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PhoenixTB Review

PhoenixTB logoDo you know that some online platforms may make you feel that you have lost control of your own portfolio? It’s quite true and I found it out myself when I was a trader. I then had many conversations with other traders and figured out everyone has had this experience.

As a result, I thought I would recommend a platform that upholds the value of freedom of trading. That’s the reason you are getting to read this PhoenixTB review today.

This broker might have many things common with other brokers you have seen before, but it has some uniqueness too. Its uniqueness comes from the fact that it lets you trade freely. Let’s know all about it in this Phoenix TB review.

You Control Your Trades

The first sign of you losing control of your trades is that you are not able to use your money. You have an account with an online broker, but you can’t trade on your own. The broker asks you for your preferences, and then creates a trading plan that its own professionals execute on your behalf.

That type of format works for some people, but if you want control, it’s not for you. PhoenixTB broker ensures you have the control of every single trade that is executed from your trading account using your money.

That’s exactly what happens when you sign up with it. The broker can help you with account managers for aligning your trading preferences with your trading strategies. However, it never takes the control away from you.

PhoenixTB trading platform

Take Your Time and Trade When You Want

The platform has been given to you and you can decide when you want to or don’t want to trade. The platform from Phoenix TB broker is working all the time. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can access it, scan the market, invest, and trade. You can open positions and close positions from your phone, computer, or any other device connected to the internet.

The broker will never push you into any trades. You can take your time to scan the markets before you trade. You have several trading tools in your reach that you can use for market scanning. broker has offered you a platform that works 24/7 and since it pulls assets from many markets of the world, you can trade virtually 24/7. So, trade when you want and pick any asset you like.

Decide the Assets You Want to Trade

PhoenixTB trading platform isn’t one where you are pushed into one financial market and then you can’t do anything else. There are many online trading services providers that specialize in a specific type of trading.

If they offer you crypto trading, there isn’t anything else you can do on their platforms. It’s amazing how you can trade in so many markets when you are on Phoenix TB trading platform. You can pick crypto trading, go with forex trading, or take your shot at indices trading. You have hundreds of stocks to pick your favorite ones from too.

Having such a large number of assets in your reach is nothing but a blessing for traders who want to diversify their trading portfolios. It’s the best way to manager your risks and the broker gives you the perfect chance to do it.

Explore Varying Trading Conditions

When I say varying trading conditions, I’m trying to tell you that they are flexible. Rigid trading conditions are never good because you lose all the excitement of trading that way. You just know a big chunk of the money will go away in covering spreads that never come down a certain point.

The good news is that you will enjoy variable spreads and changing leverages when you sign up with trading platform.

The company has a system in which leverages and spreads progressively get better with each next trading account on the list from left to right. So, when you have an expert trading account with this company, you can enjoy the best trading conditions. By best conditions, I mean extremely tight spreads and surprisingly big leverages.

PhoenixTB trading conditions

Is PhoenixTB Scam or Legit?

I fully understand that my job isn’t to admire online brokers and push you into making a decision. My job is to tell you everything that I know about the platform that can help you with your decision. That’s what I’m going to do and tell you that this platform is worthy of your trust.

Final Thoughts

I always tell new traders to understand the concept of freedom of trading. Losing control over your portfolio might seem like a convenience in the beginning, but it’s a big loss in the long-term. The purpose of this review is to bring forth information about a broker that I think believes in the concept of freedom of trading for traders.

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