more innovative and updated than the beginner one as it opens new gate ways to the investors. However, the minimum and maximum limits for deposits are not disclosed nor written anywhere on the site pages. All the tradable products are unlocked for those holding advance account. Besides this option, they also have full access to the full educational package except for webinars. And the good news is that trade can initiate from 0.1.

Pro Account

If you want to invest more, then it is recommended for you to go for a Pro Account because it has more opportunities for you as compared to the previous two accounts. As the name suggests, it is for pro traders who have high expertise in the trading world. The facilities given to Pro Account owners include 24/7 support, online financial course, 1×1 training, E-book, webinar, analyst manager, and access to all types of trading objects. The account analyst will guide you in making financial decisions.

Expert Account  

This is the higher level of account in all respects, and you can say it a premium one. The experienced gurus mostly go for the expert account as one can invest with no limit at all. No feature is unlocked for this particular account, and the company also prepares everything to comfort expert account holders. The most stunning functionality is the availability of free VPS service which makes it more popular amongst all. The lot rates are also very competitive such as $9 per lot for world indices, US equities, and Asian equities.

Fees and Commissions

The fees, and commission rates, is one of the main criteria on the basis of which people opt for the final place to invest their capital. If they find expensive rates on the one company, they readily go for another where fees are comparatively low.

Universal Markets understand the nature of traders and investors in a better way as people behind the company are also experienced having experience of many years in this particular sector. The fee structure is very competitive when we compare it with others. The commission on trades is low so as to provide a flexible trading environment for the customers.

However, they have not written the fee schedule on the website, but on the basis of the personal experience, I can assure you that fees are really low and reasonable. Moreover, another exceptional thing about it is that Universal Markets comes up with very tight spreads, thus empowering the users to earn profit in thousands. There are no hidden charges or fees as everything is transparent and informed before the trades actually start with the Universal Markets.

Transparency and privacy

Transparency means telling as it is, and this principle is also followed by the Universal Markets. The exchange informs you about the pros and cons of everything before you invest in any object such as CFDs trading.

They not only reveal true information to users but also train them by providing free educational material and online courses. Once you enter the site, you will be informed about the fees at the time of real-time trading. And there are no hidden charges at all for using the services of the platform.

The privacy of the users is the ultimate responsibility as well as the priority of the Universal Markets. The information asked at the time of registration is for identification purposes, and the company is obliged not to reveal customers’ data to any third party. The detailed data is taken only to comply with Know Your Customers (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) policies. The company takes care of the customers’ privacy and secured it with multiple layers of security.

Easy to Use Interface both for New Traders and Professionals  

The design of any website is like the first impression, and it is similar to the real-world scenario when people judge someone from his external outfit. The interface of any platform must be eye-catching and easy to use with easy navigation. If the users are satisfied with the platform’s design they then go into the next step of using it officially for trading assets.

The developers behind the Universal Markets make it charming and attractive for users, and the users’ comments about it clear that they are really satisfied with the user interface and how the things are organized on the website. You can easily navigate the particular things within seconds as everything is mentioned clearly with step by step comments. We can say that the site of Universal Markets is well managed for both new babies and professional traders.

Is Universal Markets Pro a Legit CFD Broker?

The platform is working under the Directive on Markets in Financial Instruments 2014/65/EU (MiFID II) and is fully mediated with MIFID II. Universal Markets takes care of the users’ assets by keeping strict security policies. The Know Your Customer (KYC) policy and Anti Money Laundering (AML) are strictly followed by the platform.

Universal Markets is operated and controlled by UM Media LLC, which is a registered company. The compliance with the obligations of the regulatory bodies tells about its legit nature. So, we are able to say that it is a safe trading place for traders and investors across the world. The assets are prevented under the safe layers of advanced technology, which makes it impossible to hack funds from the platform.

The algorithm used in the development of the platform meets the modern-day demand for a barrier against the breaching attack. Based on the users’ experience and reviews, it can serve as a leading exchange partner out there full of hundreds of trading opportunities. In our final verdict, we can say that it is a reliable trading place for traders and investors present across the world.

Outstanding 24/7 Customer Support

When you enter the site after putting name in the search box, you will land onto the home page. You will see a message from the support team: support agents. This quick message service is rare in the markets as we have not found this on any other trading site.

Besides this quick services powered by Live Chat, they have also rolled out customer email and phone number: the support email is support@umarketspro.com while the phone number is given as +41 315087419.

There is another option by which you can disclose your queries. The way is to enter into the ‘’Contact Section’’ of the website. The support agents are online 24/7 to listen to your queries and problems.





Access to World Top Traded ProductsNo Mobile Application
Availability of Account Types
Outstanding 24/7 Customer Support
Best Trading Platform
Wonderful User Interface


The broker is serving the trading community for the past nine years. To date, they have served over 300,000 clients all over the world. The existence of such a good record tells about how it is better than its competitors. You can also become the long-term partner of the site as they are offering this facility.

Three things make it unique and different than other equivalent trading sites. First, they offer all kinds of traded objects including stocks, shares, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Secondly, they give an opportunity to traders and investors to choose from the four account types based on their investment amount. Thirdly, customer support is highly functional as support agents remain live 24/7 to respond to users’ queries.

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