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The financial market is enriched with countless brokers and all of them claim to offer industry’s top-level services. But there are only a few who have proved their worth in the financial market. One of them is the Active Brokerz which has recently shown up in the market and surprised the whole industry with its offerings. The broker has gained a lot of investors’ attention in recent times because of its attractive and useful features.

I have reviewed this broker completely and found it very interesting. You will also find it interesting once you read my detailed review of the Active Brokerz. I have discussed these key points related to the broker in my review:

  • Active Brokerz overview
  • An easy and simple registration process
  • A variety of Educational Resources for investors’ guidance
  • Numerous Account types for traders
  • Adaptable and Robust Trading platforms
  • Sophisticated Customer Service
  • Offerings of Active Brokerz
  • Final Thoughts

Active Brokerz overview

Active Brokerz is a professional brokerage firm that offers a well-grounded trading place along with a bunch of trading services to investors for trading an array of financial products such as forex, indices, commodities, CFDs, futures, and stocks. The availability of a wide range of trading products on the platform helps traders diversify and expand their portfolio progressively.

Being the industry’s top award-winning brokerage firm, the broker helps its clients earn substantial profits and provides them an opportunity to optimize their returns by using its first-class and highly-advanced trading tools. A team of financial experts is also out there to assist and guide traders.

Active Brokerz is a reliable and regulated broker that can be trusted blindly because it delivers what it promises to its clients. The team of financial professionals developed this broker to serve and fulfill the needs of traders and made its interface user-friendly and accessible for both beginner traders and professional traders. Moreover, the broker is well-secured and protects your assets and other financial data from scammers and attackers.

Now as you have got a clear understanding of what this broker is all about, let me enlighten you with premium value-added services that the broker offers its investors and traders.

An easy and simple registration process

The narrative of the broker starts with its clients which means that it is highly focused on providing ease and convenience to them on each and every matter. The broker has dedicated much effort and hard work to make its registration process simple and quick for its clients. Users do not feel frustrated and confused while registering themselves on the broker’s website.

Once you decide to start trading with the Active Brokerz, the registration process will not bother you. There are a few simple steps for you to follow in order to register yourself on the website. Simply visit the official website of the broker and sign up by filling the sign-up form which asks you to provide your personal credentials. The best thing about the Active Brokerz that distinguishes it from the industry’s other brokers is that it allows you to open your demo account on the site for your convenience as well along with the real trading account.

A variety of Educational Resources for investors’ guidance

If you have just started your trading journey then the Active Brokerz is the right place for you to begin your trading with. The reason is that as a beginner you lack trading experience and do not possess sufficient trading knowledge. In the world of trading, experience, and knowledge of trading, as well as understanding of financial markets, matter a lot. The Active Brokerz helps you understand the nature of trading and financial markets. The broker gives special attention to beginners as they require much training. The broker, therefore, has built out a specific education section enriched with a variety of resources for investors who seek guidance. Investors and traders either newbie or professional can take advantage of this extensive range of educational resources during trading.

The wide range of education resources includes an economic calendar, online academy, Technical analysis indicators, forex cross rates, and the real-time chart facility. Through the economic calendar of the broker, you remain in touch with the latest market news and other key events of the financial industry. Technical analysis indicators provide much assistance in CFD trading as you wouldn’t like to miss any trading opportunity. These indicators help you find out suitable and profitable trading opportunities and also to understand the movement of financial markets. The broker has the industry’s top-level technical analysis indicators.

For your better understanding of financial markets and trading processes, the broker has introduced its own online academy on the site. The purpose of introducing an online academy is to provide trading guidance to investors through various video tutorials.  The online academy includes well-organized guide videos that assist you in making trading strategies. Also, through these guide videos, you can learn how to use top-notch trading platforms and trading tools of the broker in an efficient way. If you find all this material insufficient, then you can take the help of forex e-books and real-time charts provided by the broker to make trading strategies. Apart from this, investors can also seek guidance from financial experts and professionals of the broker. All of these resources are out there only for investors’ convenience.

Numerous Account types for traders

The broker offers a range of account options for its clients to choose from according to their preferences. The broker deals with investors and traders across the whole world and therefore knows very well what their priorities and preferences are. The needs and demands of one investor differ from others. Therefore, the broker tries to meet the requirements of its each and every investor. The broker offers three different kinds of trading account types providing them an opportunity to pick any of them according to their own needs. The three different kinds of account types are Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. From these account options, you can check out your trading activity and manage your funds. Let me show you what features and services they contain.  

The Beginner Account: The first account type which is referred to as “Beginner Account” is meant for those traders who are fresh to the trading market and have just started their trading career. As a newbie trader, the Beginner account type suits you the most. Also, this basic account type only asks you to deposit € 250 to open the account. As soon as you open this account, you would be able to get access to features and services available in the account.

With the Beginner account type, you only get basic features as you are a beginner trader. But the ones you get are sufficient for you to initiate your trading career. You can get access to the top assets of the broker. There is the facility of online live webinars as well which are easily accessible to you. Moreover, you can also take the benefit of daily research reports to improve your knowledge and for better trading insight.

The Advanced Account: This account type is meant for intermediate traders or investors who have some trading experience in the financial market. Tagged as “Advanced Account”, this account type brings more trading opportunities and facilities such as advanced trading tools for traders and investors. Those who find this account type interesting can open it up for a minimum deposit of € 5000.

When you go with this account type, you get the service of a dedicated account manager as well as the broker lets you access its online academy to facilitate your trading. Additionally, you are allowed to get access to the broker’s Expert advisor but only for three months. All of the features of the basic account are also there for you.

The Expert Account: The broker has set this account type for those interested investors who wish to make big trades. As the name of the account suggests, it is reserved for expert traders or investors because they can afford this account easily. The minimum deposit amount required to start with the “Expert Account” is € 20,000.

This account type consists of a large bunch of features and services. The broker gives you unlimited access to its Expert Advisor. You can attend unlimited 1:1 live sessions offered by the broker as well as full access to the broker’s live trading room. Other features include access to trading assets, online live webinars, a dedicated account manager, and an online academy.

Adaptable and Robust Trading platforms

Traders are mostly concerned with trading platforms which they use for trading their financial assets. For the sake of earning a huge sum of money, they demand advanced and competent trading platforms. Therefore, they check out trading platforms before signing up for any broker. The Active Brokerz comes upon the expectations of traders and investors in this case as well. Trading platforms offered by the broker are adaptable and robust. Trading platforms of the broker include Meta Trader 4, Mobile Trader, and Web Trader. These platforms are built with the most advanced and cutting-edge technology to facilitate trading.

Meta Trader 4 and Web Trader are very popular trading platforms in the financial markets among professional traders as well as beginners. Meta Trader 4 is a top-rated, reliable, competent, and secure trading platform that allows you to trade a wide range of financial assets such as commodities, indices, forex, stock, and cryptocurrency in the financial market. Both professionals and newcomers can use this advanced trading platform easily because it has an intuitive interface. Web Trader is another big name in the industry. It is a cutting-edge web-based trading platform that is commonly used by experienced traders as well as newbies because of the range of functionality it has. Web Traders provides an easy way to take benefits from the financial market and gives access to trade Forex, CFD, Commodities, Indices, and Futures markets with ease.

The broker has designed its top-flight trading platforms to give traders and investors an edge in trading. These platforms offer a lot of services such as intuitive interface, multiple language support, daily account statement, real-time client account summary, advanced charts, effective and powerful trading tools, and many others. You can take advantage of these services by trading on any one of these available trading platforms.

Sophisticated Customer Service

The broker is well-recognized in the financial industry because of the customer service that it provides to its clients. The broker offers an exclusive and sophisticated customer service to its customers to wipe out their inconvenience and problems. The professional customer support service team of the broker is out there to help you out with your queries and questions. This team is available 24/7 for you and is reachable at any time through email or phone number which is given on the website. You will be responded very quickly and your queries and problems will be solved in no time.

Offerings of Active Brokerz

Here are some of the offerings of the broker that make it unique and one of the top-level brokers in the industry:

  • Exceptional trading tools: the broker caters to the needs of investors and traders and knows very well the importance of trading tools in the world of financial markets. Hence, it provides the industry’s most efficient, powerful, and exceptional trading tools that are very helpful in executing trades successfully. These exceptional trading tools give you a great opportunity to optimize your returns.
  • Top-Flight trading technology: the broker’s top-flight and advanced trading technology makes it possible for you to maximize your trading performance. Even this advanced technology helps those to earn a handsome amount of money who are not well-trained.
  • Security of funds: the most important thing out of all for investors and traders is to have their assets and funds well-secured and protected. The broker uses the industry’s best-in-class security measures to keep your assets and other financial data safe and secure.

Final Thoughts

Active Brokerz is an industry’s top-rated brokerage firm that has earned a great reputation in the market within no time because of the top-notch services and features it offers to its investors and traders. Comparatively, there is no match for the Active Brokerz in the whole financial industry because it outshines other brokers in each and every aspect. The offering of the broker such as high-class security, top-flight trading technology, compatible trading platforms, a bunch of account options, and exclusive customer service places the broker on the top in the financial industry.

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