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Genesis Exchange Review

Genesis Exchange logoInnovation is at the heart of today’s online trading platforms. It is kind of like something that you expect by default from all online brokers. However, there is one more thing that you should expect by default from the broker you sign up with but a lot of traders completely ignore it.

It’s the security feature, which I think is just as important as the advanced features on the platform. My Genesis Exchange review highlights a broker that has not only an amazing platform but just as amazing security features too.

I wouldn’t recommend to you a platform that I don’t think has these things combined. So, let’s get into this GenesisExchange review and see how this company offers the best of both worlds to its traders.

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Security of Trading Account and Info

Your trading account is safe with broker because it is protected 2 layers of password. The first one is your primary password for the account, whereas the next one is the one-time password the broker sends you on your phone. This is called 2FA authentication and it ensures no one else can ever reach your account.

The broker is also keeping an eye on the activity taking place in your trading account so if something seems out of the ordinary, it can instantly take action. If may block the account temporarily until you confirm it’s you using it.

Your information is also protected because GenesisExchange broker encrypts every bit of data that you share with it. The encrypted data cannot be intercepted and then deciphered by the snoopers on the internet.

Protection of Trading Funds

Information and account security isn’t where the security protocols of this company come to an end. It goes out of its way to offer security of your funds as well. The money that you deposit in your account can be sent only through safe methods like debit card, wire transfer, credit card, etc.

Secondly, the amount you deposit is always available to you for trading or withdrawals. Thirdly, the company has created a segregated account where all the funds you deposit rest for as long as you don’t use them.

This account is completely separate from the account that belongs to the finances of the Genesis Exchange broker. Now, if you look closely, all of this is being done for your peace of mind so you can trade with confidence.

Innovation at Platform Level

Innovation takes place at the platform level when you sign up with this broker. trading platform is one of the fastest yet the simplest that traders can use today. It’s quite fast and doesn’t ever cause you to deal with requotes.

More importantly, you can execute trades within a fraction of a second, allowing you to capitalize on the trading opportunities that don’t last for too long. Furthermore, the platform is offered in the web-based format, which means you won’t download it like you would download a mobile application.

This platform is available to you on your phone, tablet, and computer at once. Yes, it doesn’t matter which device you use, GenesisExchange trading platform will be the same on all them. This keeps you from re-learning everything when you use a platform on different devices.

Newest Tradable Instruments

Pick stocks, trade forex currency pairs, or go with commodities; it’s all there for you when you join this platform. However, I specifically want to talk about crypto trading, which remains the most attractive area for most traders around the world.

Genesis Exchange trading instruments

Don’t limit yourself to just Bitcoin, which is probably the only crypto asset that most other brokers offer you on their platforms. While Bitcoin is great, your entire crypto trading portfolio shouldn’t revolve around it.

So, if you want to experiment with some new crypto coins and stable coins like Tether, you should definitely consider signing up with this company.

Once you are on Genesis Exchange trading platform, you have the advantage of leveraging your crypto trades. Also, you can take advantage of trading alerts that let you know whenever there is a big movement in the crypto market or any other market for that matter.

Is Genesis Exchange Scam or Legit?

The last thing you can expect from an online deceptive trading platform is security of your funds and information. On the other hand, this broker emphasizes that particular area, making it one of the safest online trading platforms that traders from any part of the world can use.

Final Thoughts

Innovation is compulsory for every broker on the internet today because new traders want to trade their way. By talking about the innovative and security features of the platform, I tried to keep my Genesis Exchange review focused on what should matter to you when you finally decide to begin trading. I think it’s a great trading platform and one that awaits you to discover more about it.

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