GoldenFEX Review: A Great Trading Platform that Ticks all the Boxes

GoldenFEX Review

GoldenFEX logoOnline trading provides opportunities galore to generate a lot of money and become highly successful in this particular industry. Selecting the right trading platform is the first step you need to take to begin this journey. When you do that, there are several important factors that you need to take under consideration.

If you seek an all-encompassing online trading platform that ticks all the right boxes, I would like to recommend the GoldenFEX platform. It is well known in the financial sector, is reliable, safe and provides several trading opportunities to all traders. Keep reading for a review of this trading platform that covers its best and most useful features.

GoldenFEX Customer Assistance

An online trading platform may have several useful features but if it is lagging behind in the customer service department, then that can be a big let down for all the traders. I would like to point out that the GoldenFEX customer assistance is truly top-class and leaves nothing to be desired. Their representatives provide support round the clock 6 days a week and you may approach them for anything that you need. Whether you have a technical question such as an inquiry about the features of the forex market or a general query like how to navigate trading software, you can always count on the GoldenFEX support team to help you out with whatever concern you have.

You many contact them via email or by filling out the form that you access on their website. After you fill out all the details and click submit, one of their people will get back to you promptly. I also found their customer support to be very swift and usually take less than 24 hours to respond to your concern or question.

Compatibility with Major Devices

GoldenFEX is 100 percent compatible with every common device people use in the current era. Whether you are comfortable trading on your smartphone, laptop, desktop or tablet, their platform has got you well covered. The developers have designed its software in a specific manner so that you can easily access it from any device you want and whenever you want. The user interface of the platform is very easy to navigate as well regardless of which device you use to log in your account.

Payment Channels for Withdrawals and Deposits

It can be a big bother for traders when their broker provides them with just a single payment option to move their money around. This is highly inconvenient. The GoldenFEX trading platform understands this problem and has enabled several payment solutions for its registered users. You can select between credit or debit cards, bank transfer, Paypal and 3rd party payment channels like UPay (I found this to be very effective to make payments).

Whether you want to make a small transaction or a big one and wire a sizeable sum in your investment account, you have the freedom to choose any payment option that suits you best. Just keep in mind that credit and debit cards are the quickest option available and the money will usually be wired within the same day. On the other hand, bank transfers can take up to 5 business days.

In addition, you can execute all of the aforementioned payment channels without any trouble. Simply click a few buttons on your screen, enter the amount you want to deposit or transfer and you are all set! You will not have to waste any time filling out any payment forms which can be a quite a tedious exercise.

Online Academy

Any regular trader on the GoldenFEX platform will tell you that its online academy is one of the most valuable and handy features you can leverage. Although most online trading firms provide learning resources, you are not likely to find a more comprehensive one than the GoldenFEX Online Academy.

This academy is crammed with detailed training trading videos that are perfect for those who want to master the trading fundamentals and learn everything from scratch.

Hence, if you are new to online trading, you will find the Online Academy to be very useful. You can also gain access to the latest financial news and trading trends from this academy. In addition, you will also have access to the best trading tips and tactics that will give your returns a major boost if you follow them carefully and smartly.

Furthermore, all available resources in the Online Academy have been put together by experienced and qualified traders who have detailed knowledge about everything there is to know about this industry. So you can easily rely on the validity and authenticity of the available information.

Algo Trading

Algo Trading is essentially a computer program placing trades on your behalf. So how this works is that you provide this advanced program with certain instructions and then the algorithm uses these instructions to make trades while you sit back and enjoy your profits. When you leverage Algo trading, you are able to free a lot of your time that you can use for other things. Moreover, a computer program is able to execute trades at a very quick speed that no human trader can match. What this means is that the algorithm can make maximum number of trades in a short duration and that boosts your profits swiftly. GoldenFEX fully supports Algo Trading so can enjoy all of these advantages when you register a trading account with them.

Bottom Line

GoldenFEX has some very remarkable and useful features (like those mentioned above) that make it a great platform. If you use these features wisely, you can thrive enormously when you trade online on their platform. If you have decided to take the plunge, I would suggest you explore their website to find out more and register for a trading account with them. One thing is for certain- regardless of whether you are new to trading or have been doing it for a long time, GoldenFEX will prove to be an excellent trading platform for you.

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