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GlobalTrades Review

GlobalTrades logoBefore you pick an online broker, you are always advised to look at what other traders are saying. That’s the same for any service that you are about to avail. You want to know what other customers are saying.

When you find out that most of the traders are talking good about a broker, it should definitely make you think what that broker is doing right.

I felt the same when I heard so many traders say so many good things about GlobalTrades. I’ll shed light on those factors in this Global Trades review.

There are so many options available for traders today that a company has to be doing something special to get their attention. What is so special that this company is doing? Let’s see if there really is something special being offered by this broker in this GlobalTrades review.

GlobalTrades homepage

Crypto Trading with Leverage

You can trade stocks, indices, and forex currency pairs when you are on this platform, and I have to tell you that you can trade them all with some of the tightest spreads in the industry.

Furthermore, you can trade gas, oil, gold, platinum, and other commodities when you are on this platform. The thing is, many other brokers offer you the same so that’s nothing special.

What I want to focus on right now is cryptocurrency trading being offered by this platform. The cryptocurrency trading features are great and I love the fact that you can leverage your Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum trades.

The best part about trading cryptocurrencies on this platform is that it is always adding news digital coins as they become more trusted and reliable in the market.

So, you will never find yourself stuck with only a handful of digital currencies when you sign up with this broker.

Security Is Never Loose

One of the reasons that can make new traders fall in love with a platform is great security. Is the company you are signed up with right now offering you great security features? Can you say that your information and money are safe with them?

I think Global Trades broker is taking some of the most innovative measures to protect the interests of its traders. Firstly, you will be glad to know that it adheres to KYC policy and AML policy in addition to being very strict about how and who it shares your personal data with. It stores all your data on secured servers.

What’s more interesting is that the website is protected through the latest SSL certificates, and everything you share on the website gets encrypted with 256-bit encryption.

Your sign-ins are protected with 2FA authorization every time you log into your trading account and the banks chosen for storing your funds are regulated banks. Last but not least, it also monitors your account to see any extraordinary activities and alerts you when it identifies something like that.

GlobalTrades website

Trader-friendly Account Types

Some brokers would ask you to deposit a small amount and let you access all their features. The problem with that approach is that all beginners, advanced traders, and experts are thrown in the same pool.

While experts are able to swim through, it’s the new traders who feel nervous and lose their confidence. If you want to start with something that has been designed just for you, it’s best you pick one of the trading accounts from

It has multiple account types with the first ones being suitable for first time traders.

It’s amazing that by depositing a small amount as a beginning trader, you can access half a dozen financial markets with hundreds of assets that include many cryptocurrencies.

Final Thoughts

You have probably sensed why so many traders have started loving this platform. It offers them what they need and keeps them trading with peace of mind by ensuring them that they are in a safe environment. It has some really powerful trading features and it definitely gives them a path on which they can walk to become great traders one day.

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