Pibexa Review – Why New Traders Sign Up So Frequently With Pibexa and My Personal Observation

Today, I want to talk to you about a broker that I think has been impressing new traders a lot. There are many other online brokers that target new traders specifically, but they have not done as great a job as this broker. Is there something special that Pibexa doing and no other broker has been able to do? Well, yes, there is something that this broker is doing specifically for its traders. You will be hard-pressed to find other brokers that are as flexible to their new traders as this broker. I will let you figure out how from this detailed review on Pibexa.

Pibexa – Why New Traders Pick It over Other Brokers

Small Initial Deposits

The initial deposits that you need to sign up with a broker can vary from one broker to another. You have online brokers that require a very small amount from you to let you start in the trading world. And then there are brokers that can make it nearly impossible for you to sign up with them because of the size of the initial amount they require from you. I am sure you will not have any troubles signing up with this broker because of how easy its signup requirements are. So, there is a silver account, which is the first account on the list accounts being offered by this broker.

How much money do you have to deposit in your account to get access to this one? Well, the broker requires only 250 EUR from you to sign up with this account. You can also pick the gold account with only 1000 EUR. The next account in the list is the platinum account that traders can pick by depositing only 5000 EUR in their accounts. With other brokers, you sometimes have to deposit hundreds of thousands of dollars in your account before you can trade anything with them.

Account Manager

So, when you are new to trading, you always want someone to be there for you to help you with your trading decisions. You don’t always get that from other brokers. You have brokers that let you trade on their trading platforms when you sign up with them, and that’s enough. They don’t offer you anything more than that. In some instances, they offer you a demo account. A demo account can be a great way for you to learn trading and the trading platform. However, I can tell you with surety that you will still not understand everything fully. The best way to learn trading is through the companionship of someone who is there to help you only.

That’s where the dedicated account manager feature from this broker comes in. This broker offers you something that no other broker offers. It lets you access the dedicated account manager with the basic account. Yes, you might not have the access to the account manager with the silver account, but you will surely have this access with the gold account.

Social Trading

What if I told you that there is something that can prove to be even more beneficial than an account manager? Yes, an account manager can only show you a specific direction with your money. However, when it comes to social trading, you have someone to help you with your trading decisions directly. In social trading, you can pick from a variety of online traders that you can see on your trading platform. You can see their statistics, so you can always figure out how successful or unsuccessful they have been with their trades lately. Based on their statistics, you can pick the trader that you think will benefit in most of the trades.

Once you have picked the trader, you can go ahead and copy the trades of this trader whenever you like. Yes, it is the trading platform from Pibexa that allows you to do that with ease. When you are new to trading, you now have social trading to help you with your trading decisions. If you are not sure about your trading decisions, you can trust someone who has been doing it for many years.

A Trading Platform You Wanted

One of the most crucial reasons online traders pick or not pick a broker is the trading platform. You have many brokers providing you with a bunch of different trading platforms. However, the first thing you have to consider is the suitability of the trading platform in your lifestyle. Why do you have to see that? Well, if the trading platform does not fit in your lifestyle, you will hardly ever be able to benefit from it. If you are always on the move, you want your trading platform to be there for you everywhere you go. If you are often changing your devices, the trading platform should be there on all your devices.

Is this going to happen with this broker? Yes, this broker will make things so easy for you that you will not feel like trading with any other broker. The trading platform from Pibexa is available on your devices in the web and mobile application format. You can download the mobile application format if you want something that runs smoothly and extremely fast. However, if you want a uniform trading experience, I recommend that you go with the web based trading platform option from the broker. This option allows you to trade from anywhere in the world using the device of your choice and on the operating system that you have always been using e.g. Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think about the broker after looking at all these features? Do you think this broker has made anything difficult for you? From the trading platform to the small deposits that you need for starting your trading career, this broker has facilitated you in every way possible. I have seen many other brokers, but I find Pibexa to be very trader-friendly, despite the fact that it does not have all the features to offer that many other brokers offer. So, based on this review and the features, can you make up your mind and take the signup decision?

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