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Royal-Coins Cryptocurrency Exchange

Are you interested in buying and selling cryptocurrency? With the sudden rise in Bitcoin two years ago, there has been a lot of interest in this investment vehicle. The lack of regulation surrounding cryptocurrencies had put off many traders from using it, but there was a sudden rise in demand when Bitcoin hit a whopping $19,000. It has gone down since then, but there is still considerable demand for these coins. Even though it is the first crypto, it is not the only one you can trade nowadays. With their popularity, cryptocurrency exchanges were introduced online to give everyone the opportunity of buying and selling the coins of their choice.


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This has certainly made it easy for everyone to trade cryptocurrencies, but it is not without its risk. If you do a little research, you will certainly come across scams that occurred on some of the exchanges and investors had their entire investments wiped off by hackers. Obviously, no one wants to suffer that kind of loss. So, what should you do? The key is to choose the right cryptocurrency exchange, which not only offers them the best rates, but also provides top-notch security so they don’t have to worry about any safety issues.

One such exchange that you will come across is none other than Royal-Coins. It was introduced by AlephLink Solutions Ltd, a company based in Estonia. They have obtained a proper license of exchanging virtual currencies for a fiat currency and are under the supervision of the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit. When you decide to use Royal-Coins, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a legitimate and authorized cryptocurrency exchange instead of a shady and unregulated once. There are considerable benefits of the former and many risks associated with the latter. It is best to opt for a regulated exchange like Royal-Coins because this can preserve your investment in the long run.

Regardless, this regulation is just one reason why you should opt for this cryptocurrency exchange when you are wish to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum. Some other reasons to consider this exchange are outlined below:

  • It is very easy to make an account

Registering is super-fast and free of cost when you decide to make an account on Royal-Coins for trading the top two cryptocurrencies in the market. There is a very simple process of opening an account on the exchange and it requires you to share your name and contact details. Thus, it will not take you more than a couple of minutes to create your account on the platform. It doesn’t require any fee nor do you have to make any deposit for making an account. The deposits are required when you want to conduct a transaction.

  • It makes everything accessible

Another reason to consider using Royal-Coins as your go-to cryptocurrency exchange for buying and selling Bitcoin and Ethereum is the fact that it has made everything accessible for you. Even if it is your first time around a cryptocurrency exchange and you have had no previous experience with one, you will have absolutely no trouble in knowing what to do. The website is well-designed and can be navigated with ease. You can find everything you need right on the homepage and other information is also easily accessible, which means there is no learning curve involved. The buying and selling is also quite easy as the rates are mentioned on the main page and all you have to do is enter your amount and click Buy. There is no rocket science involved or any complicated formula that you need to do.

  • It implements KYC and AML policies

Security has become a major concern for online traders these days. As mentioned above, exchanges have suffered huge losses because they were targeted by hackers and various platforms have been used for stealing identities, money and even for money laundering. Even the most experienced traders have to be cautious because of these risks. In order to reassure their customers, Royal-Coins has implemented the KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies.

Under these policies, when you sign up on Royal-Coins, you will need to provide proof of identity and address. It is a way of eliminating fraud accounts and only allowing individuals to make one account on the platform. You can prove your identity by submitting a scanned copy of any government-issued ID, such as your passport, national ID card or driver’s license. For your address, it has to be a document that displays your name and address, like a bank statement. If you plan on using your credit card on the exchange, you also need to submit a scanned copy of the card.

Until or unless these documents are submitted, your account will not be verified, which means you will not be able to conduct transactions through it. Therefore, it is best to get it done right away so you can avail Royal-Coin’s financial services easily.

  • It offers you the best rates in the market

Why would anyone want to trade cryptocurrency? People obviously want to do so to make a profit and so do you. Why else go through all the hassle if you are not getting anything out of it? Here again, Royal-Coins makes this immensely easy for you. The cryptocurrency exchange is able to provide access to some of the most competitive and best rates in the entire market, for both Bitcoin and Ethereum. They are currently only allowing their customers to trade these two cryptocurrencies, but at the most affordable rates.

They calculate their rates through the average of what they get from their miners and other exchanges. You can find the existing rates displayed on their website, but it should be remembered that the actual rates might differ when you place the order. This is due to the fact that the crypto market changes constantly and the rates move up and down. Thus, the final rate is determined when you finally pay for the order. Even then, you will get some really good rates, which enable you to maximize your profits.

  • It has integrated secure and reliable payment options

Another aspect of Royal-Coins that’s very appealing to cryptocurrency traders is the payment methods they have introduced on their website. Instead of incorporating every other payment method that has sprouted up, the exchange has chosen to stick to a few reliable ones because this allows them to offer the best possible security to their clients. You can use bank wire transfer if you don’t mind waiting for a bit or you can use your credit card for quick transactions. The exchange provides support for both Visa and MasterCard, but the transaction cost is a bit higher.

  • It has open and clear policies

One feature that distinguishes Royal-Coins as a reliable and trustworthy platform is the fact that they are quite straightforward about their policies. Other exchanges, which are just scams or out to take advantage, have vague policies and hidden costs and do not disclose them until people have opened an account and deposited their money. Royal-Coins does not believe in doing so and has clearly outlined its Terms and Conditions as well as its Privacy Policy for the benefit of its customers. Thus, you can know exactly what to expect when you decide to use their financial services for buying and selling cryptocurrencies and there are no surprises in store for you.

  • It has a solid customer support program

The value of customer care cannot be understated, especially where cryptocurrencies are concerned. They are a relatively new investment vehicle so it is a given that people will have questions and concerns when they start buying and selling. Royal-Coins does not wish to disappoint anyone due to which they have developed an FAQ page where answers to common queries have been outlined in detail. If your query is different, they have a solid customer support program. Hence, you can use their email for reaching out to them or you can call them on the numbers provided on the website. There are two numbers given, one for the UK office and one for Switzerland. You will be able to get the assistance you need and can continue with your trading.

Final Thoughts

Royal-Coins is undoubtedly one of the most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges you can find in today’s market. Their website is available in English and their staff is also fluent in English to cater to worldwide customers. Their entire team is dedicated to helping customers reap the benefits of blockchain technology and so they are offering excellent rates. They have an exchange fee of 13.5%, which includes VAT and this is quite reasonable. You cannot cancel orders once payment has been made and all crypto transactions are irreversible. They do take at least five days to reflect in your account.

At the end of the day, Royal-Coins helps you in trading Bitcoin and Ethereum in a secure and competitive environment, thereby allowing you to make the returns you want.


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