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AOS-Exchange Review

AOS-Exchange ReviewDo you want to be financially independent? There are countless people out there who dream about making it big but never get around to it. After all, most of the options that enable you to earn huge sums of money in a short time span are usually illegal or on the shady side. You wouldn’t want to get in trouble with the law, which means you have to settle for a standard income. This was the scenario for a long time, but things have changed significantly in the last few decades. Technology has swept through our lives and opened up new doors and opportunities that didn’t exist before.

For instance, everyone was familiar with the financial markets, such as the stock market, commodity market, and the forex market, and they were aware that earning millions within weeks or months was quite possible here. Then, why didn’t people explore this option? It was because there were issues, like needing substantial investment, having to go to the markets for manually making your trades, and dedicating your full-time to it. Not everyone had the luxury to do so, which kept them away, but technology has changed it all, along with the internet.

Online trading is a global phenomenon that offers people all around the world the opportunity of stepping into the financial markets and making it big, exactly what they have dreamed about. There is no longer any need for them to have piles of money for investing and neither do they need to go anywhere or devote all of their time to it. Since they can trade online, they are free to trade from anywhere, whether it is from home, from the office, on the bus, or in the car. They can set their own timings and trade as much or as little as they like.

Most importantly, the trading market has expanded over the years and there has been an addition of a number of other instruments. This means there are lots of opportunities to explore and one of the prominent ones that have gained a lot of attention and notoriety is cryptocurrencies. It started off rather quietly in 2009 when Bitcoin was introduced as the world’s first cryptocurrency and it had a less than lukewarm reception. But, everything changed in 2017 when the crypto surged to a price tag of almost $20,000 and resulted in people making massive profits within a matter of days. 

Isn’t that what you are after? The ability to make substantial profits in a short period of time? As cryptocurrencies are volatile in nature, they have the ability to generate such returns. So, how can you start trading? Yes, you can trade them online, but a broker still remains an important ingredient in this recipe. You have to find one in order to begin and the good thing is that there are plenty to be found. However, one thing you should remember is that there are two kinds of brokers you will come across. 

First, there are those that offer an array of trading instruments and have also added crypto to their offerings. The problem with these is that they can only offer you generic features, tools, and resources, and their crypto offerings are also limited. The second category is that of brokers that only provide crypto trading services and this is where you may find the tools and everything else needed. AOS-Exchange is a brokerage that falls in the latter category. But, this doesn’t mean that you opt for them directly. Like anything else you buy or use, it requires some research to ensure it is the right choice for you.

How do you go about it when it comes to choosing a platform for trading? This is where you ask the right questions and then make your decision based on the answers. This also applies to AOS-Exchange when you are considering using them for your trading needs. There are some important questions you need to ask. What are they? Read on to find out:

Trading AccountsTrail, Basic, Trader, Pro Plus, VIP, Millionaire Club, and VIP Ultra
Minimum Deposit€500
Assets CoverageCryptocurrencies
Trading ToolsMarket news, webinars, price alerts, risk management system and social trading
Education and TrainingYes; books, videos, tutorials and other learning material
Customer Support24/6 through email, online contact form and phone
Security PolicyKYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies
Parent CompanyAOS-Exchange Ltd.

  • How does AOS-Exchange address security?

When you are entering the world of online trading, security should be your priority. When the internet was first introduced, a lot of people were not aware of the risks, but they soon became apparent. Now, everyone knows that there are scammers, hackers, and other cybercriminals who are ready to steal your hard-earned money, but that’s not where they stop. They can also compromise your personal information and use it for illegal activities or for any other purpose that might put you at risk or cause you a great deal of inconvenience. 

Trading online means signing up with a broker, which automatically involves the sharing of personal information and depositing of funds. This leaves you exposed and it is something you would want to prevent. Hence, you need to know exactly what a company is doing in terms of security. At AOS-Exchange, you will find that they have used high-grade SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology for encrypting all data and communications with their clients. This reduces the possibility of cybercriminals getting hands on any of your sensitive information.

Moving on, they have also used international security policies i.e. KYC and AML, which are Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering. The goal of these policies is to prevent crimes like identity theft and money laundering from happening. There are certain things needed for complying with these policies and these include:

  1. A passport, national ID card or a driver’s license, any of which can be used for providing proof of identity. Whatever document you submit, make sure it is not expired or near expiry.
  2. A utility bill, like gas, phone, electricity, or water, or a bank statement that shows your name and address, as proof of residence is needed. None of the documents should be older than three months. 
  3. A front and back picture of your credit card, if you plan on using any, for proof of payment. You can conceal the CVV on the bank and all, except the last four digits, on the front. 

Lastly, you will find that AOS-Exchange also has a Privacy Policy on their website. You can go over it and learn that they do not share, rent, or sell their clients’ data without their permission. It is not their policy to let third parties access it without consent. Also, they only collect data in accordance with the policies or for the provision of services, which means it is not misused in any way. 

  • Does AOS-Exchange offer variety in crypto?

Sure, you want to trade cryptocurrencies and most people would immediately rush to Bitcoin. After all, it is the first crypto and is also renowned for its volatility and profit potential. However, it is also a fact that it is no longer the only cryptocurrency in the market. As a matter of fact, the latest statistics indicate that more than 6,000 coins can now be found and more are being added as we speak. This means there is a huge pool that traders can explore. The only problem is finding a broker that gives you the chance to explore this variety.

As mentioned earlier, most brokers stick to the top options in the crypto space, which can be limiting for traders who want to diversify. AOS-Exchange doesn’t follow the same route, and you will find that they offer a lot more variety than others. Let’s explore some of their offerings:

  • Obviously, Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency you will find. Introduced in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, it has the highest market capitalization and share. It is considered the future of finance and there will only be 21 million Bitcoin in the world. Once they are all mined, there will be no more, which makes it scarce, thereby adding to its value. 
  • Even though Ethereum is a blockchain, it is used to refer to the cryptocurrency that you trade on it i.e. Ether. It was launched in the crypto space in 2015 and has become the second-largest crypto in terms of market capitalization because of its smart contract applications. 
  • Another popular option that the market has seen is Litecoin, which was introduced in 2011 before Ethereum, but is constantly competing with it to become the second largest crypto. It is known as the silver coin and also comes with a cap of 84 million coins. It offers excellent transaction speed, which has made it quite popular.
  • Bitcoin Cash is also one of the prominent crypto options in the market, one that was introduced in 2017 and is known as BCH. It is actually a hard fork of Bitcoin, which was made because the crypto community couldn’t come to a consensus about it. It is different from Bitcoin, but a continuation of the project. 
  • Inspired by Bitcoin is another cryptocurrency called Zcash (ZEC), which also comes with a similar limit of 21 million coins that will be mined over 131 years. It gives anonymity to the users because it uses encryption for concealing all information, making it very popular amongst people who want to protect their privacy.
  • There are some cryptocurrencies that are focused on privacy and Monero is one of the leading privacy-focused ones out there. It had been founded in April, 2014 and is quite volatile, but has become quite well-known in the crypto space as well because of its easy mining capabilities. 

These are the options you will find at AOS-Exchange, but they are not all you will find. There are more options available, such as Ox, NEM, IOTA and DASH that you can invest in and enjoy high returns because it gives you the chance to diversify your crypto portfolio and minimize the risks involved in the process. 

  • What do you need to register with AOS-Exchange? 

There are lots of traders out there who often complain about the registration requirements of some brokers. There are some that ask traders to complete a number of forms, which takes time. Others may have contract signing procedures while there are also those that keep traders waiting for approval of their applications. No one enjoys all of this paperwork and waiting, so you want to find a company that doesn’t fuss and asks for unnecessary information. AOS-Exchange has kept their registration simple and easy for everyone involved. 

There is no muss, no fuss because registration only has one form that traders have to complete with basic information. It will not take you more than 5 minutes to do so and you can shift onto the next step right away. AOS-Exchange asks you to provide your full name, both first and last, enter an email address and a password that you want to use for account login purposes, your country and phone number, and an account currency. The last couple of steps involve confirming that you are 18 or above, and agreeing to their Terms & Conditions. You can find the latter on their website and peruse them for your satisfaction. Your registration will now be done, as there is no approval or any contract signing applicable. 

  • Are there account choices given at AOS-Exchange? 

Creating an account is part of the registration process or the next step. Every broker you look at will ask you to open an account and if you have taken a look, then you know that account choices are provided. Most of them will give you three to four options to choose from and you have to settle for something that’s close to your needs. As AOS-Exchange wants to cater to clients as much as possible and from different backgrounds as well, they have diversified their account choices more than others. You will find that they have seven choices for you and you can go through the features before deciding which one to go with. Take a look below:

Option 1: This is called the Trail account and is one that involves a minimum deposit of €500 because it is meant for novices in the market. Therefore, it comes with videos providing insight into the system, tutorials from the learning center, market news, full customer support, specialist opinions, and market reviews. Traders get regular spreads here and are given a leverage of 1:100. 

Option 2: This is referred to as the Basic account, a step up from the previous one, and asks for a minimum deposit of €5,000. It provides a personal account manager and comes with lower spreads and a higher leverage at 1:150. There is also a personal account manager, coupled with a risk manager who can guide the traders. 

Option 3: This one is called the Trader account and the deposit requirement for this one goes up to €10,000. There are webinars provided and a senior account manager. A risk management system is also given to mitigate risks and social trading features are provided so traders can tap into the expertise of professional traders. The leverage for this account goes up to 1:200. 

Option 4: Pro Plus account is the next option you will find at AOS-exchange and they have chosen to increase the minimum deposit requirement for this account to €50,000. In exchange, traders are given a leverage of 1:250, so they can make more lucrative trades. They also get a private senior account manager, risk manager, and a market analyst. 

Option 5: The next account choice is called VIP account and it can be opened with a deposit of €100,000. It provides traders with a senior market analyst for giving them insights, meetings with some of the top traders in the market, a membership of a Traders club, invitation to worldwide conferences, and other gifts. The leverage for this account is now 1:300, as these traders would prefer to make bigger trades.

Option 6: The second-last account choice that has been added is called the Millionaire Club and it asks for a minimum deposit of €500,000. The leverage for this account is now increased to 1:350 and when it comes to features, this account gives traders the ability to connect with worldwide brokers, get a personal team comprising of a leader, private banking features, and a private support manager. Plus, hedging strategies are also given priority for keeping risks minimized. 

Option 7: The last account choice that you will find is called VIP Ultra. It needs a minimum deposit of €1,500,000, but traders should remember that they cannot just sign up for this account. They will have to meet certain criteria before they are considered eligible for this account. The details can be provided by your account manager. As far as features are concerned, this account offers all features mentioned in the other account options, along with some bonuses. Firstly, the leverage is higher at 1:400 and there are invitations to conferences on a yearly basis, up to 70% insured contracts, risk specialists, interest accumulation programs, hedging automatic trader and advisors from numerous firms. 

  • How is the trading process at AOS-Exchange? 

Before you proceed to the next step, you should know what kind of trading procedure is involved in order to ensure you can pick it up easily. The trading platform is the first thing you have to check and AOS-Exchange has developed a web-based one for its clientele. This has certain advantages, such as the fact that it doesn’t need to be downloaded and installed anywhere. Moreover, this gives cross-device functionality because you can use it on both desktop and mobile devices. It is also easier to use for most people and doesn’t come with a big learning curve. 

The online platform by AOS-Exchange has a user-friendly interface, so there is no need to worry about a learning curve. Traders can learn how to use it quickly and start executing trades right away, due to its speed. It delivers a smooth trading experience and has been integrated with different trading tools, like charting tools, market news, price updates and alerts, and other analysis tools that can be useful during trading. A cryptocurrency converter is also provided on the platform.

Furthermore, the trading process has also been broken down into easy steps for everyone. You can open a wallet with some of the top exchanges. AOS-Exchange has added the leading options, such as for your convenience and ease. You can make your deposits in EUR, USD or any other currency, as per your preference. As long as you have complied with the KYC and AML requirements, you will not have a problem. Once the funds are credited to your account, you can easily purchase Bitcoin on the exchange where you opened your wallet. Then, you can start trading. 

  • Is there any support available at AOS-Exchange? 

Cryptocurrency trading is still relatively new, which means traders are going to have questions when they start trading. Likewise, when you are using a broker’s services for the first time, you may have some queries or you might encounter a problem during the trading process. Thus, customer support is a must and should be available to you when you need it. AOS-Exchange is aware of how much support is valued and so, they have added several channels for their clients.

Under the ‘Contact Us’ page on their website, traders can find an email address that they can use for sending in their queries. They can also choose to fill out an online contact form if they wish. Plus, a phone number is also given for reaching out in case of urgent issues. 

Final Verdict 

With these answers, you can come to the conclusion that AOS-Exchange is a good platform to begin crypto trading. 

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