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Solid Marketz ReviewThere are a lot of brokers for people out there to choose from. So many, in fact, that it can be hard for new traders to choose the right one. I personally know a lot of people that are looking to get into trading, but are struggling to find the right broker. 

Brokers are essential to trading, as they are the bridge that connects traders to their desired investments. Their experience in the field as well as their training allows them to help you choose the best assets. And one of the most popular brokers out there is Solid Marketz.

A Platform for Everyone

Trading platforms are essential to the trading experience. A good trading platform can make trading much easier and a bad trading platform can stand out like a sore thumb. Furthermore, a bad trading platform can actively drive traders away.

Brokers also have to ensure that their trading platform is available o all current devices. Traders, especially newer ones, will always look for convenience in their daily lives. And if a trading platform actively discourages that convenience, traders will move on to another that doesn’t.

Trading is already complex enough as it is, without a trading platforms learning curve coming into the mix. Solid Marketz offers a platform that is both widely available and offers the right balance between complexity and accessibility. It is a good trading platform for beginners, as well as veterans alike.

Their use of a third party trading software by the name of MetaTrader 4 allows them to focus more on their customers than the app itself. You may have concerns about a third party app and the security risks that it could create. That is a fair concern, as there is a lot of private information that the platforms hold.

Rest assured, Solid Marketz encrypts the data that it stores ad follows strict KYC policy that is standard among brokers. Therefore, it I very unlikely that you information will fall into the wrong hands., Solid Marketz, Solid Marketz


Registration is another factor that can make or break a client’s experience. When I was choosing my first broker, I remember the dizzying amount of questions and fields in the registration process. Just one look at that, and I turned away from the broker entirely.

The registration should be simple and easy to get through, without requiring too much effort from traders. Along with a tiresome registration process, some brokers also respond to a registration after a long time. Both of these actions can sour a trader’s experience, making them leave entirely.

Luckily, Solid Marketz does not suffer from prolonged wait times. While it does have quite the drawn out registration, those are mostly KYC policy requirements. They can often reply within a day or two at the most.  

Customer Support

Customer support is possibly the most important feature for a broker. Through customer support, clients can voice their complaints or queries about the platform. They can also ask questions about trading options as well as other issues they might be facing.

However, despite being an essential part of a brokerage, many brokers overlook quality customer support. They will often limit their customer support to generic FAQs and an email address only. Customers are often hesitant to send query emails, as they do not know when the broker might reply. This hesitation can be really bad for a new trader.

Fortunately, Solid Marketz does not suffer from this particular problem. Although their customer support certainly requires improvement, they provide ample support with what they have. They use a combination of FAQs, email, and calls to support their customers. While it is not special, their quick response time makes it an effective system.

Different Trading Accounts

Brokers come across all sorts of traders. Some might be relatively new to trading, whereas others might be well versed in the market and how it works. Therefore, to cater to the needs of each tracer they have, brokers will offer various trading accounts.

Solid Marketz has very simple and easy to understand account types, which help traders choose when they register. These three accounts include Beginner, intermediate, and expert.

The account types are simple to understand, and new traders can see what account type is best for them by just looking at the title. These accounts also come with exclusive perks and features to help you achieve your fullest trading potential.

Solid Marketz Assets

Assets for Every Trader

Other than looking for good support or a good platform, traders also look at the range of assets that a broker offers. After all, these assets are what traders are coming for I the first place. Therefore, though all the aforementioned factors are certainly important, they are not as important as the assets a broker offers.

Unfortunately, Solid Marketz only deals in the most popular assets out there. These include Forex, stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrency. Conversely, most traders in the same market are also offering commodities, indices, and ETFs. While you might think that fewer assets are a disadvantage, I see it as an advantage.

Solid Marketz specializes in a few assets, giving you good service for the assets they provide. Sure, they might not have a lot of variety, the assets they offer are some of the biggest financial markets in the industry. Two of their biggest assets, cryptocurrency and Forex, are sure to offer you the profit you desire.

Take Your Time When Choosing Your Broker

The biggest mistake that most individuals make when choosing their broker is rushing into the decision. There is no need to rush when choosing your broker, as you might overlook crucial details about them. Things like withdrawing funds and withdrawing techniques being out of your reach.

Take your time to read the fine print of a broker as well, to ensure they are not asking for more than what they need. You personal information can be very valuable, therefore you will have to be cautious when giving that information anyone, especially a broker.  

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