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ADStraders Review

ADStraders logoWith the massive number of financial instruments in the trading market, it can be difficult to make up your mind about what you want to trade. But, you can make your decision based on research and your risk tolerance and capital. Once you have done so, it is time to look for a broker that offers these assets, along with the other important features you need to make profits. That’s right; you don’t just need to consider a broker’s assets when you choose one. You need to take different aspects into account like their security protocols, their trading platform, their customer support and the tools they provide to you.

The trading market has undergone a considerable amount of growth and the number of brokers has increased tenfold in the last few years. However, it is important to remember that all of these brokers are trustworthy as some of them are clear cut scams. Cybercriminals have become quite sophisticated in attracting and trapping people and this is just another tactic they are using. Thus, your decision regarding a broker should be made after a lot of thought and evaluation. The options in the market can be overwhelming and confusing, but you need to figure out how to navigate them so you end up with the best choice.

A well-rounded and experienced broker like ADStraders is the way to go when you want to advance in the trading market and don’t want to end up a failure. The wrong broker will leave you empty-handed, but the right one will help you in achieving your trading goals, as quickly and efficiently as possible. What makes ADStraders different? To start with, this broker has been in the industry for quite long. They are based in Albert Embankment, Vauxhall, London, and are authorized by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. The company is now catering to traders globally and has expanded their services to 173 countries in the world.

From easy-to-use platforms, advanced tools and numerous account options to competitive fees, variety of instruments and prompt customer support, ADStraders does not disappoint its customers.


They are the perfect choice for a number of reasons:

Reason 1: ADStraders have a demo account

To start with, ADStraders have added a demo account to their trading platform. Why is this important? It is significant because no fake or scam broker would ever give you this option because it would immediately expose them. After all, they don’t have much to offer and a demo account would make this apparent. The fact that ADStraders has added one shows that they are dedicated to their clients and are quite genuine. This account comes with virtual currency that can be used for practicing trades and trying out different strategies. It helps you acclimate to the trading environment so you know what to expect.

Reason 2: ADStraders offer automated trading

One of the most prominent benefits that traders can get when they use ADStraders is that it allows automated trading. The broker offers various trading platforms that allow clients to use Expert Advisors, which are basically trading robots, to trade on behalf of the traders. You can set the trading conditions that you are comfortable with and the robots will execute the trades accordingly. This form of trading is immensely beneficial for traders with little knowledge of the trading market and are interested in earning substantial returns.

Reason 3: ADStraders prioritize security

With cybercrimes rampant in the trading market, security is not something that either brokers or traders can take lightly. It would be ignorant for traders to opt for a broker that doesn’t provide them with appropriate security measures and highly irresponsible on the broker’s part to not create a safe trading environment. ADStraders has not committed any such mistakes and this is evident from their security measures. They have chosen to implement 256-bit SSL encryption, which encrypts all communication with clients, along with any information or documents they share.

ADStraders trading platform

Likewise, international standards like KYC and AML policies are also implemented, which require traders to provide proof of ID, address and income before they can sign up with ADStraders. This can be done by sharing some important documentation like photo of debit or credit card, purchase history of online transactions, a scanned copy of your valid passport and a utility bill not more than three months old, which shows your home address. Traders cannot use third-party accounts for payments either. There is also a privacy policy that protects customers and ensures that their information is not shared with anyone without consent.

Lastly, ADStraders has maintained account segregation, which means their own accounts are kept separate from their traders. They use the best and most secure banks for keeping the funds and ensure there is no mix up. None of their own expenses or debts are paid using their traders’ capital.

Reason 4: ADStraders is easy to join

There are no complicated and extensive formalities that you need to be concerned about when you choose ADStraders. There is only one form that has to be completed, which is easily available on their website. The documents that are needed are mentioned above. There are no more steps to opening an account with them.

Even the form only asks you to share basic and essential information including your name, email address, phone number, country and password. The minimum deposit requirement of the broker is set at just $100, which is easy to meet and allows traders to join without any problems. The terms and conditions are also straightforward and as long as you are 18 or older, your account is created right away.


ADStraders provides its clients with wonderful opportunities of investment in the forex, crypto and CFD markets. You can invest in an array of assets including equities, indices, commodities, forex currencies and now cryptocurrencies. You can build a strong portfolio with ADStraders and do it in the best trading environment.

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